Scream Queens Season 2 Episode 3: The Wedding That’ll Never Be


So we all know how Scream Queens works, but this week they killed a character that has left me furious. I love the show. It’s ridiculously entertaining, but the person who died this week, that was just rude. How can you kill such an iconic character? Relax, Chanel is still alive, but she may as well be dead now.

The episode picks up where they left of, with the Chanels in the OR with Tyler’s corpse.  Chad’s friend, the one who was scared of everything, as soon as he’s cured, is murdered. The murders get Dean Munch and the rest of the girls to go pay and pay Hester a visit. She insists that she will not tell them what she knows until they comply with her demands. She does however give them a clue which leads to them finding out about the pregnant lady thirty years ago. Somehow they deduce that the killer is the baby and so must be around 30 years old. This puts Chad Radwell at the very top of Dean Munch’s list after Denise informs them that he’s actually 30 because he got held back in the second grade eight times. Chad Radwell. The boy is as dumb as they get, (I mean how do you even get held back in 2nd grade eight times?) and Dean Munch really thinks he’s capable of being a serial killer?


Speaking of Chad, he continues his feud with Dr Holt over Chanel’s ‘box’ and well, you know what Beyoncé says, If you like it, put a ring on it. Yes, the unholy matrimony between Chad and Chanel immediately became a very real possibility. Chad proposed to do one over on Dr Holt and I guess also because he wanted Chanel back. He proposes  with a prenup and the ring came later. An obnoxiously sized ring! I mean look at the size of that thing! It’s bigger than Kim Kardashian’s was. It’s a ‘whore cut’. I can’t with this show anymore. 


The wedding is planned in about two days and the day before, Chad, to no ones surprise get’s cold feet but to my surprise and probably everyone else’s goes to Dr Holt to talk. That was weird. Then again I don’t question this show. I just accept what I see because if I attempt to make sense of anything, I’ll get a headache. Dr Holt agrees to be Chads bestman but the wedding never happens. If Chanel and Chads wedding never happened one would guess that it would be because Chad ended things at the alter or maybe two minutes before the wedding was meant to happen. BUT NO! CHAD WAS MURDERED! I can’t even begin to describe the rage I’m feeling. HOW DARE THEY KILL CHAD RADWELL! WHY? Channel walks down the aisle, waiting for Chad but instead blood starts to drip on her, then crashing down from above, Chad’s lifeless body. Red wedding much? I feel a loss right now to be honest, but it’ll be funny to see Chanel in ‘grieving’ mode.

In other news, the patient this week was a yoga teacher who had persistent uncontrollable orgasms. This case for some strange reason brings number three and Dr Cassidy closer as the two of them share their secrets. Number three has never had an orgasm and Dr Cassidy is dead, which is why he’s so cold. So now necrophilia is just completely normal on this show? This is why I said not to think about things too much. Well technically necrophilia hasn’t happened yet since the two haven’t had sex but it doesn’t seem like that’s not on the cards for them. After they cure the yoga teacher, the green monster beheads her just as she’s about to walk out of the building, stabs Chamberlain but spares Zayday.

Theory: The monster knows Zayday. I know a lot of fan theories think it’s Grace since no one knows what happened to her but I highly doubt it. It’s too early to tell and we don’t have enough information. Let’s just keep waiting for more.


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