Jane The Virgin Season 3 Episode 2: Compassion Corner


Now that Jane is married, most of us have been wondering what direction the show is going into and this episode gave us some sort of answer. Everything about it was very typical of Jane The Virgin and I absolutely loved it.

Let’s jump straight into Jane and Michael’s marriage. Michael is finally out of the hospital and that’s great! What isn’t though is the fact that they’re living with Xio and Alba. It turns out that Alba is a home healthcare worker and as the narrator very aptly said, that explains all those weird smocks she’s always wearing!  Funnily enough, the new dynamic in the Vilanueva household is not weird at all and I didn’t find that in the least bit surprising. Seeing Michael, Xio and Jane sitting in bed discussing Xio’s problems was a delight to watch and honestly I give them all QOTE.

Jane: Abuela always asks you to go to church

Xio: Twice in one day?

Michael: Plus there was that tampon thing

Xio: Exactly

Jane: She has asked you if you needed tampons before

Michael: You didn’t tell me that. We need to be methodological about this. Tampons go into the unknown column. We need facts!

If you didn’t smile at that scene, watch it again. Back to the plot, living with your new wife who is nursing you back to health to some extent takes the romance away. On top of that, Jane had PTSD to some degree and did not want Michael going back to work, but after they talk about it, she’s accepting of the fact that he loves his job and wants to go back. To make up the loss of their honeymoon and the loss of romance, Michael makes it up to Jane by having the room transformed into the scene of a beach (I think) since they were supposed to go to Puerto Rico. On top of that, he suggests that they sit there and do some research as to why kids bite, and because he knows Jane so well, he hits the spot. WHERE CAN I GET ME A MICHAEL PLEASE? I MEAN IS HE EVEN REAL? What kind of dream is this show selling us? Their relationship is so beautiful. Love doesn’t die.


Okay love doesn’t die except when the woman you’re in love with gets married to someone else. Drumroll please…. RAFAEL IS FINALLY OVER JANE! He wasn’t trying to make some big sort of declaration or anything, but he did. He tells Jane that now they can finally focus on being just friends and since he no longer loves her like that, he doesn’t always have to please her, therefore they need to find Mateo a new school. The search process gets stressful since they both want different things. After an incident at one of the schools where Mateo bites another child, Jane and Rafael both take different approaches to try to make the problem go away. This causes an argument between the two of them at one of the schools. Eventually though thanks to the help of a teacher, they sort out their problems and at the same time, realise the school is perfect for Mateo.

If you were wondering what happened with Xiomara and her pregnancy, she got it terminated. The paranoia that Alba knew about the abortion drives her to tell Alba about it and she does not react well. We’ve seen how bad things can get when the two of them argue and it was just as bad this episode. I just kept telling myself that I hoped it wouldn’t go into the next episode and it did not. They made up and ripped some very ugly wall paper off the walls. It was also great to see that Rogelio stuck with his promise to stay by Xiomara’s side. Speaking of Rogelio, we find out that he wants to cross over into American Tv and so he starts to practice his American accent. In the end though he realises that he doesn’t have to crossover but instead make America love his telenovela’s. It was still absolutely entertaining to watch him practice his accent. As soon as he opened his mouth, I couldn’t help myself. I was rolling!


In other news, we finally know what Anezska and her mother are planning. Get dirt on Rafael, blackmail him, and get away with a lot of his money. Anezska sneaks into Rafael’s office while he’s school hunting to snoop but is caught by vests, aka Scott. This is where the mind-blowing thing happens, the two sleep together. As in they’re an item. Anezska confesses to him that she’s trying to blackmail him and because Scott isn’t Rafael’s biggest fan, he agrees to help her so they can take him down together. Ew.

This was a good episode and I’m really looking forward to the next one.


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