Quantico Season 2 Episode 3: Assessment


After a brief hiatus Quantico returns to our screens. This episode didn’t bring us any closer to knowing what was really going on in the G20 but it did give us a little more information about the characters.

Back on the farm, the recruits are being taught to be aware of their surroundings at all times. The last episode they were learning about surveillance but this time it was that and also everything else. Shelby and Nimah tell Ryan and Alex that they have only one chance to bug one person for one day. They break it down  to two potentials, Leon and Dayana. Alex takes Leon and Ryan takes Dayana. For their assessment practice the recruits are dropped in the middle of the woods and have to find their way back. Alex and Ryan use this as their opportunity to get to know their targets a little bit better. What is Leon’s deal? Honestly. One minute he’s all uninterested and the next he’s trying to be scary. When he threatened Alex all I thought was whoa that escalated pretty quickly.


Eventually he did open up. I don’t even know if I’m surprised. Alex Parrish always gets her way when it comes to these things. Men just usually do what she wants them to. Maybe it’s because she’s always pushing or maybe she does have some charm about her. I don’t really know. Leon tells her that he pretty much got himself arrested so he could get some answers and make some sort of difference, however he barely made it out alive. That is why he doesn’t like to talk about his time inside. That’s pretty much Leon done in this episode. Ryan on his end tries to learn more about Dayana. I don’t really know what exactly he learned about her but by the end of the day, he was pretty sure that she wasn’t the one they should bug. Side note, I think Dayana might be the one that got between Alex and Ryan. Anyone else think so, or is it just me? Ryan and Alex agree to disagree and pick Harry. However after a meeting with Miranda, the handlers decide to manipulate them a little, leading to Ryan going back on his word and saying they should bug Leon. Okay so this is clearly where the problems start. It may seem small but with the history that Ryan and Alex have, if handled poorly this could have even been the end of them. I know it, you know it and even Alex knew it. She had to ask Ryan for reassurance that they were okay. In relation to the mission, turns out that them bugging Leon was a waste because his room was already bugged. Everyone is watching everyone on this show aren’t they?

In the present day, Alex is running around the perimeter dressed as one of the terrorists. It works for a while until Ryan unknowingly attacks her, ruining it for her and almost gets her killed. Thankfully Alex is a good fighter and survives. Personally I don’t know what the point of that whole thing was, it didn’t really add anything to the episode. The last episode showed Miranda working with the terrorists. This episodes continues that as we see her attempt to delete information Shelby had that could help them uncover members of the AIC who they suspect are behind the attack. The way last season worked, they always cleared the suspects name before moving onto the next person. This episode did not do that, Miranda wasn’t cleared before the spotlight was put on Lydia. Miranda looks scared when Shelby tells her she’s passed the paper on, and on the farm, Lydia is suspiciously on the phone asking for instructions.

This episode was pretty mediocre if you ask me. There was no real essence to it, but this is normal for some tv shows so I’m hoping as it goes on, it will get more interesting.


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