Empire Season 3 Episode 2: Just A Friend

empireThe drama continues on episode 2 of empire. The family is still trying to recover from everything that went on in the finale of season 2 and this seasons premiere. The questions we had after last weeks episode were partly answered in most cases and the episode title is very befitting.

Last week Cookie asked Lucious for space after having her heart-broken by him. It wasn’t just that he had remarried, but also it was the person he had married, it was all just too much for her. But trust Lucious Lyon to just do whatever he wants because he gives Cookie the space she’s asking for, but yet not really. Women for the most part like gifts. It makes us feel appreciated. That is probably why men buy women gifts to apologise. Which is why Lucious’ logic makes sense. Simply shower Cookie with gifts  and she’ll forgive you. No Lucious no! As much as we love the material things, shoes, diamonds, fancy espresso machines, it just wont make up for it. Cookie also reminds him that she can buy all that stuff herself (strong independent woman yes please!) She pretty much had enough with all the gifts and just hit us with QOTE when the gifts would just not stop rolling in

Cookie: Bye Fooluscious

As the episode progresses, we get some flashbacks of Lucious and Cookie when they first met. We saw a bit of that scene in the last episode but got the rest of it and from different perspectives this episode. Cookie remembers walking up to Lucious that first time when she saw him rapping, but Lucious remembers seeing her for the first time a couple of hours earlier. I have to say though, his persistence is pretty admirable, I mean the man is trying every trick in the book! Gifts, anecdotes, things she doesn’t know, getting Biz Markie to come and sing her out of bed and telling her she’s his destiny. I mean come on! Cookie isn’t having it though. In fact, I think there’s a new love interest for her on the horizon.

Jamal suffered a panic attack in the last episode and Lucious was pretty quick to catch onto the fact that his son had a problem. When it happens more than twice, it’s a pattern. Cookie refused to believe that there was a problem. However Jamal get’s involved with WOKE and they have a summit at Leviticus. Lucious asks Jamal to come on stage and perform and with all the lights on him and the attention he runs out of the club having a panic attack. His parents follow shortly after with his mother trying to comfort him and his father condemning him. He finally admits to himself and them that he has a problem, PTSD of sorts and can’t perform. Councilman then approaches Cookie and Lucious to thank them for letting him use Levitucs but somehow in the process ends up flirting with Cookie.

Hakeem is focusing on his career right now. This is something I find very odd considering he has just become a father. He’s showing absolutely no interest in his child and I just can’t wrap my head around it. When will he be ready to step up? Instead on building a relationship with his young child, he’s trying to build one with that new girl. Wrong female Hakeem! Did you see what her uncle did to that man just for looking at her goodies? Are you sure you really want to get involved with her? The other thing is I get that Hakeem is supposed to be the playboy out of the three brothers, but must he have a new love interest every half season? It’s getting very annoying. He just supposedly had his heartbroken but have we seen him mourn the loss of his relationship? He’s already got his eyes on another girl. Fair enough they have chemistry and from the looks of things make good music but can’t he ever just be friends? We lost the beautiful friendship between Jamal and Freda, it would have been nice for what Hakeem and Nessa have to have been platonic. If this turns into a secret relationship or anything like that I’ll just be annoyed.

Can we talk about the fact that the whole family just seems to have forgotten about Andre and the fact that his wife was just murdered? How are they all just going about their daily lives like the woman who killed her isn’t in their lives. The only person who even seems to care about Andre, both in the last episode and in this one is Jamal. He is honestly the only one who keeps checking up on Andre and walking in on him when he’s having conversations with Rhonda in his head. We got to see his mother pay some attention to him this episode, with Cookie offering comfort and support. It was nice to see but personally I just feel like that scene could have been a lot better and slightly more emotional. Cookie connects with Jamal on a much deeper level than with any of her other sons, and this scene would have been the perfect opportunity for her to really connect with Andre but it was just shallow for me. They could have done so much more with it. I have high hopes for Cookie being there for Andre next week because once she finds out what they did to her son, her claws better come out. Andre decided to go back to the house he and Rhonda shared to get the rest of his things, but the police are called because there’s a black man in a hoodie and a black van in what I assume is a predominantly white neighbourhood. The police escalate the situation and tackle Andre and point a gun at him. EMPIRE FINALLY BROUGHT UP POLICE BRUTALITY! They had better do this justice and not rush it like 99.9% of their storylines.


If you’re going to be ‘woke’ Empire, you had better do it justice. This show is a black show with a black audience, and so if they are going to join the conversation the had better not do it in a superficial way but really delve into the problem. I really have high hopes for the next episode. They’re doing a lot and like always there’s too much going on, but although there are quite a few subplots, they each have potential to be something great.


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