OUAT Season 6 Episode 5: I Can Show You The World


I can show you the world, shinning shimmering, splendid. Well in this episode we saw Agrabah. Yes people, after 4 episodes into the season,  we finally got some Jasmin and Aladdin back story and it was interesting.

In OUAT’s version of events, Jasmine seeks out Aladdin to help her defeat Jafar. Okay hold up one second, Jasmin tells Aladdin that his reputation precedes him but what I want to know is how in the world a Princess in her castle learned about a common thief? Secondly it’s not like they had google back then or even portraits of Aladdin around so how did she know what he looked like to even identify him? I just don’t get it. Jasmin asks Aladdin to come with her to the cave of wonders and retrieve the diamond in the rough. At this point I suspected that there was some word play going on because well Aladdin was a diamond in the rough. Secondly Jasmin did tell him that they were going to retrieve a ‘weapon’ so I naturally assumed she meant Genie. To my disappointment though, she did not. In fact, genie does not make an appearance at all. I don’t think he exists in OUAT’s version. When they arrive in the cave, lo and behold, there lies a literal diamond, so there I am thinking, well so much for my diamond in the rough theory. As soon as Aladdin picks it up though, it disintegrates and he instantly gets magic, and Jasmin confesses that he is the diamond in the rough(wow…I did not see that coming), the weapon, and that she had a feeling all along.How Princess? You knew him all of two minutes! Jasmin leaves to share the good news but as soon as she does, Jafar arrives.


HOW DID HE KNOW? Was there some magical broadcast that went out or something? ‘Alert, alert, new saviour!’ I know that’s a bit dramatic but really, how did he know? Jafar comes to show Aladdin his future and then offers him scissors that can cut him from his destiny. Aladdin is clearly tempted because he really didn’t ask to become the saviour.Then again they never do. Jafar then goes back to the castle, traps Jasmin in a magic sand timer but Aladdin arrives just in time to defeat Jafar and save the Princess, and in the process Jafar flees but not before threatening Aladdin, like all villains do. After their first victory, Jasmin and Aladdin go their separate ways; Jasmin to look after Agrabah and Aladdin to defeat Jafar. You’re probably wondering how they got to where they are now. I will tell you that in a bit.


Although the episode focused on Aladdin, it didn’t forget about the Evil Queen and she was really the one pulling all the strings. Before Hyde’s untimely demise, he mentioned to the Evil Queen that Emma had been having visions but she didn’t know what. She transforms into Archie to get close to Emma and get her to tell her family about the visions, which she successfully does. Of course finding out that Emma is fated to die soon sends them all into a panic. Snow is upset Emma didn’t say anything, David is concerned, Henry is guilt stricken because he put her on the path to becoming a saviour and Hook is quiet. While dealing with all this, Team Saviour put all their resources into finding Aladdin which they eventually do. He had been hiding in their midst the whole time! Aladdin tells Emma that he used the scissors and so technically is not really a saviour anymore and then hands the scissors over to her. She then gives them to Hook to dispose of but remember how I said he had been quiet? ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS BECAUSE MY PIRATE DID NOT CHUCK THE SCISSORS LIKE HE WAS SUPPOSED TO. This is exactly what the evil Queen wants. Okay maybe not exactly what she wants but pretty damn close. Everyone is keeping secrets and they’re going to play out and everything is going to blow up.

In other news, the Evil Queen convinces Zelena to embrace her true self, her wickedness, which leads to Archie being changed back into a cricket and Aladdin and Jasmine reunite and from the looks of things, will become an item.

The season has a lot more direction now thanks to this episode and I really can’t wait to find out what led Aladdin to do what he did and what this all means for Emma.


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