Queen Sugar Season 1 Episode 5: Stand Up


This week on Queen Sugar, we got to see the siblings very vulnerable. They have been since the show premiered and so for me to say that they were all very vulnerable speaks volumes. We saw a weakness in all of them, some we already knew about, and others were new. Once again emotions were high, and the episode was just as gripping as all the rest that have come before it.

I have been crying for more scenes between Nova and Calvin. one so I can understand them a bit better, and two just cause I like seeing them together. Seems like Ava answered my prayers this episode because we got two Calva scenes. Is that thing yet? #Calva? It should be a thing. let’s make it one. The episode starts with a Calva scene where he confronts her about the article. He asks her if she knew she was going to write the article before he let her in, and she replies no. I understand why he asked her that though. He felt used and partly to blame because now the department was being scrutinised and he was partly to blame. He thought he was doing this nice thing for her, but it came back to bite him in the ass. From the premiere, as soon as we found out Calvin was a police officer, and the fact that he also happens to be white, it wax clear that a conflict was inevitable, and guy’s we are finally getting that. It’s all pretty much summed up in the QOTE:

Calvin: I work with men and women who are honourable. Cops with families who pray that they come home at the end of their days.

Nova: Yeah, well, that’s the same prayer that black mothers and fathers say to their children every time they walk out of he house for over 300 years

Have several seats Calvin! The metaphorical mic has just been dropped! I love how the show has entered a conversation that we are having in the real world. Black lives really do matter and it’s great to see more shows in support of that. Now that Nova has written this article, and the show is headed in this direction, it will be really interesting to see how things play out. Calvin and Nova have a second conversation where he calls her out for being a hypocrite because she sells weed, which is illegal to the very men she claims to be protecting, but she says he’s overreacting. This is all part of the reason why I say she is the most complex character.If you sell weed to someone and they sell to someone else who has the intent to distribute, they get arrested and then offered a plea and are then bullied into taking the plea, are you not contributing to the problem? If you’re going to preach you need to make sure you practice, and so good on Calvin for calling her out on that. However before he leaves he basically calls her lonely and she asks him to leave his keys. Come on Ava, you can’t fool us. We know thats not the end of Calva. I give them two episodes before they’re back together.

Ralph Angel has been living life clean, working hard, not participating in any illegal activity. In this episode he’s given a very rude awakening when he finds out that freedom as an ex-con is not the same as freedom. He discovers that his cheques are going to be short, just because his boss can. His friend decides to make it up to him, and yes this is the same friend who set him up with the guy who sold him the bad cane. The friend tells him about a plan to short stock to make a little extra on the side and as that conversion progressed I was just hoping and praying Ralph Angel would say no. And he came through! But that was short lived. He randomly finds a few packages in his bag, gives them a suspicious look but then takes them anyway. It’s okay to assume that his friend put them in his bag to make it up to him for the cane, but he actually took it. My problem with Ralph Angel is he constantly makes the wrong decisions and the worst part is that he knows he’s making mistakes.  He has these demons that he’s constantly battling but just can’t seem to over power because he’s just always making the same mistakes. I get trying to do right by his son, I really do, but this could end with him losing years with his son.

That brings us to the last Bordelon child, Charley. The first we see of Charley this week, she’s gone to see Melina to confront her. Charley asks her what her price is but Melina asks her ‘How do you unrape someone?’ I’m sorry. I’m speechless. Let me just pick my jaw off the floor and gather my emotions. WHAT IS THE TRUTH BECAUSE MY HEART CAN’T TAKE IT ANYMORE. Davis says he didn’t rape anyone, Melina says she was raped. Who’s lying? Charley then insinuates that Melina couldn’t have been raped because she gets paid to do what she does. I am so glad that this was brought up because it really does reflect a certain mindset and view most people have. Rape in the sex worker industry is not a myth. Yes they get paid to do what they do but that does not mean that consent all of a sudden goes out of the window. They are still human beings that have the freedom of choice and are not blow up sex dolls to be used at anyones will. They’re human beings who can choose to say no. If they’re not okay with it and say no, whether you’ve paid them or not, it’s rape. End of. Thinking about all of this, I am more inclined to believe Melina, that Davis did infact rape her. At the end of the episode, Melina calls Charley back and gives her a number, 3 million and a sit down with Davis. I guess it’s true what they say…everyone has a price.


On top of all that drama, Charley heads back to the farm for the farmers auction and to try and get her father’s tractor back. Remy introduces her to a friend of Ernest who could possibly be her Farm manager. The two come up with a strategy that would enable them to make good use of their budget and get her fathers tractor back. However Samuel Landry is also at the auction and set’s harley up to fail. She takes the bait obviously and ends up making a fool of herself and doesn’t get the tractor in the end. No need to worry, Remy is here to solve it! Since he’s clearly falling in love with her, he manages to pull some strings and gets the tractor for her. I’m unsure myself of how, but it happened. What she does realise though is that she cannot be in two places and run the farm and that leads to her face timing Micah and asking if he’d like to move to St Josephine and to all of our surprises, he says yes. Micah needs a change though. LA will be a constant reminder of everything that’s going on, plus Stella, and getting away from his dad will do him some good.

Let’s talk about another Bordelon, because we just have to. Vi. In this episode, Vi’s diner is under new management and her boss just happens to be some poor 20 something who has no idea how to be a manager. She clearly doesn’t respect him, and after he embarrasses her in front of her friends, which by the way was completely uncalled for, she quits. I could clap for her right there, also it was best, since if she continued she would have probably harmed him. She reaches out to Hollywood, who is one the road, but plot twist! He’s with his wife! I was shocked too. Hollywood has a wife and from the looks of things, Vi definitely doesn’t know. Initially I thought he was two timing and my heart just sank because Vi and Hollywood are honestly the best couple on the show but turns out he’s totally true to her. You know, minus the lying about having a wife part. SO his wife has some mental health problems and she’s only his wife on paper so she can have access to his health insurance, but that’s it. That is a good man right there. Honestly, where do we find more of Hollywood? My only hope is that he comes clean and tells Vi about Leann because he can’y keep lying to her. It’s not healthy for any relationship.

Clearly from the length of this post, I had a lot to say about this episode. It was just that good, and with everything that happened, I just know that the next one is going to be even better.

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