Queen Sugar Season 1 Episode 6: Open Your Eyes and Smell The Roses


We’re already half way through the season and the question on all of or minds has been did David do it or not? We got that this episode. What I have come to love about this show is how they keep the audience’s attention and get them emotionally involved. It always starts off with emotions slowly bubbling and eventually blowing up and that is exactly what we got this episode.

The episode begins with Nova on a radio show alongside another Black Lives Matter activist, Chantal. The initially begins with her article but then eventually gets turned into a discussion about Charley and David. Nova questions why the victims are usually not believed and unknown to her, Charley is at home listening and naturally she gets upset. Nova questioning why Melina isn’t believed is her basically calling David a rapist. After the interview, Nova and Chantal get to talking and there’s a little bit of some flirtation going on. Nova tells Chantal that she likes her necklace, and Chantal then ‘loans’ it to her. I detected a lot of chemistry between the two, and even the way Chantal put the necklace on Nova suggested that she wanted something more. We knew Novas sexuality was fluid but I don’t know how I feel about this new love interest. I was really hoping we would see the Interracial/police/affair relationship dynamic between Nova and Calvin. I think that sub plot is probably one that could have added value and so I still don;t think that’s the end we’ll be seeing of them. If I had to guess, I would say just as Nova and Chantal start to move forward and perhaps get serious, Calvin will make an appearance. However there’s still six episodes to go and as this show has shown us, so much can happen in just under 45 minutes.

Ralph Angel, poor poor Ralph Angel. This man just keeps either finding himself in or putting himself in predicaments. Last we saw Ralph Angel, he was walking out of the warehouse with a mysterious package of stolen items in his bag. That decision to take the items came back to haunt him this episode. Him taking the items meant that he was now involved in some thieving organisation in the warehouse which he could not back out of. He’s instructed to take more stolen goods home for distribution and keeps them in a shed, which was never locked, but now all of sudden has a padlock in it. From my experience of watching shows apparently the key to being a top criminal is not being shady. Ralph Angel was hell’a shady, just acting all suspicious. That’s probably why he got caught in the first place. Vi is not dumb, we know she’ no fool but Ralph Angel apparently doesn’t. Vi asks him about the new padlock and he lies. His lie wasn’t even believable. What I will praise him for was standing up for himself and getting out of a bad situation. Although he got beaten up for it and lost his job, he’s doing right by Blue and himself. However, since people tend to be petty anyway, someone conveniently happens to get the police to come in and search his property. At this point, Ralph Angel is wetting his pants because he knows he has stolen goods in the shed, and for about the first 15 seconds I was right there with him, accepting that he was going to jail, until I remembered what kind of woman Vi is. The police search the shed and find nothing because Aunt Vi came through! She at some point during the day got rid of all the stolen goods and Ralph Angel promises to do better. Right now I’m really just rooting for him. I want Ralph Angel to get his life together probably more than he wants to get his own life together.


As mentioned earlier on, Charley has a lot of anger towards Nova in this episode following her interview and this leads to them having a go at each other in front of Mr Proctor. Something we will get to later. The state Charley was in was so important for this episode. Considering everything and her feelings towards Davis for admitting to cheating on her one time, she still stood beside him through the allegations. She played the good wife. However the last episode also highlighted her ignorance, which was what I was saying in Stand Up. This episode quickly killed that. Davis is a rapist. Well kind of. You see what happened was, Melina and David did have a relationship. It wasn’t just that one time like he had Charley behave. It had been going for about three years. Charley and Davis go into the meeting to meet with and pay off Melina but before the meeting he tells her not to believe anything Melina said. He knew it would be her word against his and Charley would have believed him, but jokes on him because Melina recorded him. In this recording, he confesses to their relationship and his attitude towards her as well. I was shocked at that point to be honest. Davis is guilty, maybe not of direct rape but in aiding, and also for cheering on Charley. The words no wife ever wants to hear

 I pay you to do the shit my wife wont do

I will applaud Ava for writing Charley’s wrong and her owning up to her ignorance and apologising to Melina, not just for what happened to her but also for not believing her. Charley then storms out of the room, Davis of course chases after her, but she gets into the lift, tells him that they’re over and the door shuts. The episode ends. THAT IS BRILLIANT WRITING AND DIRECTING. The finality of it was felt.

Regarding the farm, the siblings got another chance with Mr Proctor, who after witnessing an argument between Nova and Charley for some reason agrees to be their farm manager. Ralph Angels screw ups with the seed meant they didn’t have anything to plant, but once again Remi to the rescue! Conveniently he has engineered his own variety of cane and was just looking for a farmer to take a chance on him. The Bordelons happen to be in a situation where they can’t refuse his offer. The farm is pretty much going to be up and running soon.

This was a great episode. I can’t put into enough words how great this episode was. This is why Oprah kept tweeting about it. Well done Oprah and Ava. Well done. 


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