The Flash Season 3 Episode 2: Just In Time


The second episode of this season gave us a much bigger idea of what was different in this timeline and boy were they a lot. The episode tugs on your heart strings a little but at the same time warms your heart. Let me explain.

It begins with Barry running to Star City to give Felicity the run down of all things that are different. Honestly I’m not sure why this scene was included but it was still nice to see Felicity. Okay so let’s begin.

  1. Iris and Joe don’t talk
  2. Wally is not a speedster
  3. Singh is back
  4. There’s a new guy at work who does not like Barry, Julian
  5. Barry and Iris have never kissed
  6. Cisco’s personality has changed completely because he’s grief stricken over the loss of his brother Dante
  7. Caitlin seems to be turning into killer Frost
  8. Digel has a son

We knew Barry definitely affected the time line in central city but it seems to not just be a city based thing since he’s affected Star City too. I’m beginning to wonder if they included this scene to foreshadow a change in Arrow maybe? If Digel has a son called John and not baby Sarah, maybe other things could be different in Arrow.

Back in Central City, the man who was woken up from his slumber by Reverse Flash turned out to be Edward Clariss in that timeline, and Alchemy is some weird Darth Vader looking guy who has the power to give him back his speed and memory from the other timeline. He makes a comeback as ‘The Rival’ which throws Barry off completely but thankfully with the help of Cisco they manage to subdue him and send him to Iron Heights. Unfortunately for him though, Alchemy is not too pleased with his failure and in the very last frame, appears to be killing him. Okay he is clearly not one to be played with. 


For the majority of the episode though Barry attempt to fix the things he’s broken. After finding out what the changed within team Flash, he attempts to fix them over dinner. He lies to Iris that Joe is ready to talk to her about the case, lies to Joe that Iris is ready to talk to him about her mother which is why they’re not speaking and asks Caitlin to bring Cisco over for dinner. Obviously it doesn’t go to plan because well, he lied to every one. The dinner ends up blowing up in his face but before things can escalate, they have to go and deal with ‘The Rival’. The first encounter between the two, The Rival managed to get away and upon his return to Star Labs is confronted by Iris who can tell that the two knew each other. She then asks him what’s going on but Barry instead of coming clean decides he’s going to fix things. This of course to him means going back in time again. Okay even I knew it was a bad idea. It clearly doesn’t give you your intended outcome. Not exactly anyway. Another person who knew that was The Flash.


Not The Flash that we know as in Barry Allen, but The Flash who happens to be the doppelganger of Henry. Okay it was so good to see him! This gives me hope that we may see some of the other flashes again. Who knows. The Flash manages to convince Barry that going back in time is not going to change things the way he wants and he listens. Honestly I think the only reason he got through to him was because he looks like his father. Barry is very stubborn and just a handful of people can get through to him, so that was handy that The Flash was keeping an eye on him. This leads to him coming clean to team flash, and Cisco loses it. It turns out that after Dante’s death, Cisco kept asking Barry to go back in time to save him but Barry never did, yet now he’s saying after his father died, he went back in time to save his parents. Hypocritical much? So yes, I get why Cisco was pissed off. Thankfully Iris manages to get through to team flash, asking them to put  themselves in Barry’s shoes and they forgive him. At least it seems like they do. After the team has successfully death with ‘The Rival’, Iris and Barry share their first kiss. At least in this timeline anyway.

We haven’t addressed Julian. Can we just acknowledge that he’s being played by Tom Felton. My Harry Potter fans, make some noise! Barry and Julian don’t like each other but Julian tells Barry that it’s because he doesn’t trust him because something isn’t right  about him. Little does he know that he’s right. Something isn’t right about Barry. We know what it is, and it’s pretty ironic, considering Julian’s title is Meta-Human Specialist and he can’t even use his ‘specialist’ skills to identify the meta right in front of him.

This was a good episode. It’ll be interesting to see how the changes in character development play out and how that will affect their relationships. Plus the new big bad for this season is a really interesting one. Looking forward to more!


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