OUAT Season 6 Episode 3: Converse By Day, Glass Slipper By Night

img_7762One of the most beautiful things about Once Upon A Time is the wide variety of stories, but sometimes that is also it’s downfall. There are so many characters and subplots that sometimes, it just feels like a waste. This episode had aspects of that.

Remember Cinderella/ Ella/ Ashley or whichever you choose to call her? This episode was about her. ‘Why’ you may ask, you thought they had finished telling her story. You and me both reader, you and me both. As it turns out, the Evil Queen was right when she said that everyone had untold stories they didn’t want to play out. Cinderella, cute little innocent Cinderella whom we all thought never did anything wrong in her life had been carrying a secret around. She was selfish and sold out her sister. The thing with fairytale characters is that they’re for the most part prefect. When we’re children everything is all dandy and there are no grey lines in the stories. There’s the protagonist and the antagonist and they both have very defined characters. Good and Bad. In the story, Cinderella is always good and selfless but this is the amazing thing about Once Upon A Time bringing the characters to life. It makes them human. We all know how it goes, Cinderella runs out of the ball, leaves her glass slipper and the Prince searches every house until he finds the foot that fits. In OUAT’s version of events, back in the Enchanted Forest Cinderella is desperate to have proof and so gives up Drizella’s location to her step mother in exchange for her glass slipper. In Storybrooke she finds out Drizella was one of the many from the Land of Untold Stories and so goes on a quest to make things up to her but instead finds out it’s a trap. Her step mother then stabs her in the abdomen. Guys. I did not expect that. I was so convinced she was going to die. Plus it’s not like she’s a relevant character anyway so we wouldn’t have really missed her, but no, of course Emma just had to come and be the saviour and magically heal her. Really writers? Kill Robin but save Cinderella/ Ella/Ashley?


It’s no secret that the Evil Queen is planning something and whatever it is, she needs people’s stories to play out, hence why the characters from the Land of Untold Stories are so important. My guess is that the episodes will focus on different characters and how they play out will go towards her plan. It’s going to be a lot like Season 5B when they went to the underworld in terms of different characters for different episodes. This approach wasn’t one I found particularly interesting and so I’m not glad they’re going back to that. I miss them having one major story line and the flashbacks dealing with different characters. Instead of this that they’re doing, especially with the Evil Queen story line, it would have been great for it to have been like the earlier seasons, i.e. the Peter Pan story line where they just focus on her. It’s difficult to focus on the Evil Queen when you have so much going on, and she eventually fades into the background. All I got from this episode regarding the Evil Queen is that she wants to make Emma feel useless, and she’s now working with Hyde. That is so disappointing considering how much they focused on her in episode 2 and the impact that had on the events in the episode itself and of course us as the viewers.

As for the heroes, Emma’s tremors are getting worse and you know what I’m starting to find strange? NONE of her family seem to be that worried. They believe her when she says she’s fine but she’s clearly not. Plus they all know Emma has a tendency to lie. The only one who seems to show some concern is Hook. Speaking of Hook, Emma asks him to move in with her this episode and honestly it’s cute. They’re finally making progress. Regina is still at war with Zelena and herself, a.k.a the Evil Queen and Rumple seems to be getting closer to winning Belle back. The Charmings are the problem though. Snow wants to return to normalcy and go back to teaching, David on the other hand found out that his father was murdered and doesn’t seem close to returning to normalcy. He found out that his father was murdered and all Snow could tell him was to let it go and not chase vengeance. 


Of course he’s going to chase vengeance! Or at least keep pursuing it to get some answers. His whole life he felt like his father was a coward and abandoned them but now he finds out his father was murdered and you really think he’ll just leave it? I thought you were street smart Snow. This is obviously going to cause problems in the future because David is going to start lying and acting strange and once she finds out he’s still pursuing it, well then, it may almost rip them apart.

This was an alright episode and that’s what made it so disappointing. After the last episode there was honestly so much potential for an equally as amazing follow-up but it was a let down. Hopefully next week will be better.


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