Quantico Season 2 Episode 1: Deja Vu


Alex Parrish is back on our screens and as usual she brought a whole lot of drama with her. The season 2 premiere felt very familiar and in a lot of ways like history was repeating itself. Once last season ended and the terrorist had been caught, we were left wondering what direction the show was going to go, well the writers didn’t change much.

The episode begins right where we left off, with Alex getting a job offer from Conrad Grayson, oops wrong show. Sorry, I meant Matthew Keyes, but I’m really looking forward to seeing Henry Czerny in the show this season. He’s great. Would Quantico even be Quantico without time jumps? In the first ten minutes alone, there were about five time jumps, and no it was;t just time jumps, but location jumps too. That’s not the only familiar thing, Alex and Ryan drama is still going on! Yaaaaaaaaaayyyyy…. I really wanted more of that. Seriously it’s getting old. Can we please move on? They’re either happy together and make it work or not. Or at least let them make it work for a considerably long period of time. Turns out they were in a really good place when Alex took the job, but in the present day, they are broken up and Ryan seems to be with someone else. What else is new?

When Alex got the job offer last season, we were left wondering what was going to happen, and how the name Quantico was still going to apply if they were at Langley now. Well the writers found a way around that little thing, and turns out Alex is working undercover of the FBI. And so is Ryan. Surprise surprise. The two then have a talk about how they’ve been lying to each other for six months and it becomes a whole thing. I’m just tired of Alex and Ryan drama so I’ll just go through it as quickly as possible. They talk about the lying, he tells her he was going to propose, she says she doesn’t want to see the ring and well that’s it. However thanks to the time jumps, we know something is about to go horribly wrong between the two.

Putting all their drama aside, another thing that is not new is the whole training thing. They went from Quantico and those recruits, to the farm and these recruits. The first day of training feels a bit rushed as the recruits go from one activity tot he next but not enough time is spent on each. Unlike the last season where they focused on each recruit a lot longer and gave us information about them, this one left us in the dark. All we know so far is one has an accent, one is an author and one, Lydia, isn’t even a recruit. We don’t know anyone by the end of the episode. One of the best things about Quantico was the air of mystery around it’s characters which overtime the truth about them came to light. That’s probably what they’re doing this season too but if that’s the case, what’s going to make this mission special compared to basic training at Quantico?


The mission they were both on was to infiltrate a group of radical Liam’s at the farm, because Miranda and X believed that’s where they were being recruited.. When I say liars I mean a conspiracy group of rogue agents in the CIA that share Liams beliefs, but more extreme. We find to from the present day that the mission wasn’t successful because Ryan tells Alex that they were chasing Ghosts. Alex then disagrees and says they couldn’t see them because they were one step ahead. Like always, Alex turns out to be right and at the G20 Summit in New York, the perimeter is bombed and all the world leaders and everyone present is taken hostage by a group called the Citizen’s Liberation Front. They demand the release of a prisoner or else the first lady will be executed. The president complies but even after he has freed the prisoner, the CLF still execute the first lady. Beheaded her.

Although this premiere frustrated and annoyed me a lot, I still did enjoy quite a bit of it and it still has some potential. Yes it’s very similar tot he last season, but if you think about it, it could also be very different. In season one, the crisis had already happened in the present day. In this season however, it’s ongoing. It could be interesting to see Alex as a hero this time, trying to save everyone rather than try to clear her name. With her new CIA training not to trust everyone around her, it would be interesting to see how differently she will do things this time around.


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