The Flash Season 3 Episode 3: All About The Dreams


Did you miss Harrison Wells? I did, and if you did too well then you’re about to be happy because he’s back! He brought Jesse too and she’s a speedster. Jesse Quick has been born.

The meta this week is a teenage girl whose meta self goes by the name Magenta but the girl is called Frankie. Frankie suffers from split personality syndrome and in this case, her evil self, Magenta is trying to take over, but Frankie doesn’t want to give up. Anyone else getting Once Upon A Time Regina vs The Evil Queen vibe going on here? Frankie is telepathic and uses her mind to move metal. She attacks her foster-father who had been abusing her but fails to kill him and so she tries again but team flash manage to  stop her. Before they send her to a good foster family, she tells them about how she got her powers. It’s the  same thing that happened with ‘The Rival’. First you start having dreams, then they stop becoming dreams and start to feel like reality, you feel this urge, want for something, then you hear a voice, ‘Alchemy’. In this case Magenta went to see Alchemy and because Frankie wasn’t in control and it was more of an inner struggle between the darkness and light in her, so she’s not sent to Iron heights.


As I mentioned earlier, Harrison and Jesse are back and she’s a speedster. Harrison is not in the least bit happy about it. We’ve all seen how crazy and protective he can be when it comes to her, and now that she wants to be a super hero you can imagine how mad that was driving him. He lures her to earth 1 under the pretence of ‘running tests’ but his true aim is to get people she knows and trust to talk her out of using her power. He recruits Caitlin for the task. She didn’t do a great job but that’s because she has a secret of her own that she hasn’t told anyone. She’s a meta too. Jesse doesn’t react well to Caitlin’s talk and flips out on her father before storming off. Caitlin makes Harrison realise that maybe instead of trying to change who Jesse is now which will only push her away, he needs to accept it and that will make her turn to him. Well duh Harrison. Have you not learned anything from the past? You can’t control Jesse. Speaking of her advice, maybe Caitlin should take it. She needs to embrace her powers and tell the others before it takes over her and things get out of control. Even if it did take over her for the worse would I really be mad though? I mean, Killer frost is pretty amazing and truth be told, it wouldn’t hurt to see her make a comeback. Harrison does take Caitlin’s advice and gives Jesse the go ahead to go and start being a super hero. That was much-needed because if he didn’t, they wouldn’t have been able to take down Magenta. Jesse returns and the two of them have a cute father and daughter moment before telling her that they would be staying for a while. I am so tired of the up and down relationship that they have. They’re not even super important characters but their drama gets so tiring and it’s always the same thing. Just trust your daughter Harrison.

Another person that wasn’t a fan of Jesse’s new powers? Wally. Dude needs to chill. Jesse’s arrival and newly found speed upsets him and Barry tells Joe to talk to him. Joe says to Barry that he uses dad cop on Wally and that conversation gave us QOTE.

Barry: Dad cop? how come you never used that on me?

Joe: Because Barry you’re like a second daughter, just over share your feelings

Jesse being a speedster gives him some hope that maybe he too may be one and his powers are just delayed. This prompts him to attempt to jumpstart it by standing in front of a car. Yeah that’s how you die Wally! Not become a speedster.


Thankfully Jesse was able to quickly remove him from the front of the car before anything happens. This right there is a prime example of reckless behaviour. We see Barry go into dad mode here which was kind of cute. He has a go at Wally who doesn’t seem phased by the fact that he almost died. Just sad that it didn’t work. After the conversation with Magenta, Wally dwells on the ‘dreams’ aspect of her story and something similar with jesse’s. It’s so clear what’s happening here!  Wally is already  having the dreams  from his life in flash point. I don’t know how Barry isn’t more worried considering it’s so close to home and seeing what Alchemy is capable of! Then again, Barry’s mind is sort of elsewhere, reasons which we shall discuss next. It doesn’t take a genius to realise that Wally is going to go to Alchemy. That’s how kid flash will be born in this timeline. I am almost certain of it. Some fan theories are saying that Julian is Alchemy. Do you agree?

Barry and Iris go on their first official date in this episode and it was awful. The date was awkward and boring and it really was painful to watch. Thankfully they try again and it was better. He tells her that they can’t act like he’s not the flash and it was cute. I guess this is the beginning of Barry and Iris.

This was a good episode and the season is already looking promising. It still wonder which direction the rest of it is going to go in though.


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