HTGAWM Season 3 Episode 5: Vodka, Flashbacks and Ashes


Do you ever enjoy an episode so much that it just flies by and feels like you’ve only been watching it for 10 minutes? This episode was that good. We see the aftermath of a suspended Annalise and what it looks like when she has nothing to do. We also saw some things that maybe we would rather didn’t.

If you remember correctly, last episode Annalise went to the DA’s office and confessed that she was an alcoholic, this of course means that she will have to attend AA meetings and so she does. I don’t know about you, but to my surprise, she runs into the president of the university at the meeting. Annalise does not exchange pleasantries and goes straight into demanding for her job back and threatening to sue. She then returns to an empty house and decides to get rid of all the alcohol in the house. It was a lot. As she goes about her day, she has flashbacks of her marriage and memories in the house. Whilst getting rid of the alcohol, she comes across a bottle she and Sam opened on their first night in the house. While shaving her legs, she cuts herself and is reminded of a time where she had a miscarriage when brushing her teeth and Sam walks in on her and whilst lying in bed she remembers the night she was appointed assistant professor and she and Sam lay in bed talking about their future plans. The memories get a bit too much for her and drive her right back to the vodka bottle. Not too long after, she’s drunk. We see her swaying, holding her vodka bottle and leaving Nate a message saying that he should thank her for pushing him away so that he wouldn’t have to deal with her mess. She continues to drink some more and eventually Wes stops by. That scene where she opens the door drunk out her mind was hilarious. She couldn’t even stand up straight (And p.s, for anyone wondering, the song playing was Inhale Exhale by NAO. She’s an amazing artist. I fan girled a little when I heard the song). Wes takes pity on her  and helps clean her up. Annalise asks him why he’s helping her and it’s simple, she protects him and he will protect her. Roles reversed. 


How cute was that little mother-son type moment? Remember this one too? I cannot get over how good he was to her. Can we also acknowledge Viola Davis’ amazing acting skills? From laughing and drunk to breaking down in the bathroom. Wow. The next morning, Annalise is back to her normal self. Fiery, sassy and very intimidating. After the five find out who was putting up the posters, she goes back to him and doesn’t even really threaten him.Okay maybe just a little bit. The person she does threaten though is the president of the university and fights for her job back. She gets her way as usual but not without escaping an attempt from the professor to get Annalise to open up. I see the potential of an unlikely friendship here. Now that Annalise has got her job back, I’m assuming the clinic will be taking cases again in the next episode.

Since there was no case for them to work on this time, the students in the clinic have more time to stress out over their arbitration exam and once again the Keating 5 are behind. This pushes Michaela to steal Drake’s laptop and have Oliver hack into it to steal his notes. Notes, he did not find, but poster, he found. Drake is the one who put the posters up. That was such an anti climax! Really though? Drake? Annalise confronts him and asks him to give his notes to the 5 and of course he complies. Meanwhile Wes has dinner with Meggie and her father and it goes well, if you exclude the fact that he lies to her about a lot of things. After seeing Annalise drunk and her saying to him that she couldn’t hold onto Nate because he treated her too good, Wes realises that he needs to end things with Meggie and asks Laurel for her advice. Instead she tells him about Frank, and so he takes her to Annalise to tell he the truth and just as she does, Bonnie walks in.


In the very first paragraph I said that there were some things we saw that I wished we hand’t? I’ll expand on that now. Bonnie goes to Coalport for her others ‘funeral’ but instead spends the time with Frank and the two are intimate. BONNIE AND FRANK!


That is just wrong. They talk about running away together and building this whole new life together but that was never going to happen as we’ve seen Bonnie on the night of the fire. During their time together Bonnie tries to convince Frank to come home but he refuses because he knows Annalise hates him and he just can’t forgive himself. Something we learn he’s had a problem doing. We see flashbacks of Frank when he was in prison and how he met the Keatings. We know his father is in wheelchair but what we didn’t know what that he was the one who put him in it. When he was just 13 years old. The was pretty dark. I doubt we got the whole story though because they keep talking about how prison drastically affected him and I hope we see the rest of it.

The night of the fire, after Meggie gives Oliver and Bonnie an update on Laurel and informs them of her pregnancy, Bonnie is on the phone to someone and it’s difficult to guess who. Oliver then attempts to contact Conor but for some reason Michaela has his phone. We see her adopted mother and honestly a lot of things are starting to make sense about her. The dead body is still one that is difficult to guess but I’ms till going with Nate or Frank. I don’t see why Nate would be in the house with Laurel, but I can see Bonnie on the phone with Frank updating him. Frank being in the house with Laurel makes a lot more sense but then who is Bonnie on the phone to?

We’re getting closer to finding put the truth yet all I have are more questions. I need next week to get here as soon as possible.


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