Empire Season 3 Episode 4: La Bohéme


La Bohéme is a classic opera about a woman torn between two men. You don’t have to necessarily know anything about it to understand this episode because love triangles are something that we see in our everyday lives. That part is very easy to relate to, but this episode was absolutely brilliant in tying in the music and plot of the show, with the underlying themes of the opera.

To make a good story, you need more than one theme and romance and conflict usually always come into play. Since this episode was influenced by an opera about love triangles I’m going to take a different approach to the way I usually write. Let’s begin.

Empire, Nessa and Shyne

Nessa is unbelievably talented, those vocals are amazing. After the way she handled the Empire Xstream event, she was basically the new it girl and everyone wanted their hands on her. The episode begins with Lucious and Andre going to Shyne’s studio thinking they were attending a signing but they end up walking into an all out bidding war. Lucious puts Hakeem and Andre on the job to make sure she signs to Empire. Hakeem thinks he has an advantage because of his close working relationship with the two. Boy was he wrong. He tries to woo the two with food, wine and a ridiculous amount of money (live)  but Shyne throws it all back in his face, making a fool out of him. Andre tries his luck and tries to reason with Nessa, drawing on the fact that they have things like math in common.


The two did have a lot of sexual tension though. It was pretty obvious at that point that he had won her over. He then takes the signed contract to his father but then Shyne comes storming in like some crazed animal and punches Andre in the face. Andre is not weak though and takes Shyne on, hitting him right back. He pulls a gun out on Andre but can’t do anything with it because Lucious smacks him on the back of his knee with a baseball bat, pulls a gun out on him and makes him sign Nessa’s contract before Andre kicks him in the face. On the other side of town, Shyne with a pretty beat up face declares war on the Lyons. Is it weird that I got really excited by the fight scene with Shyne? It just made me so happy to see Andre so strong again and in a way like the Andre from season one. That was short-lived though because next thing I know, Nessa is throwing herself at Andre but he can’t bring himself to because of Rhonda. I understood that. It made sense, grief and all. What I do not understand is how Andre only had sex with Nessa because he was having sex with Rhonda’s ghost too. So it was a threesome in his head. I’m going to move on now because I can’t wrap my head around this.

Angelo, Cookie and Lucious

Angelo finally asked Cookie out on a date and it was a little cute. He got some of the children from W.O.K.E to come and sing to her before asking her to accompany him to go and hear some music. Just as she’s still enjoying being asked out, Lucious just had to come and ruin it for her, pointing out that the two are form two different worlds and it’s not going anywhere. Normally I don’t think Cookie would let anything Lucious has to say get to her and we saw that last season especially with Laz from season 2. The problem this time though was that he was right about the clashes of worlds thing. Angelo’s idea of hearing music was completely different to what we would have expected. It was really a fundraiser where all his bougie friends would be in attendance. All the women are walking around in beautiful long white gowns and there you have cookie in a bright orange body con short dress. Cookie is already at this point feeling out-of-place but what pushes her over the line is hearing the women make fun of her in the bathroom. Of course she doesn’t show them that they’ve gotten to her but instead threatens to beat them before storming out. Angelo realises that he messed up real bad and goes to Jamal for advice. Jamal then tells him that he needs to prove to Cookie that the two of them can make things work because he can fit into her world too. This finally meant that we got to see mr fancy for the first time in clothing other than a suit. Yes guys, he ditched the perfectly tailored suits for one scene! Angelo comes to Leviticus to prove to Cookie that they’re not that different and the two can make it work. Lucious must always have the last word though because he thinks he’s a god. He tells Angelo how Cookie got the name Cookie and how he got rid of Barry because in the end they always end up together and I will give Angelo QOTE because he just ended things with one sentence

We’ll see about that.


Hakeem, Tiana and Gram

Last week we saw the beef that was Hakeem vs Gram over Tiana. Gram for some reason promises Tiana’s fans a diss track from Tiana. Whet? I’m sorry but if that was my boyfriend going around promising people diss tracks I don’t think he’d be my boyfriend for much longer. Tiana understandably tells Cookie that she wants to stay out of it because she’s a musician not a reality star. Cookie did get one good thing out of her ‘date’ with Angelo; an appreciation for opera music and how to merge it with her kind of music. Cookie gets Tiana to perform a Rihanna type performance featuring Gia Copeland and truth be told, the song was bomb. Did anyone else notice the way Hakeem was staring at Tiana during that performance though? I smell a potential reunion in the future.

Jamal, Freda and Lucious

Andre is a snitch. This is how you know he’s slowly turning into Andre from season 1. He snitches on Jamal to Lucious and tells him that Jamal is going to see Freda. Luscious then says ‘thank you for telling me’ and as soon as he said this, I knew something was about to happen. Thirsty was the first thing to come into my mind. When Jamal goes to see Freda, she’s pretty beaten up and I knew Lucious was the one who did it. I didn’t have to wait till the end of the episode to know. I mean it’s Lucious we’re taking about. Jamal then promises to get Freda out of jail and with the help of Angelo and a new lawyer, Freda is granted bail after Jamal pays off a doctor to forge documents that Freda had a history of mental health. You know what I didn’t expect? FREDA TO BE IN ON IT WITH LUCIOUS AND PLAY JAMAL! Are you frigging kidding me? You shot the guy and now you’re manipulating him? Freda was never a friend. She deserves to rot in that prison for all I care. Lucious breaks the news to Jamal that Freda was in on it and that Jamal is just like his father after all. Jamal then mixes his pills and alcohol, a very bad combination and like I said in my last post, this is only going to cause more harm than good. Hands down.

This was a very very good episode of empire and I’m just so pleased with the way the season is going so far. I can’t wait to see what the next episode has in store for us. 


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