Quantico Season 2 Episode 2: The Box


The second episode of the season 2 premiere of Quantico was just a mother reminder of how little the show has changed. The episode didn’t feel as rushed as the premiere did. We made some progress with the characters but there were still so many things that could have been done better.

On the farm, the recruits are taught how to avoid surveillance, become invisible using something called the box. They go into the town and try to avoid surveillance. Alex get’s asked out for a beer by Harry Doyle and as they walk around in town, they spot their watchers, Ryan, Diana, Sebastian and Leon but not the fifth person. It took no Einstein to figure out that the fifth person was clearly Harry. She even described exactly what he was doing herself so please how did she not notice? It can be argued that what makes Alex such a good agent is her instinct and how she trusts those around her but it’s also her ‘biggest weakness. She can be so clever but sometimes when it comes to the most obvious things, she can be so dumb. It honestly made no sense to me how she didn’t realise her trigger was Harry. Thankfully though she was not at the bottom of the murder board this week because someone did a worse job than she did. We get to know Alex’s roommate Diana a little more this episode. The reason she’s constantly on her phone and just looking upset is because she’s very involved in her work as a humanitarian lawyer. That being said, it was very difficult to focus on her training when she was constantly worrying about her cases and what was going on at work. Her distraction led to the rest of the watchers losing Alex, and therefore putting her on the bottom of the leader board. That was good for Alex because it meant she was no longer at the bottom and had more time in the farm (even though we know she wouldn’t go anywhere) and she finally got assigned to her handler, Shelby! How funny was that switch of accents when Harry approached them? It will be interesting to see how the handler-agent relationship between the two friends develops.

In the crisis zone, Alex miraculously (rolls eyes) just happens to stumble upon the police officer who recognised her at the security clearance of the summit. He happens to know of an NYPD emergency bunk in the building but he had been shot. I really didn’t think that he’d make it. The man looked like he was about to collapse at any second and I thought that would be what would get them caught. To my surprise, he made to the bunk and heroically sacrificed himself so the terrorists wouldn’t find Alex. She gets into the bunker and calls Miranda to let her know she’s inside and to everyone surprise and what is probably the biggest plot twist in Quantico’s history is Miranda seemingly being one of them. She sends a text to their walkie talkies letting them know Alex is in the building. WHO IN THE WORLD SAW THAT COMING? Now although that was a major plot twist, Quantico has a habit of doing things like this. If it’s anything like last season which I think it is, miranda is not one of the terrorist at all. They try to make things look a certain type of way to implicate someone then the very next episode it ends with a different person being the terrorist. I hope we’re not going back to that because it was just annoying.


While Alex is fighting her way to the bunker, Ryan and Raina are trying to come up with a  plan to identify who amongst them is a terrorist after they realise they are shuffling. Raina come up with a plan to scratch one of the marked terrorists so that when they return as a hostage, she ca identify them, however when she does return, everyone has been marked. She then gets cut with a cutlas as well as punishment. I don’t really know what kind of terrorists these people are and what they want but it’s very very disturbing. Another thing I noticed this episode was that everyone from their class was in the summit but one, their teacher Owen Hall. What happened to him? That’s very suspicious. Speaking of Owen, if he really is the one reverting people for the ‘cause’ he’s got Ryan set in his sights. Why do you want to be his mentor so bad Owen? What do you want?

In my opinion this episode wasn’t any better than the last. It’s been way too similar to the first season but then again it’s only on it’s second episode and there’s still a lot of time.


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