Jane The Virgin Season 3 Episode 1: The Day After


Jane Gloriana Vilaneuva is back on our screens. The third season premiered this week and it was everything I hoped it would be. Every reason you could think of as to why you love this show, you were reminded of in this premiere. It tugged on major heart strings and of course answered the question on everyone’s mind; is Michael alive?


YES HE IS. We can all let out a sigh of relief now. Jane comes out of the room 3 minutes after Michael had left and finds him lying on the ground, shot, but breathing. They rush him to the hospital and later after his mother Patricia’s arrival are told by the doctor that he’s in critical condition. It’s no wonder Jane and Patricia don’t get on. They are the same person.

After Jane has collected herself, writes a list of questions for the doctors but is beaten to it by Patricia. Patricia then takes over, not just with the doctor but even the paper work. She wouldn’t let Jane breathe. To get away from her mother in law and her family, Jane goes to another floor and lets it all out. I mean just weeps. That was heartbreaking and I just wanted to hold her and tell her that everything was going to be okay. After a while the nurse comes and tells them that they have stabilised him but he has swelling near his spine and that they have two options. Option number 1, they could leave it but then he could be paralysed from the waist down, or option 2, they could operate and that would reduce the risk of paralysis, but him being in critical condition would make the surgery life risking. At this point it became a matter or which risk was worth taking. Patricia doesn’t want to have the survey because she doesn’t want to risk his life, Jane asks for more time to think. It was obvious, at least to me that they were going to go with the survey and they did. Before he’s wheeled into the OR, Jane lays by his bed and tells him about the life they’re going to have. My heart. Never have I ever wanted a surgery to go well as I did in this episode and thankfully it did. He comes out of the surgery and the first thing he says to Jane is “ Who are you?”


He was messing around though and Jane and I hated him for that one second for that. He messed with my heart! Can you imagine if Michael actually had amnesia? After all the effort and the ups and downs and back and forth, all for nothing? After the beautiful story that was their relationship? Some of which we got to see in this episode. If you don’t ship Jane and Michael, especially after this episode, you don’t know what real love is. We knew how the two met, but we never really knew how they became Jane and Michael. It wasn’t as perfect as we thought. There was a love triangle. Jane liked Sam (some random guy who isn no longer important), he finally asked her out, she lied to Michael that she was sick so she could go out with Sam, Michael caught her, she apologised and asked to go out with both of them, he said no and called her a jackass, she called him a dick, he went to her house later the night to apologise and they kissed, and well the rest is history. The two are meant to be. The investigator comes in to speak to Michael about who shot him and he tells them it was Susana. Rafael helps them figure out that Sin Rostro was involved.

Speaking of Rafael, at the end of the last season, he was getting it on with Petra. Oh sorry, Anezska, but he didn’t know that. After the police have left, Rafael tells her that it’s best if they remain just fiends because after they  slept together, he realised there was no spark, something was different. Well Rafael, it’s because you didn’t really sleep with Petra, but in due time, you’ll find out. Meanwhile Petra apparently needs to be constantly injected with a paralytic otherwise she regains movement. Anezska of course manages to inject here again before she can call for help. Okay I’m really curious about what Magda and Anezska are planning. The fact that it involves Rafael as well means it’s definitely money related, although I can’t say I’m surprised.

What I did find surprising, perhaps the one thing that threw me completely was Rogelio’s reaction to the news of Xio’s pregnancy. I expected his loathing for Esteban in the moment to overcome anything else, but to my surprise, his love for Xio was stronger. Him saying he would stand by her and support her just shows how much he does love her and wants kids. She still stands by not wanting any more children and informs him that she will not be keeping the baby. I don’t know if she’ll end up going through with that through.

I have no idea where this season is headed and what could happen. In the past the love triangle was very much alive but now that Jane has married Michael, we’re in new territory. I am looking forward to finding out what the story is with Magda, Anezska and Petra, seeing if Rafael’s brother will make a comeback and what the rest of the season has in store for the  newly weds. It’s going to be a good season. I can feel it.

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