The Flash Season 3 Episode 4: Dimensions


This episode of The Flash, we got to see different dynamics play out. The episode didn’t focus on Alchemy this week and things seem to have gone back to normal with the exceptions of a few new things.

New thing number 1: Barry and Iris.

The two seem to be enjoying this dating thing that they’re doing and it’s going well, except for one thing. Barry and Iris have a date staying in. Red wine, romantic lighting , candles and just making out by the fireplace until Joe comes home and interrupts. Barry literally hops off Iris as soon as Joe walks in. Awkward much? Iris asks Barry to talk to Joe so it’s not weird. I thought him walking in on them was awkward but the conversation Barry had with Joe was even more awkward. It was one of those ‘make it stop moments’. You’d assume that after the conversation things would be fine, but at the Wests movie night, Barry is still being awkward, which prompts Iris to confront him, but luckily he’s saved by the meta human bell. Eventually though they do talk and Barry confesses to Iris that he’s scared to lose her. He finally has everything he’s ever wanted and it’s a new dynamic that he needs to get used to. Bless his heart. How sweet is he? In the end he informs Iris and Joe (after he’s finally kissed her in front of him) that it’s time for him to move out. I think we can all agree on that. In other news, Joe has an admirer. After working with her a couple of times, she asks him out on a date but he gets nervous and asks for a rain check.


New thing number 2: Wally and Jesse?

Jesse and Wally have been close from the start, partly because they were the only teenagers and secondly there was some attraction between the two, but they’ve just been platonic so far. After Jesse takes him on a run, she makes a move but he turns her down. The way he sees things, she’s going home to another earth soon and so he doesn’t want to get involved. They agree to remain just friends but after she messes up big time he goes to comfort her. It’s the usual don’t be so hard on yourself thing, but then he tells her that he’s not scared anymore and he kisses her. Really guys? Was that necessary? Not everyone has to be or get together! I swear to God if they put Caitlin and Cisco together I will scream. Speaking of Caitlin…..


New thing number 3: Caitlin Frost?

Caitlin has been keeping her powers to herself all season and we knew it was just matter of time before it took over. In this episode, to get Barry out of a mirror they needed a huge amount of cold. Luckily for her, everyone leaves the room and she could very sneakily use her powers to get Barry out of the mirror. Later that evening, as she’s taking a shower she unintentionally freezes the water coming out of the shower-head and when she comes out not only have her lips gone purple but she has a white streak in her hair, which she quickly cuts off. I think it’s safe to say that the more she uses her power the more it takes over. Personally I don’t understand why she doesn’t just tell the rest of the team. It makes no sense to me. She needs to embrace it before it takes over and not for the better.


New thing number 4: Wells 3.0

Once Harrison and Jesse announce that they will be going back home soon, the rest of the team tell him that it’s not that same without a Harry. He reminds them that there’s a whole multiverse of Harrison Wells’ out there so all they need to do is fish for one. This leads them to hold some form of “auditions” and Wells passes on all of them. The thing is that even thought it was his idea, he still didn’t like the idea of being replaced. They eventually all agree on a Harrison that is quite different from the one we’ve come to love. It will take some getting used to. As long as he can help them defeat the meta humans and get along with the team, that’s all that matters right?


This weeks villain story took a break from the alchemy arc. We went all the way back to the particle explosion storyline. We meet two characters, Mirror master and Top, who is played by Ashley Richards. It was nice to see her on tv again but this just reopened my awkward wound. As usual the team is successful in putting them away.

I thought I knew where the main storyline was going but all this episode did was confuse me in that respect. Otherwise, it was still a pretty good episode.


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