HTGAWM Season 3 Episode 3: The Slap On Behalf Of Women Everywhere


Episode 3 of season 3 kept playing on the emotions of its viewers. I don’t say that with only the characters and their relationships in mind but even this weeks case.

Last week was all about Connor but this week, Laurel was the star of the show. Annalise sent her to see her father who we knew very little about. All we knew was that he was rich and that they didn’t have a good relationship because according to her, he was a bad man. I don’t know about you but when he walked over to her I couldn’t tell what was so bad about him. He calls her beautiful and she says ‘Smart is a compliment a daughter also wants to hear’. She gives him a half-hug almost as if she didn’t want to touch him. They continue into his office where they immediately get into it because they have conflict and her father would like for them to resolve their issues before he helps her with her Frank situation. Remember how I said her dad didn’t seem that bad? This is why they tell you not to judge a book by it’s cover. Laurel drops the bomb that she was kidnapped when she was 16 and her father didn’t pay her ransom, therefore to  her at least, he loves his money more than her. Her father insists that he wasn’t allowed by the government to pay her ransom. Really Jorge? REALLY? I don’t even know  what to say so I’m just going to move on. From that scene I could understand why their relationship was so bad, but then next thing I know, they’re sharing cake like nothing even happened. I’m sorry but were you both not just screaming at each other in Spanish? Eventually she gets what she needs from her father, Franks location, but before she leaves he apologises and asks her not to keep him out of her life. Another thing I really don’t get is why she would lie to Annalise that she didn’t get Franks location from her dad. Frank did call her, after all her many attempts but that shouldn’t be a reason for her to lie. Even if she goes to Coalport to see him, what good would that do? What are you planning Laurel?

As Laurel is dealing with her daddy issues head on, Wes is dealing with some of his own drama around Laurel. After Annalise informs him that she’s at her dads, he’s understandable concerned but understanding when she gets back in touch. At some random hour of the night, he’s worried about her and texts her, but she doesn’t respond. He then tries to call her later but doesn’t get through. Okay guys hold up one second. Wasn’t Wes just ignoring her two episodes ago? Talking about how he associated her with Frank and couldn’t be around her because of how he felt about Frank? Now he’s displaying ‘almost in love with you tendencies’. I’m not the only one who has caught on to that because Meggie starts to feel insecure concerning their friendship. She has a talk with Wes and tells him how Laurel seems to be making him happy. I genuinely thought they were having a break up talk but he reassures her that she’s the one that makes him happy and it’s not like that with laurel. Even I don’t believe that Wes, stop lying to yourself. Strangely enough I think Wes and laurel would be a couple that makes the most sense.


HOW TO GET AWAY WITH MURDER – “Always Bet Black” – Annalise presents her class with a high-profile murder case that pushes even the Keating 5’s morals, while Laurel makes a shocking discovery through an unlikely source, on “How to Get Away with Murder,” THURSDAY, OCTOBER 6 (10:00-11:00 p.m. EDT), on the ABC Television Network. (ABC/Nicole WIlder) KARLA SOUZA

Speaking of relationships that don’t make sense, Michaela and Asher and Connor and Oliver. Aidan, Michaela and Connors ex got engaged and it took a toll on Michaela. It wasn’t that she was still in love with him or anything but the fact that the woman he was now engaged to is everything she wanted to be and is so far from. Through the engagement announcement, Bonnie finds out about them but really doesn’t seem to care. The engagement put her in a bad place and so she decides the four of them should go to Atlantic city with twenty grand she stole from their client. Brilliant idea Michaela. Not only does she gamble all the money away but the trip gets Oliver and Connor in an even worse off place than they already were. I have some things I’d like to say to Oliver.

  1. You do not flirt in front of your ex whom you claim you still want to be friends with
  2. You do not go on a trip to Atlantic city with your ex
  3. You do not get mad at your ex who you broke up with for getting jealous
  4. You do not tell your ex to ‘act like an adult’ when you’re in the wrong

Moving on to the case of the episode. It drew on our emotions again but not in the way the last one did. Whereas with last weeks case we were rooting for the client to win, this week we were all secretly hoping they’d lose so he could rot in prison. He was a pervert who did not respect women and enabled the death of a call girl. You already hate him enough for that, then we find out he really did commit murder. He killed a different girl and stuffed her in a freezer to rot. A freezer. Annalise manages to get the girls family justice without implicating her client for that crime and getting her client the best deal he could ever dream of. 3 years, to which he responds that he hired Annalise to avoid jail time and she gives him the slap of life. I’m not talking just any slap. I mean a slap that she put her back into and almost spun his head to the back of his neck. I don;t think any single female viewer in that second did not feel a pinch of excitement because he deserved that. That slap was for every woman that has been harassed in one way or another and has gotten any unwanted attention. Thank you Annalise.

Jumping to the flash forwards, Oliver is successful in sweeping the phone clean, and when he returns to the scene to ditch the phone, Bonnie arrives. Well that’s another name we can cross of the list. She distracts the detective on call so Oliver can plant the phone, but as this is done, it’s announced that theres another body in the burning house, who has a pulse. Okay so I think it’s time for me to announce my guess. I think the body is Nate, and the one in the house Franks. That is just my guess, but we will find out in 5 episodes. We can wait. Can’t we?


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