Scream Queens Season 2 Episode 2: A hand, A box and A Tumour


This last episode of Scream Queens brought us some familiar faces and led us to some new truths. As always an appearance from the new serial killer, a new patient and misogynistic competitions.

Last season Zayday and Chloe were the detectives in the show, because in all honestly the detectives did absolutely nothing. This season Zayday is carrying the torch and had recruited Chamberlain to be her sidekick. Chamberlain apparently is crushing on Zayday and it’s funny to see him flirt with her like that. After some investigating the discover that in 1986 all the staff in the hospital were murdered and green slime was all that was left behind. No one was ever arrested. The two the confront Dean Munch because they are convinced that she had a role to play and there we discover that Dean Munch is sick. Her symptoms include headaches, fevers and walking weirdly. I was 100% sure that there was nothing wrong with her but to my surprise, Zayday diagnoses Munch with Kuru. Yes that’s a real thing. Team Munch, unknown to her ate a deceased human being on her trip to New Guinea and so apparently only has about a year to live. For a woman who doesn’t have much time to live, she is in ridiculously good shape. I don’t even care that they pretty much repeated a scene from season 1 with Dean Munch fighting off a killer because it was probably the greatest scene of the episode. Before she can rip the killers mask off, she’s interrupted by Dr Cascade and Number 3. We knew it was too good to be true and there was no way the killer was going to be unmasked in episode 2 of the season. Can we please have more Dean munch fighting scenes though? It’s refreshing to have one woman not screaming. Maybe she really is the face of new new feminism after all.

After the killer tries to attack her, Dean Munch calls a familiar face and asks for her help. The familiar face is no other than FBI Special agent Denise Hemphill. She was always convinced that Zayday was the killer even though she was the one that got Hester to confess. Naturally she transfers that into this season and is certain Zayday is the killer in the green mask. She easily gets QOTE

Denise: We need to get into the mind of a killer, or in this case under the weave of Zayday

Getting into the mind of a killer meant one thing and one thing only. Going to see Hester, who for someone who is being detained in a basement somewhere with no access to the real world or a view knows a lot about whats been happening to them. That means one thing and one thing only. Hester is in on it. She makes a list of demands of course, and let’s be honest guys, they’re going to give her what she wants. I’m not even sad because we could use Hester. She would bring some more entertainment into it, because no one does mind games better than her.


Another familiar face we saw was Chad! Yes Chad with the obnoxious personality and rock solid abs. He comes back because his friend has some weird sickness that causes him to react to stimuli by screaming at basically everything. He takes the opportunity to tell Chanel that he wants her back but then he sees that she and Dr Holt are romantically involved. He then takes it upon himself to compete for Chanels ‘box’ by challenging Dr Holt to a game of squash, which he loses. He then hires his private investigator Richard to look into Dr Holt’s hand and turns out it belonged to a serial killer. Guys that’s highly suspicious right? What are the chances that tire’s a doctor with murder prone hand walking around the hospital the same time there’s a serial killer on the loose? Then again I feel like it’s a bit too obvious. On the other hand I wouldn’t put it past the show to do that.

The new patient this episode, Tyler was a guy who was covered in tumours. Just picture a guy covered pink bubble wrap but you can’t pop them. Turns out he was hot before he got sick, Colton Haynes level kind of hot, well because he was played Colton Haynes. Tyler was a really sweet guy who ended up bonding with number 5 after no one believed her. Let’s just roll back to the start of the episode. It begins with the crime scene where a detective is questioning number 5 and later concluded that the evidence is inconclusive and labels number 5 a liar. No one believes her story and the Chanel’s are convinced that she made it all up just to ruin their dates with the doctors. Okay back to Tyler and Number 5. They bond and he shows her a picture of himself before the tumours, she then decides that she’s going to help him get cured then they can get together. Chanel tells her that’s wrong. She needs to date him now so when he’s hot he’ll feel obligated to date her. Turns out, Number 5 and Tyler actually really liked each other and get into a relationship before he gets his surgery which he never gets because he gets murdered. Just after he’d told her he loved her. Can Number 5 ever catch a break? First a vagina with teeth and now her first boyfriend gets murdered?

This episode was in my opinion much better than the last so I’m finally excited for it.


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