The Flash Season 3 Episode 1: Alchemy


The Flash returned after leaving all of us with a massive cliffhanger. The episode reminded us of all the things we love about the show and it’s characters. It played with out emotions multiple times, but also kept us guessing and it set the scene for a potentially great season. 

In the season 2 finale, Barry travels back in tie after losing his dad to the night his mother was murdered and basically stops the murder. EVERYONE, scientist or not, knows that when you travel back in time, you don’t so much as change locations, how much more stop a murder! It messes with the timeline. In that case that’s exactly what Barry wanted. He needed his parents and it’s exactly what he wants. in this alternate timeline, both his parents are alive and he’s loving it. He tells Eohan Thorne, yes he’s still alive, that over here he feels ‘whole’. Thorne laughs in his face and tells him that this universe he’s created ‘flashpoint’ is not real.

In this twisted world, Barry doesn’t know the Wests as he was never raised by them since he parents were alive. Joe and Iris don’t have much of a relationship, Joe is an alcoholic and apparently terrible at his job and Wally is to no ones surprise the flashpoint flash, or kid flash. Although this is the case, he just cant help himself and gets involved in their lives, because well where he comes from, they’re his family. In flashpoint, the flash is battling his rival, ‘The Rival’, I know. Not a great name. Wally’s inability to defeat this rival and Barry’s sudden random loss of his memories causes him to reveal his speed to the Wests. Of course the team isn’t whole, two members were still missing. Cisco Ramone in flashpoint is a billionaire. Not just any billionaire but America’s richest man. Cisco. His personality in this alternative universe is pretty much the same expect with a lot of arrogance and honestly I loved it. Everyone calls him Mr Ramone and there is Barry alternating between Mr Ramone and Cisco just struggling to speak to him. That was hilarious. Every version of Cisco has been amazing.  Cisco gets QOTE for this episode because he refers to barry as

String bean 

Flashpoint Caitlin is a paediatric ophthalmologist, which was a pleasant surprise but believable. Cisco Ramone, millionaire extraordinaire however is not. With the help of the two and Joe who is needs an award of some sort for excellent timing, they are able to defeat ‘The Rival’. They weren’t able to get away scot free as Wally takes a hit and is seriously injured.


Barry has always wanted the best for the Wests, even in this world where they don’t really know him, with the exception of Iris. After Barry comes clean to them, she realises that they are more to each other where he’s  from and he agrees. How adorable is that? This show is really testing doubters of soulmates. Literally every other timeline Barry has been to, there is something between he an Iris. They are fated together and that is beautiful. It melts my heart. He’s always wanted to the best for her and her family. That coupled with the fact that time is catching up to him, Barry makes the right decision and brings flashpoint to an end.

Never in a million years did I think I would ever hear barry Allen say

I need you to kill my mother

You know things are bad and you’re desperate when you have to go and beg the man you travelled back in time to stop from killing your mother to kill your mother. I’m still coming to grips with that. For about one minute Thorne was the hero, taking them back in time and killing Nora, therefore returning things to normal. Or so we thought. Barry goes back home and it’s not back to normal because in this timeline, Iris and Joe are still estranged. Plus the reverse flash is still running around. Waking people up in the middle of the night and scribbling ‘ALCHEMY’ on their windows. What’s that about?

I honestly don’t know how they are going to over come this and what is even the same in this timeline but it could be a very interesting  season.



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