Arrow Season 5 Episode 4: Prison Break


Sometimes you run for mayor, other times you fight crime and put criminals in jail and other times, but only on super rare occasions, you break someone out of jail. Well at least that’s what Oliver Queen is teaching us. It’s just contradiction after contradiction and frankly this episode wasn’t that great.

The episode begins with the team sans Ragman taking down one of Church’s men. To no ones surprise, Wild Dog goes off and just doesn’t follow orders. They find out that all the guy stole was a processor which was not that valuable. Curtis is very confused by this and suggest to Felicity that there must be a bigger plan at play. While all this is going down, Oliver is MIA for reasons we shall go on to discuss and the team are missing Ragman, so they’re not complete. Rory understandably takes time off and eventually comes to a decision to quit the team. Following a conversation with Oliver and Curtis, Felicity goes back to Rory and talks to him about the two of them having to find a way to move forward. Felicity then finds out that Oliver is planning on breaking Diggle out of prison, something that she’s not on board with at all, yet does not manage to stop him. She even got the recruits to try and stop him. It was cute. Obviously they failed, but A* for effort. 

The prison break could have been an entire episode on its own. They could have done something in the style of how the whole original team went to Nanda Parbat and to stop Oliver from becoming Ra’s al Ghul.  The fact that Diggle’s escape was under ten minutes long was just underwhelming, and the way he was broken out, no excitement. No suspense. It just felt very rushed. Oliver sneaks into the prison in a laundry cart, tip toes around and eventually finds John’s cell empty. He makes his presence known which triggers a ‘code yellow’ and all the prisoners are moved back into their cells. This is where the device he stole from Palmer tech proved useful. He uses is to open a tunnel and with that they escape out of the prison and somehow magically get flown off the premises by a plane Lyla is flying. How in the world was that harness connected to the plane. HOW? John who was so insistent on staying in prison, once in the arms of his wife thanks Oliver for breaking him out. Jokes aside though, how amazing is Lyla as a wife? I mean breaking your husband out of prison and military prison for that matter, is beyond amazing. She was not kidding about the whole for better or worse part. While all of this is going down, the new team decide to the matters into their own hands.


Turns out Curtis was right and the device had been tampered with and turned into an explosive, which allowed Church and his men to break into evidence lock up and just go on what I’d like to call a shopping spree. Lance and the new DA were trapped in the building with no way of getting out because well they were very outnumbered. The team realises that they need to do something and luckily Felicity’s little speech was effective because Rory returns and they all make a decision to do it without Oliver and save some lives. They break into the building, fight off Church’s men and get the hostages out but before they themselves can flee, Curtis is literally stabbed in the back by one of Church’s men. Wild Dog tells Evelyn to take Curtis out and he’ll deal with Church. `I don’t know if anyone else did but that make me snigger a little. Surprise surprise, Church wins the fight and Wild Dog is taken. Felicity feels guilty because she told them to leave him behind but in a surprising cute moment, Rory tells her not to blame herself and that they both need to stop feeling guilty. Aww.. progress. Oliver makes his return and announces that they will find Rene wherever he may be. The final scene of the episode shows him being tortured by Church and his men.

Is it bad that I don’t really care that Rene got abducted? I just don’t care for the new recruits yet, with the exception of Curtis of course. I know he’s not going to die or anything but I just don’t care enough about him to care for what happened this episode. It just didn’t do it for me. Clearly Oliver is needed, and the he needs a team. It just felt below average.


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