OAUT Season 6 Episode 2: The Better Half


If you hadn’t guessed from he title, episode 2 of season 6 was completely focused on the evil queen and Regina. The evil queen in this episode makes it known to the Charming’s that she truly is alive, and does it in the most cunning way possible. She’s able to get everyones blood boiling and create chaos. Is it bad of me to say that I am so glad she’s back.

Regina delivers a beautiful speech to the new arrivals in town about how they will face whatever uncertainties the future holds and it was sweet. I was practically clapping for her myself. Everything seemed like it was gong to be just fine. However you remember that it’s Storybrooke and nothing is ever fine, and true to form it wasn’t. An assassin turned up with the rest of the lot from the land of untold stories and he had one task in mind; to kill Snow and Charming. Regina tells them that back when she hated snow white and wanted her dead she hired the assassin Count of Monte a.k.a Edmund to kill the Charming’s. He failed though and we find out it was because of Rumplestiltskin, or more accurately, the dark one. That was then, but this time, he has no intention to fail. He’s pretty adamant on killing them, almost like he had no choice. Lo and behold, he really did have no choice because the evil queen had his heart. Just as he is about to kill the charming Regina pierces him through the heart with her sword, and just like that, she kills him.

We as an audience really need to understand the significance of this scene. Regina has not killed anyone in a long time. She’s changed now and whether it was because she was saving their lives or not, when it comes down to it, she took a life. It’s still an act of darkness. It’s very similar to when Emma killed Cruella. Murder is murder and it blackens your heart a little. Your heart doesn’t know that it was to save someone else. it’s still darkness, and that’s exactly what the evil queen tried to do. Okay typing the evil queen is getting a bit long, so I will just call her EQ now. EQ didn’t want the count to kill the Charming’s, she wanted Regina to kill him, and she did. The point was to awaken the darkness in Regina and remind her that she is not a hero. Her fallback plan will always be to kill because that’s who she is and she cant ran away from it. HOW BRILLIANTLY EVIL IS SHE? She’s going to ruin Regina by making her ruin herself. All my excitement aside though, if EQ succeeds that would be unbearably sad. Does Regina not deserve a happy ending? The woman has lost the two great loves of her life, can;t she just be a good woman in peace? Must she really be turned into the ugly version of herself not by her own will? Leave my poor Regina alone! I’m starting to get so protective of her. She deserves a break. Really.


The Gold’s are also back in Storybrooke but have gone their separate ways. Belle gets invited by hook to stay on the Jolly roger, and Rumple goes back to his shop. There he meets EQ who wants to take a piece of tin from him. He makes her a deal, where in exchange for the coin, she keeps Belle and his unborn child out of her plans, and she agrees. That was expected. Let me tell you what was not expected, EQ making a pass at Rumple and a not so subtle one. I have mixed feelings. On the one hand, it’s a little gross to watch because he was her mentor and in a twisted way a father figure almost, but on the other hand, the evil queen and the dark one! hello? Ultimate power couple. Can you imagine the havoc they could cause? I don’t know if I want them to happen, but if they do, I don’t think I’d even be mad. On the topic of new relationships, EQ also seems to be building one with Zelena. After their little filed trip to Regina’s vault and Zelena not ratting  her out to Regina, EQ tells Zelena that she has her trust. See now this makes me sad. As weird as it  was to see Regina and Zelena in a good place and working things out, it was cute, and they both needed it. Now however, Regina is about to lose another person and Zelena is going to betray her. I’m putting all my eggs in one basket and going to hope that when the time comes, she’ll realise that she really does love Regina and will choose her over EQ.

EQ’s plan isn’t to directly hurt the charming but to indirectly get them to hurt each other by getting into their heads. She gets QOTE

The Evil Queen: They aren’t the only ones with untold stories they don’t want to play out

meaning each of them has a secret. She messed with Regina already and has moved onto David. The coin she took form Rumple belonged to Davids father and she brings up his daddy issues in the most cruel way possible. Davids father died in a cart accident. EQ asks him one simple question before evaporating away

Are you sure it was an accident

WHO DOES THAT? She’s just completely messed him up now. On top of that, Emma has to figure out if the person who takes her life is EQ or Regina, and with the way this are going, I wouldn’t be surprised if it ends up being Regina.

To conclude, I personally think this episode was a lot better than the premiere. It focused on one story line only and that brought so much to the table. It made me excited for the season. Please don’t disappoint.


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