Arrow Season 5 Episode 2: I Am Prometheus


This episode was in my opinion more enjoyable than the premiere. Why you may ask? Passion. There was a lot of passion and determination displayed this episode and it really felt like earlier seasons.

This episode is titled ‘The Recruits’ and that’s really what it’s about. It begins with The Green Arrow recruiting the same man he shot in the leg with an arrow in the last episode. He then offers Curtis, Evelyn Sharp and Ramirez the chance to work with him but they have to be trained first. Pretty ear on you can tell that Ramirez a.k.a Wild Dog is the reckless know it all, Evelyn is pretty much just there and Curtis is the puppy. He gives them the task of trying to get past him to ring a bell but they fail and end up getting constantly beaten up. When they start to complain he tells them that the purpose is for them to figure out the goal. Okay even I was confused at this point. Needless to say, they constantly fail at this and can’t figure it out.

Mayor Oliver in his efforts to save the city is hosting a free clinic and partners with a firm Amtech, however the night before, one of their vice presidents is attacked by someone who I can only say resembles a dementor. As in one of those things in Harry Potter. Naturally Amtech wants to pull out but Oliver assures them that they will have enough security. Okay so at this point I’m sitting there like eh? These recruits are not even close to being a fraction of what a team is. You’re going to be in mayor mode at the time so how can you be in vigilante mode too? To my surprise though, when demetor look-alike (Ragman is what they’ve named him) comes and tries to attack the CEO of Amtech, somehow miraculously, The Green Arrow Appears.


No let’s really think about this before we talk about what happened. Okay so Oliver walked into the free clinic as Mayor with a security detail behind him. He’s walking around shaking hands, talking to sick children, etc. I know he’s always been able to evade security but unless he’s been pulling a Clark Kent stunt and walking around with his leather suit underneath his suit, how did he change so quickly? Secondly when did he even know to go and change and arrive just in time to stop Ragman? It just does not make sense. Not even close, but anyway for the sake of viewers pleasure, I’ll not question it too much. The Green Arrow arrives just in time to stop Ragman but Wild Dog jumps on him going against The Green Arrows very specific instructions. The next scene shows the recruits minus Wild Dog pretty much shitting their pants because they know he’s going to be absolutely livid. They were right. He arrives and just hurls abuse at them. Guys, Oliver is rude.  Most of the time we forget because we just focus on whats going on but he can really be a  not so nice person. Curtis makes that very clear to him and puts him in his place before quitting.

You don’t build people up, you tear them down.

Good on you for standing up for yourself Curtis! That was some serous character development right there. Remember the last time Oliver yelled at Curtis? He was a mess. This time however, he dished it right back. Who knows, maybe he’s cut out for the vigilante life after all. After his recruits quit and of course Oliver being the proud man he is, he just decides to work alone again. It normally wouldn’t have gone well but this time, Ragman was a surprising ally. After Ragman saves him from almost getting killed by Tobias Church, The Green Arrow and Ragman meet on a roof and have a conversation. Ragman is the last survivor from Havenbroke, the town Felicity sent the missile to on Genesis day, and now he’s avenging all the souls lost in his hometown. The Green Arrow tells him that revenge is not what his father would have wanted, and so to honour their fathers, the two should join forces and save the city. If Ragman does join team arrow, it could be very weird for Felicity considering she made the decision to kill everyone in his town.It will be interesting to see how that plays out. Felicity and Curtis make Oliver realise that the reason the recruits don’t work is because they don’t trust The Green Arrow because they don’t know him. The whole episode I just thought he was being an asshole like he usually is in these situations but boy was I wrong. First of all, he was trying to protect his heart. The last time he let people in, they all quit and left. He was hurting and didn’t want to put himself through that again. Secondly, he was training them the way the Bratvia trained him in Russia and in his experience it was effective. He realises that in this situation, it’s not going to work, and so he gets all the recruits to come back and reveals his identity to them and asks them to come back, which they agree to do.

Quick run down on whats happening to the rest of team arrow. Thea seems to be drowning in work and is now taking on Quentin and trying to save him from the bottle. She offers him the job of deputy mayor which goes against Oliver’s specific instructions not to give a position of power or responsibility. He’s not going to be too happy about that. Felicity’s new boyfriend or whatever, who I refuse to acknowledge is a detective of some sort and wants to meet her friends. Digel is in Latvia and being framed for attempting to steal a nuclear weapon. That’s pretty much it.


Arrow — “Legacy” — Image AR501a_0060b — Pictured: Prometheus — Photo: Bettina Strauss/The CW — © 2016 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

The episode ends with the return of The black Arrow/ Reverse Arrow? He attacks Church outside of a club warning him to stay away from The Green Arrow because he’s his apparently. Church asks him who he is and he responds with

I am Prometheus

That felt so personal. The way he has his heart set on The Green Arrow, you can tell that this person knows Oliver and knows that he’s The Green Arrow. Honestly at this point I don’t even know who else this could be. It’s too early to tell. This was a good episode and I’m excited to see what the rest of the season has to offer.


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