Arrow Season 5 Episode 1: Legacy


If you missed Stephen Amell running around in a skin tight green leather suit, Emily Beck Rickards and her pony tail, glasses and beautiful one liners and Echo Kellum and his adorableness, worry not because Arrow is back! The season begins with a time jump, action packed and just very exciting.

Like I mentioned, the episode begins quite action packed. Thea is talking to a Police officer at a Police Gala and we discover that Oliver is not that great of a mayor because he’s usually a no show. Little known to the public, he’s a no show because his other job as vigilante is taking a lot more of his time now since his team all abandoned him. They then switch scenes to The Green Arrow fighting with Machin and after he’s done there, he quickly rushes over to the Police Gala where he accuses the police of corrupt. He wasn’t lying, not that we doubted him anyway but he was right about some officers being corrupt. One of these corrupt officers, Keating, tries to rob a drug dealer and his girlfriend but are intercepted by a new villain Tobias Church. Church establishes his dominance by killing Keating in front of his men. That is not enough for him though, he has to go for the top dog in the city, who happens to be The Green Arrow.

I mentioned Oliver’s lack of a team, which is taking him away from doing his job as mayor. What he does have time for however is the Black Canarys memorial since she was close to his heart. Detective Lance returns to the city and we find out that in his time away, not only did he lose Donna, but e also falls off the wagon. Oliver reminds him that he may not be able to change the past but that doesn’t mean life stops. He needs to move forward, and at Laurel’s ceremony, he finds some sort of peace and happiness. About two seconds later though, the event is under attack by Church’s men and Mayor Oliver and 3 other are taken hostage. Church’s plan is to use the kidnappings as a way to draw out The Green Arrow. Little did he know he already had the green arrow. Oliver confidently tells Church that the Green Arrow will not be making him, because QOTE

Oliver: He’s certainly tied up

That pun though? Absolutely brilliant. He get’s taken away to be ‘roughed up’ for his smart mouth but the guy who’s supposed to be doing the ‘roughing up’ gets his neck broken by Oliver, right when Speedy walks in. Although on retirement, when your brother gets kidnapped by crazy people, you put on your suit and save him. Thea understandably quickly goes back into retirement because once killing is back on the table, she wants no part of it. Oliver on the other hand believes killing is necessary because his hesitation to kill Damien is what he believes is the reason Laurel died. I get why Thea doesn’t want to be a part of that life anymore, first of all she was a crazed blood thirsty killer for a long time, she’s lost both men she’s loved through that life, so can you blame a girl for wanting some time out? She was a bit harsh though. Couldn’t she have broken her re-entering retirement to her brother softly? On the bright side, I know we’re not going to be seeing the last of Thea though because she’s basically Oliver’s manager/ Chief of staff.


Arrow — “Legacy” — Image AR501c_0161b — Pictured: Stephen Amell as Green Arrow — Photo: Bettina Strauss/The CW — © 2016 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

With Thea going back into retirement, Olicity is back at square one. Felicity is pushing for Oliver to start a team because she’s not in denial and knows they need help, Oliver on the other hand is not in the mood to train amateurs. Quentin gets him to work with trustworthy police officers to save the hostages and they manage to. This leads to Mayor Oliver approving the Anti-Crime Unit and working closely with the four policemen who helped save the hostages. That isn’t his only new team. After a Skype call with John Oliver agrees to bring in the amateur vigilantes plus Curtis for his new team.

In other news of the episode, this season the flashbacks seem to be focusing on Oliver’s time in Russia which I assume was for Taiana . We see him in a fight, getting almost killed, as usual, being saved by an old friend, and beginning some initiation into something called the Bratvia. Secondly, Oliver still has hope for he and Felicity, but she seems to be moving on with her life. Going home to some random guy, random to us not her, because they seemed very familiar. And lastly there’s another hooded antagonist who I’m guessing will be the main bad guy of the season. Church was just a warm up I guess. Speaking of Church, he seems to be the new boss of all the crime bosses.

This season has a lot of potential. I never thought I’d be so excited for killing again but it’s definitely bringing a new form of thrill to the show. The aggression, violence, pace, that was part of the reason why we all fell in love with the show in the first place. After Oliver stopped killing, a part of the show died and so it’s really great to see them returning to their roots. Plus it’ll be hilarious to see a bunch of amateurs go up against these two very experienced villains who definitely know what they’re about.


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