HTGAWM Season 3 Episode 4: Everything Has Consequences


In life actions have consequences. In a tv show, actions definitely have big consequences. Nothing ever happens for no reason, and this episode did a very good job of showing that.

Remember that slap last episode? The one that was heard around the world? In the moment we all cheered Annalise on but now she’s paying the price. The slap although at the time was well deserved, was a prime example of gross misconduct. Lawyers can’t abuse their clients (no matter how much they deserve it). The slap cost Annalise her license and if she’s not careful, her job. The suspension of her license drives her to her best friend, vodka, and conveniently Eve too. It was nice to see the two together. It always seems so easy and fun when they’re together, and Annalise could always let go of her problems, however that may all be about to change. Eve tells Annalise that she’s met someone, and the two share a tearful goodbye. Honestly it’s great that Eve has found love. She really does deserve it, and she can finally move on from Annalise. The way Annalise handled the news was perfect as well. Another thing she handles perfectly was trying to get out of that suspension. Annalise is an alcoholic. There’s no two ways about it, but she’s amazing at what she does. Being able to use her alcoholism to work in her favour as a means to get her license back is evidence enough of how brilliant her mind is. What I can’t understand is why she constantly chooses to push people away. Nate and Annalise ended things (again) this episode. That scene was the definition of 0 to 100 real quick. Where did that blow up come from? It was so unnecessary. The thing with these two is that they’re constantly falling out but always make their way back to one another, so a part of me knows that it’s just a matter of time.

The client this episode was a 15-year-old that had committed credit card fraud, and first chair was no other but Mr Milestone. I knew Asher was obviously studying as a lawyer but I just sort of forgot that one day he’d have to appear in court, and after that episode, maybe he should venture into corporate law? Being in a courtroom is not for him. I beg of you writers, please don’t ever put us through that again. After her license suspension, Bonnie is in charge and as usual wants to be Annalise so bad. It turns out that their client was taken advantage of by his teacher, and it hits home for Bonnie. Speaking of her past, she finds out that her father passed, and Laurel overhears her telling Annalise that he passed in Coalport. She then comes clean to Bonnie about withholding Franks location and apologises. We get to see how Frank did it. He broke into the prison hospital Bonnie’s father was in and gave him poisonous gas to inhale. Okay so Frank has pretty much gone rogue. Some sort of revenge spree? First Mahone, who wronged Annalise. Now Bonnie’s father who molested her. Who’s next on your hit list Frank? What is his goal, that’s what I’m trying to figure out now. Is he trying to make things up to them? Some weird way to get their forgiveness? I don’t know.


The rest of the Keating 5 all seem to be dealing with their own problems. Michaela is still not ready to accept Asher and get into a relationship with him,  Meggie throws Wes a ‘surprise’ birthday party (since Laurel ruined the surprise by telling him about it) and she finally meets all his friends. Oliver and Connor after most of the episode seem to be in a good place, and laurel is still obsessed with Frank.

The time jump to the night of the burning house finally tells us who was found in the house and it’s Laurel. A pregnant Laurel. Pregnant. If we think about this, the night was 4 weeks later, as of now, Laurel hasn’t had sex with anyone, but it’s too soon to say if the baby will be Wes’ or Franks. I guess we will just have to wait and see.

The episode was a good one, but I’m starting to get impatient. I just feel like things are progressing so slowly. We have no idea what happened that may have led to the fire, and considering we’re not too far away from finding out, it’s not making sense to me. Am I missing something? Hopefully it’ll become a whole lot clearer next episode.


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