Quantico Season 2 Episode 4: Pressure Point


This episode of Quantico was about as sub par as they come. It didn’t do much for development of the plot for me and considering that we are four episodes in, it’s weird how I still don’t really know whats going on.

Let’s dive into this quickly. Back on the farm after the CIA informs them that one of their operatives was killed and they think it was connected to the IAC, Miranda orders Ryan and Alex to lay low. Reasonable. Training on the farm this week is to learn to keep cool at all times and not let your weakness take the better of you. That being said, suddenly all the trainees we’re getting some form of bad news. Firstly, Alex is put back on the bottom of the murder board, secondly Ryan gets a key to a P.O Box from Liam, Dayana might be getting disbarred, some big bad drug lord might be coming for Leon and Harry has some medical issue. Initially I didn’t realise what was going on but once they all had problems it became very easy to tell that it was all part of the test.


Alex and Ryan use this as an opportunity to run a counter op and using the biofeedback Owen was receiving to his phone against them. Alex was the bait in this case. She had to get close enough to Owen to clone his phone, whereas Ryan was meant to speak to the recruits about different things to see if there would be any spikes.Analysing the data later, they realise that Lee was the one who had bugged the room. I didn’t think much of her initially but it’s always the ones you don’t know much about that you should keep an eye on. During the counter op, Ryan’s mind was so preoccupied with the key from Liam that he was distant and a bit rude if I’m being honest towards Alex. He later then apologises and tells her that she’s his weakness and that if they’re going to be successful and make it out okay, he needs to do it on his own. Figure it out on his own.


THAT IS SUCH A BAD SIGN. He’s basically asking for space without really asking for space. As soon as the need for space is felt in a relationship, you know things are about to go south. We already know from the first episode that Alex and Ryan are no more, but this truly is the beginning of the end. I’m just so tired of the drama that comes with them. It’s not entertaining anymore.

Another thing that’s not entertaining anymore? Miranda. What is the deal with her? Back in the present day, the Citizens Liberation Front ask for a trade. Hostages for Eric Boyer, the prisoner they had the President pardon. Shelby is against the trade but of course Miranda is all for it. Paul agrees and the trade is planned. Alex contacts Nima and asks her to pass on a message to Miranda. A coded message referring to Liam’s fake bomb “ it’s hot in the boiler room”. Miranda got it but pretended not to and made the trade. Alex on the other hand decided that it would be a good idea to try to stop the trade by alerting everyone to her presence. Well done Parrish. Before the trade, Eric tells Shelby to check her work email from 2012 and she does and finds a message from him alerting her to Miranda being one of them.

Since revealing that Miranda was a part of the CLF we haven’t gotten any information as to how or why. We know nothing about the CLF and we know nothing about the recruits and how they got where they are. I know four episodes isn’t much but there really is a lack of information here. It just feels like it’s all dragging at this point. It’s disappointing.


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