Queen Sugar Season 1 Episode 7: Take, Take, Take


This show is beautiful. It’s so well written, so emotional and just unbelievably grasping. This episode was every one of those adjectives I used in the previous sentence. It made me just want to comfort at least one person in each scene. Okay maybe not each and every scene but about 80% of the scenes.

The very first scene is evidence. Charley is laying in foetus position, clearly heartbroken over Davis. Vi tries to give her comfort food but she’s understandably lost her appetite. First time I wanted to hug Charley this episode. Vi then tells her to talk to Micah because after all, he does have a right to know what happened. They have a conversation and Charley tells him that she and Davis will be divorcing and that they’ll be staying in St Josephine’s for at least six months. Micah then flips out on his mother, which by the way is completely understandable, and even though I do understand it, it still made me very sad. When we were first introduced to Micah, he was this sweet innocent perfectly behaved mama’s boy. He was the dream child to be honest, but now he’s so far from that. They should have just let me wrap him in bubble wrap to protect him like I had initially wanted! Now look what happened. Second person I wanted to cuddle and comfort and that was only about 5 minutes into the episode! As the episode progresses, the relationship between Charley and Micah worsens as the two of them just take their frustrations out on each other. By the end of the episode, they’re not even speaking. GUUUUYYYYYSSSSSS… I don’t like this at all. They’re all they’ve got at this point. They need to stick together. On second thought, Micah isn’t completely all Charley has got. Remy seems to be an option. When she’s down, he’s always there for her and he did not fail in this episode either. After complaining to him about everything that had gone wrong, he literally said the sweetest thing ever to her. This has definitely got to be one of the QOTE’s this week. I will type it in its entirety because it’s perfect.

Remy: I’m sorry for all the people who can’t say they’re sorry. I’m sorry they’re not giving you what you need right now, but please, don’t let anyone, and I mean anyone, steal your joy. That light, your fight. That’s what makes you you. Charley, you’re an incredible woman. Believe that.


See that gif? That would be most girls’ reaction if a guy said this to them. But no, not Charley. I don’t even know why but that makes me even like her more. Yes it was nice for her to hear and you could tell that being reminded of it changed her mood, but the great thing about Charley is she’s never needed approval or acceptance from anyone. She has a fight about her like Remy said, and honestly she’s incredibly strong, but it’s understandable that she’s starting to feel used and not respected.

Last episode when Nova donated $10,000 to Too Sweet I didn’t think much of it but now I realise how big of a deal it was. Firstly it wasn’t her money, it was Charley’s. Secondly she didn’t ask before she took it, thirdly she didn’t tell Charley after she took it and lastly she wasn’t even sorry she took it. And the gall of Nova, throwing back the 3 million in Charley’s face, as if it’s her problem. Nice way of deflecting Nova. Honestly Charley could have slapped her right there and I wouldn’t even have been mad. That was rude, and as her sister it shows that she has very little respect for her. Nova has proven herself to be incredibly selfish over these 7 episodes, so I don’t even know why I’m so surprised.

Speaking of Nova, her relationship with Chantal seems to be advancing. We see the two in bed in the morning and working together. She tells Chantal that she finally feels ‘free’ but oops Nova. Spoke too soon. Guess who’s back in the picture? Calvin. Did I not say it? Calvin calls Nova to tell her that he’s leaving his wife for her and Charley happens to over hear the conversation. What I don’t get about Nova is how she still couldn’t bring herself to apologise or even acknowledge that she did something wrong? I know I’ve said in the past that she was mysterious and it was exciting but nope. I take it back.

Ralph Angel. CAN THIS MAN PLEASE CATCH A BREAK? FOR GOD’S SAKE! Okay. Okay I’m calm now. Ralph Angel gets a home visit from his parole officer who tells him that 1, he must get a real job, or get Charley to employ him as a farmer and 2, can’t have Blue live with him unless Vi signs legal guardianship back over to him. Both women say no. Vi refuses to let Blue go back to Darla if Ralph Angel were to ever go back in. You know how Ralph Angel was so adamant on Darla not spending time with Blue and just seemed to hate her? Well we find out why. Apparently they once found Blue half dead lying next to his mother while some man was on top of her as she was high. After hearing that story, hell, I don’t even want to see Darla’s face again! On top of all that, considering the fact that Ralph Angel almost just went back to prison, it’s completely understandable why she doesn’t want to sign the form. Charley on the other hand says no because Ralph Angel lost his job. She assumes it was because he was incompetent but then Vi tells her about the crime ring and that seems to change Charley’s mind. Vi says to Charley that “nothing is ever as it seems”. She’s going to have to remember that herself.


Hollywood returns this episode but LeeAnne continues to call him. Micah happens to overhear the conversation and eventually confronts Hollywood about it, asking him to come clean. Hollywood tries to laugh it off but then Micah says

Guess that’s what happens with grown folk. They start lying

I don’t know who Hollywood thought he was, thinking that the truth wouldn’t come out but unfortunately for him, LeeAnne turns up at Vi’s house, in the middle of their party. He had no choice but to come clean there but Vi asks him to leave and not come back. He looks at her, she looks at him and they both look like they’ve just had their hearts ripped out. I HAD MY HEART RIPPED OUT TOO. That scene was difficult to watch. I wanted to just hold them both and tell them everything was going to be okay. No one lost their cool. No one raised their voices. No one broke eye contact. The power of that and the emotion that poured out, Oh My God. I’m overwhelmed. The directing. The directing needs a standing ovation. The scene was absolutely heart breaking and I refuse for this to be the end of Vi and Hollywood. They are the best couple on the show and I’d like them to get back together please.

Oprah? Ava? Someone? Please make this happen. The thought that there’s still five more episodes to go is very exciting but at the same time, if this is what they’re all going to be like, I may need to purchase an inhaler because my chest. Amazing.


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