HTGAWM Season 3 Episode 2: Look At Her Case File


Have you ever just rooted for someone so hard and you just want everything to go well because they just really need a break? That was me this entire episode with Connor. It was really just all about him. Other things went down, Annalise gets arrested, Frank makes an appearance and so does Maggie, but Connor was the star.

First of all, Mr Walsh finally got to be first chair. I don’t remember the last time Connor was in the position of a leader, in any way and so him getting the case was just so welcome. I thought it would be good for him, keep him distracted to take his mind off the break up with Oliver but boy was I wrong about that. It wasn’t much of a distraction. Firstly, Connor himself didn’t want the case, and so when he got it, he was not motivated. He was just sort of doing it lackluster but he switched up on us really quickly when he heard the woman’s story. I don’t know what happened to make him connect like that with her, and he went from dragging his feet to passionately verbally attacking the parole board, to hitting tables, it was like wow okay. Let’s talk about the case for a second. This lady was abused by her husband for 10 years until one day she decided, ‘I’m done’ and she basically turned him into pulp with her hammer. She had been doing time for over 30 years, and had been refused parole six times. The woman showed no remorse, was very stubborn and in her own words would rather ‘be hit than beg’. I mean only God knows how Connor didn’t give up on her right there. She had no fight left in her, but somehow, he was able to connect with her and get her to talk. I don’t know why I used ‘somehow’ as if I don’t know what happened. Connor told. He finally cracked and told a stranger that he killed someone, and in some strange way that was how he connected with her and got her to talk. In the end they won the case, the one everyone thought was a lost cause, they won, but he still wasn’t happy.

In the premiere, Connor and Oliver broke up and I really didn’t get why but I just sort of hoped they’d get back together soon, and Connor had every hope of them getting back together. I really thought Oliver was up for it too… talking to Connor on the phone trying to cheer him up, cooking a celebratory dinner for his first win, still living with him, and then kissing him, but no, you still want to be broken up, yet get upset when he wants to move out? I honestly don’t get Oliver’s reason for the break up. ‘I need to focus on me?’ WHET?? If he needed space from Connor he wouldn’t want to work in the same place with him, let alone live with him. I refuse to believe that it’s as simple as that. I genuinely think there’s something more than that, but we will find out if I’m right or wrong.


HOW TO GET AWAY WITH MURDER – “There Are Worse Things Than Murder” – With her job on the line, Annalise fights back against the Middleton University Board. Meanwhile, secrets are exposed as the Keating 5 compete to take on the case of a battered woman accused of murdering her husband, on “How to Get Away with Murder,” THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 29 (10:00-11:00 p.m. EDT), on the ABC Television Network. (ABC/Nicole WIlder) AJA NAOMI KING, KARLA SOUZA, JACK FALAHEE

Moving on to secret and secret like relationships Mikasher and Wes and Meggie? I refuse to give them a name yet. We get to see a little bit of what she’s like this episode. She talks to Wes about the flyers of Annalise going around and she seems to be very strong minded. It’s interesting seeing Wes with a girl like that compared to Rebecca. She was strong minded too but it was more of a stubbornness and rebelliousness than it was beliefs. Initially I thought it was a bit weird how cagey he was being about her, fort of  like he was hiding her, but now that I think about it, it makes a lot of sense. She’s so innocent and removed from all of this, and it would be sad to introduce her to Annalise and the drama that comes with her. She’ll get corrupted. I mean look at Oliver…breaking up with people for no good reason. We can all pretty much agree that Asher and Mikayla are a very strange couple, if we can even call them that. She’s uptight and just the opposite of Asher in a lot of ways, so I can see why she would want to keep them a secret. Ashes is kind of obnoxious, but Mikayla needs to get off her high horse and stop looking down on him because whether she wants to admit it or not, she’s not as great as she thinks she is. How can you call someone a meat stick? I applaud Asher for standing up for himself because it was much needed and finally putting her in her place. I didn’t think I’d ever be typing this but I’m giving Asher QOTE

Asher: I am more than a meat stick

Last time we saw Frank, he was attacking Annalise’s PI, but when we see him in this episode, he’s pretty roughed up but the PI is dead, dead as in he snapped his neck kind of dead. He then drives his car into a tree, puts the body in the drivers seat before slamming the PI’s head against the steering wheel and finally getting the car on fire. Is anyone else terrified how good Frank is at killing people? I was so scared but amazed at the same time, if that makes any sense, so obviously it’s understandable for Annalise to be worried that he would be coming back. However after she and Bonnie find out that Laurel has been leaving Frank messages, they get her to leave him one asking him to come home and that they’re not mad at him. I’m confused. Am I the only one that doesn’t get the switch? It might work though and off Frank really does return, I can’t wait to see how that affects Wes. Speaking of Annalise, the university board decides that she should go on suspension while this whole flyer thing is going on, and she shuts them down simply, just one syllable ‘no’. I was rolling at this point! It was just so badass, I mean wow. Your boss asks you to go on suspension and you look her in the face and say no, threaten then walk out. It takes a different level of confidence that I can’t even fathom to do that.

The episode ends with a time jump to two months later after Annalise has seen the body. Oliver comes running to her, so that obviously eliminates him and he starts asking her if something is true. She hands him a phone, or hard drive of some sort and asks him to wipe it clean right as the police come and handcuff her. I personally was not that surprised because I knew it was a matter of time before Annalise got arrested for something, but I am dying to know what.


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