OUAT Season 6 Episode 4: It’s You and I, Friend


This was a much better episode of Once Upon A Time, a huge step up from last weeks. They seemed to really  focus on the main plot this week and spent less time on the subplots.

We know this season is based around Jekyll and Hyde and the characters from the land of untold stories and how that plays out. The problem with this season so far was that we didn’t get to see much of their storyline. That all changed this episode though. The Evil Queen breaking Mr Hyde out allowed us to focus on them a bit more. The idea behind this season is that untold stories get to play out, and so we’re going to be seeing a lot of their other characters and their pasts and how that will play out in the current day. Mr Hyde takes a necklace from Rumples store, and that scene was just magnificent. Rumpelstiltskin has always had power over most people in this show but in this scene, he had absolutely no power over Hyde even though he was instrumental in the creating of Hyde, which is something we find out in this episode. In that scene, we also see the extent to which Rumple actually loves Belle. Rumple reminds the Evil Queen that she promised not to hurt Belle, but then Hyde mentions that he never promised not to. This of course sends Rumple to protect Belle by casting a protective spell on the Jolly Rodger preventing her from getting off. Team Saviour, (yes that’s what I’m calling them now) after they find out Hyde has escaped prison go on a mission to try to get rid of him once and for all, with the exception of Snow. That’s something we’ll discuss later. They reach out to Jekyll hoping he would have perfected his serum and Rumple pours it onto his dagger and stabs Hyde. It doesn’t work, and Hyde ends up with the dagger and control over Rumple. Once again. Okay can someone please explain to me why Rumple thought it would be a good idea to use his dagger? I just don’t get it. You literally have a shop filled with every object one could think of, some of which I’m sure are daggers  yet you take the one thing that can render you one hundred percent vulnerable?  Bad call dark one.


The untold story of Jekyll and Hyde plays out and we find out the truth about the two. The dark one pushed Jekyll into and giving him the magic needed into creating Hyde. Hyde was supposed to help Jekyll advance his career, that was it. For so long we’ve all thought Hyde to be the bad guy and considering everything, he was a bad guy, but he didn’t start out like that. He was human and in love. When Hyde was created, what he wasn’t supposed to do was fall in love with the very same girl Jekyll was in love with. Then again, you can’t help how you feel. After Jekyll found out about Hyde and Mary he accidentally kills her and after realising what he’s done, drinks the serum so Hyde is the one found in the room, making it look like he did it. Okay that is a pretty messed up story. It got worse though. Back in Storybrooke, the story continues to play out and with more plot twists. It turns out that Hyde was not the one they should have all been afraid of, it was Jekyll. He blamed the dark one for losing the love of his life and so naturally would take away the love of his life; Belle. The ironic thing is that Rumple put then spell on the Jolly Rodger to keep her safe, not lock her in with the person who was trying to kill her. Thankfully Hook comes to the rescue and in a struggle accidentally kills Jekyll. Jekyll death leads to Hyde’s in a matter of seconds. This new discovery meant one thing only. They come as a package deal, you can’t have one without the other. This of course means that if they were going to try to kill the Evil Queen, Regina would have die. That’s not going to happen. Team Saviour always finds another way.

In their attempt to return to normalcy, Snow goes back to teaching. She meets a nice lady, Shirin who is her teaching assistant on the way to class. When  she starts, she’s pretty boring. Shirin eventually tells her that she needs to embrace the person she is and transfer that into her teaching style and it works. At the end of the day, we find out that Shirin  is really Princess Jasmine and is looking for Aladdin who is somewhere in Storybrooke. ABOUT TIME WE GOT BACK TO THE ALADDIN STORYLINE.

It’s pretty great that the tied up the Jekyll and Hyde storyline before jumping back into the Aladdin one. Truth be told, I am so ready to find out what happened in Agrabah and how Aladdin  became the mess that we saw in the premiere.


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