The Vampire Diaries Season 8 Episode 1: Hope Hurts


Writing this post makes me quite upset. For so many years, The Vampire Diaries has been part of our lives and for me especially, a chunk of my teenage years. It’s all coming to an end this season. This is the very last time I will ever write about a premiere of TVD. Let’s just get right into it before the tears start rolling.

Season 7 ended with us losing Damon and Enzo to the thing in the vault. Before they were lost, everything was on track. Damon and Bonnie had finally fixed things, Enzo and Bonnie were happy and Caroline and Stefan had worked through their problems. Life was good. Fast forward to today and Bonnie is heart-broken, playing the guitar and reminiscing about her time with Enzo, Stefan and Caroline are happy but not entirely and in general something is just missing.

Caroline had been tracking down Virginia but to no avail. In the end, Virginia comes to her, threatening to kill her children. Luckily Caroline comes home just in time and smashes her head against the wall. I’m loving mama bear Caroline, it’s heart warming. Caroline ties Virginia to a chair and starts to interrogate her but before Virginia could answer any of her questions she just informs Caroline that they let out the ‘it’ in the vault and now it’s coming for them before chewing off her own tongue. Alright vampire diaries take it easy. What I don’t understand is how all of a sudden, now Virginia is unwilling to share information. She was a lot more talkative before. It doesn’t make sense. Alaric comes homes to help Caroline clean up and the two decide that he should move in and Caroline move in with Stefan. It was a little sad to see Alaric still so in love with Caroline. I just want him to be happy. Let Ric be happy writers. Please. Another thing to mention is that Caroline and Ric have a nanny and if you watched Containment this episode is going to make you so happy because the familiar faces….thank you Julie. Their new nanny is none other than Kristen Gutoskie who played Katie on containment. Can we please have Kai back so my Jatie ship can be reborn on TVD? Anyway that’s besides the point. I think there’s something shady about this new nanny. she seems harmless and totally unaware of anything that’s going on. After Virgina slices her neck, Caroline heals her with blood, compels her and sends her away for the night. I’m not buying it though. I genuinely feel like there’s more to this story.


The first time we see the lost boys, they are in action. They pull an act on a couple, getting Enzo hit and then taking the couple back to thier slaughter-house. They compel them into telling them which of the two is worse. The worse one turns out to be the guy and so Enzo quickly kills the girl and Damon handles the boy. He places a hook in his spine like a piece of meat and then dips him into water. We then see him get grabbed by the same thing that grabbed Damon and Enzo. As the scene goes on, we find out that they’re feeding ‘it’ evil. In addition to that we also find out that Damon has flipped his switch, Enzo on the other hand has not. Not only can ‘it’ get into your head and find out what you’re feeling and thinking but they also have no control over ‘it’. Damon doesn’t want to fight it because he’s gone back into his ‘I’m a scumbag’ mentality. Enzo on the other hand leaves clues for them to be found. 


Bonnie for the most part of the episode is alone, playing a guitar and sulking. It’s understandable. She lost the love of her life and one of her best friends just as she got him back. Stefan chases a lead with her and as they walk around, he asks her to have hope and not give up. She respond saying that she will never give up but she can’t hold on to hop and she gave up QOTE and this posts title.

Hope Hurts

It turns out that this time, they weren’t chasing  a dead-end and it leads them right to them. Stefan tries to talk Damon into coming with him but Damon tells him to leave and blames him for his current state. Damon has said this before, but now it sounded more real, and Stefan picked up on it too. Stefan realises Damon’s switch is off but he plies with “I didn’t just switch it off, I ripped it off the wall” and gives him a description of the hell he has seen. That was scary, we have never seen Damon so far gone and I really believed for that scene that there was no getting him back, but the TVD gods came through. While sleeping, we see Damon dreaming about the first time he met Elena.


He’s not lost people! I repeat. He is not lost. Stefan does not know that though. After he and Bonnie leave empty-handed, he seems very shaken up and upset and goes on to write in the diary that Damon is gone. Can we please appreciate the fact that they’ve brought the diaries back? It’s only fitting that they end the series how they began it, not just with narrations and voice overs but the actual diary entries too. Bonnie tells Stefan not to give up hope either and just as the episode is ending realises that Enzo has been leaving clues for her. All the scenes of her reminiscing were not soppy and pointless. They were pointing to clues Enzo was leaving. The Odyssey, and that he wanted them to help him fight ‘it’, a siren.

You know how people say that the devil was once handsome? Evil has a pretty face is what people say. The Vampire Diaries embodied that to the ‘t’. After Damon and Enzo feed ‘it’ for the last time that night, a woman crawls out of the water and my gosh was she beautiful. We finally met ‘it’. At least saw her face and if she really is the embodiment of evil, we should all be terrified of her.

This was a good episode. It touched base with most characters and at the same time did not give us too much information, Honestly I wouldn’t even mind if the season goes slow. I don’t know if I’m ready for the end.


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