Arrow: Season 5 Episode 3: Brotherhood


Have you ever just wanted to smack someone across the head because they did something that annoyed you? This episode was filled with many moments like that. That being said, it was still a pretty great one and focused a lot on the idea of vulnerability and trust.

There’s a new drug on the streets of Star City, Stardust which is apparently ten times worse than vitiligo. We saw what vitiligo could do so imagine how much worse this one was. The green arrow in the first scene is trying to locate the supplier of the drug and only manages to get a name. Wild Dog tells Oliver that he knows the streets and so can get some intel and probably find out where they’re producing it. Oliver shuts him down pretty quickly and a little rudely if we’re being honest, but then again it’s Oliver so why even mention that. Wild Dog is just as stubborn as Oliver with a little more attitude and so he does whatever he wants anyway and with Evelyn’s help raids the plant where Stardust is being made. Let me tell you why this was a very very bad idea.

  1.  Their training is incomplete so they can’t even fight properly
  2. They had no plan
  3. Oliver specifically told them to sit tight but did they? NO.

When you have incomplete training and no plan obviously things will go sideways, and so in the end Wild Dog ends up ‘killing’ Samson, the supplier. I feel like this season we’ve seen a raging Oliver more times than we did last season and it’s only been three episodes. When Oliver finds out about their little field trip, he is absolutely livid and verbally abuses Wild Dog, but then again, what else is new. If you noticed, earlier I put the word killing in inverted commas and that’s because Samson didn’t die. Wild Dog created a super human on top of all the mess too.

Felicity tells Oliver a story about a dog she had when she was little and how she had to smack herself on the head every time  he did something wrong. The point of this anecdote was to make Oliver see that he’s responsible for the team, after all, they say that a fish rots from the head. He is really the problem because he doesn’t trust them. Or won’t. I’m still trying to figure out which one it is. As horrible a boss as Oliver may be, Wild Dog especially hasn’t given him much reason to trust him and so can you really be mad at Oliver for that? In the end, he extends an attempt at an apology to Wild Dog and he finally lets himself trust his team. Once they start acting like one, they successfully take down Samson. Side note, did anyone else see that part where Evelyn Sharp fought some guy, picked up his gun later and gave the weirdest super hero stance that to some extent looked like Laurel’s? It was cute, but really she needs to stop.

A Matter of Trust

One of the points I made in my last post Arrow Season 5 Episode 2: I Am Prometheus was the relationship dynamic between Felicity and Rory, Ragman. In this episode we see the way she interacts with him and oh boy was it bad. She wouldn’t look at him, speak to him and every time he would mention home she would tense. When Curtis finds out where Rory was from, he immediately goes to Felicity and convinces her to tell him the truth. I didn’t think she would if I’m being perfectly honest but she did and understandably he’s upset and so walks away. I’m hoping he’s not going to walk away from the team but it would make sense of he needs some time. Maybe Felicity can go to Billy for some comforting. You should see the look on my face as I type his name. Speaking of him, he reaches out to The Green Arrow and tips him off about Prometheus. I know this scene wasn’t supposed to be funny but I found it absolutely hilarious, being as the ex is meeting the current boyfriend and neither one knew it. Anyway on to the next thing.

Thea has been running the mayor’s office for a while now since Oliver has been moonlighting as the Green Arrow, however Thea messed up big time. Twice. Firstly she hired Lance without Oliver’s permission and after he tells her to fix it and make it go away she makes it worse. Secondly she makes it seem like Oliver is totally incompetent and clueless as to what is going on in his own office. Thea offers to resign but come on, we knew she wasn’t going anywhere. After Felicity’s dog story, Oliver takes responsibility and steps up, officially offering Lance the job of deputy mayor. Hopefully it will not only get him clean up his act but maybe we can see more of him.

If you were wondering what happened to John, well he’s back in the US but in prison. His new cell mate turns out to be Deadshot and they have a conversation about John killing Andy. But wait you say, isn’t headshot dead? The answer to that is yes. The conversation with Deadshot was something John conjured up in his mind to admit his guilt over killing Andy. He asks Layla not to fight for him as he deserves to be punished for killing his brother. Complete and utter rubbish. Andy deserved to die and thankfully Layla agrees and asks for Oliver’s help in breaking him out of prison. Which he will most likely do.

Prometheus did not make an appearance in this episode which makes me think that he will in the next one. Although this was a good episode I’m eager to find out more about him and what he and Oliver’s story is. Maybe it’s Bratvia related? In the flashbacks we see Oliver continuing his initiation and how he got the scars on his back. Bratvia means brotherhood and each brother sliced him on the back with a knife.

Bring on the rest!


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