Scream Queens Season 2 Episode 4: Green Booger


The best thing about this episode was the dialogue. Scream Queens is one of the most quote worthy shows on tv but this episode was hilarious from beginning to end but once again very annoying with the deaths this episode. Is there someone I can email because this is getting out of hand!

The episode begins some minutes after Chad is killed and we see a mourning Chanel dressed like Jackie O. After no one seems to be shaken up by Chads death Chanel goes on a rant about how Chads death is monumental. Pipe down Chanel, he wasn’t that important. He will be missed, though. A week after it’s happend, I think I’ve come to terms with his death but it still won’t be the same. After her little rant, Special Agent Denise Hemphill FBI clears the room and gives a very strange but hilarious monologue on the epic love that was Chad Radwell. She promises him that for halloween, she will dress up as Mrs Chad Radwell and find his killer.

She wasn’t kidding. The next day she is dressed in Chanel’s wedding dress going about her day and investigating. Alongside Dean Munch, she makes a visit to Hester and demands to know who the killer is, or at least learn how to catch them. Hester tells them to throw a party to lure the killer out, since the killer is one of them and let her attend the party but they refuse to let her out. After this meeting, Denise is attacked by the Green Meanie but fights back, calls him a ‘green booger’ and eventually scares the killer off. This pushes her to go back to Hester and agree to let her out on two conditions. She must wear an ankle bracelet and a specific costume and secondly not to tell anyone about their plan.  After their meeting Denise is approached by Chanel, who had not been having the best of days and confronts her over Chad. Their little interaction gave us QOTE because how could you say this to someone? It had me rolling.

Special Agent Denise Hemphill FBI: My body type is woman and yours is malnourished Victorian paper boy

The two decide to settle things by contacting Chad himself so he could put the issue to rest once and for all. During the halloween party, the escape and use a Ouija board to contact Chad, who then pulls a ‘Swayze’ as he call it (I loved this Ghost reference) and possesses Denise’s body. When asked who he loved more, it was Denise. Personally I found that odd since we never really saw much of their relationship but hey, you just take things as they come with this show. Chanel then asks who killed him and he waffles and just as he’s about to tell her, is interrupted by Zayday. There was no way we would have gotten the answer this early in the season. It was destined that something would happen and interrupt the conversation.


The hospital throws the party like Hester suggested and since she was let out by Denise, goes back to her vendetta and attacks the Chanels. Sporting an Ivanka trump costume, Hester attacks Chanel but fails to kill her. With the help of the Green Meanie, Chanel number 5 is attacked and gets a machete shoved into the back of her neck. Number 5 is found by Denise who is then killed by the green ‘booger’. HOW DARE THEY KILL DENISE? ALL HER TRAININGFROM QUANTICO AND WHAT SHE LEARNT FROM THE HIT TV SHOW QUANTICO, ALL GONE TO WASTE. 


Just in case you needed a list to help you keep up with who is dead, I’ve got you covered.

  1. Chad Radwell
  2. Special Agent Denise Hemfiled FBI
  3. Yoga teacher
  4. Tyler, number 5’s boyfriend
  5. Werewolf girl
  6. Chads friend
  7. Number 5 (not confirmed)

In other news, Chanel is blue. Brock prescribes silver to help her with a rash but it turns her blue and forces her to attend the halloween party as a smurfette. Dean Munch inherited ALL of the Radwell money because Chad left his money to her, but all the Radwells died in a plane crash on their way to stop the Chad and Chanel wedding. Dean Munch and Brock had sex because he needed ‘comforting’ but I feel like there’s something more there.

This was a pretty good episode but I refuse to accept that num ver 5 is really dead. We will find out soon enough though.


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