Queen Sugar Season 1 Episode 8: A Storm Is Gonna Come


Queen sugar came off its break last week (this post is a little bit late) and it came back just as hard. The last episode was just an explosion of emotions. It focused on heartbreak but the kind of emotional explosion in this episode…. it was intense.

The episode begins with Aunt Vi preparing for a storm. We see her getting supplies, checking that they had everything they needed and honestly just going into mummy mode. Charley and Micah had a school viewing but because of the impending storm, the school had closed for the day. Charley decides to go and check on the farm and get Ralph Angel and Blue. Vi’s house is the family safe home for storms. This meant that everyone was expected to be at her house before the storm hits. Vi is especially hard on Nova, calling her repeatedly and we later on find out that it was because Nova was trapped in her home the last time and had to hack her roof to get a way out. They almost lost her. With that information Vi’s persistence and worry can be understood. Nova eventually arrives just in time and with Nova’s arrival, emotions start to rise.

It’s no secret that Charley can be a difficult woman, or ‘certain’ as she’d call herself. Earlier on in the episode when she goes to the farm she finds that the workers are finished for the day because of the weather, even though they hadn’t finished planting. Can you believe that this woman actually sent the workers back into the field event though they lived an hour away and had to catch the bus home. But no, according to Charley, there was still forty minutes left until the storm hit so the workers had to continue planting. Doesn’t this woman know that to be a good leader you must have compassion? All the men around her warn her against sending the workers back into the field, but no, because their pay is coming out of her pocket, (literally too. She had physical cash in her pocket) she had the final say, and that was to get back to work.I just hope this doesn’t come bak to affect her.

Whilst waiting for the workers to finish, Charley, Remy and Hollywood board up the windows on Ralph Angels house and we see the flirting between Charley and Remy continue. This continues and in Vi’s house after he has to spend the night. Charley took her rings off this episode, after realising that there was no need for it anymore. She highly valued marriage but hers was over. All the rings did was remind her of what she had lost and values that only she had upheld. So she takes them off, puts them in a sock and tucks them away. Her taking off her rings liberated her. It made her feel free and that drove her straight into Remy’s arms. She walks over to him in the middle of the night, he stares at her, and no words are exchanged. He just moves a bit to make space for her, she climbs in with him and cuddled him and within seconds, the two share a kiss. THAT FINALLY HAPPENED. We knew it was only a matter of time. My question is what happens now? Will they act like it never happened? Will they blame it on the storm? Will they start acting awkward with each other? Will they see it through? So many questions.


During the course of the episode, the storm grows from category one to a full on hurricane. This was done very cleverly to show the rise of emotions in the story line. Each increase in category came with an increase in tension. By the time the storm is well underway, the Borderlons are confronting each other and emotions are all over the place. Let’s talk about the sisters first. Charley and Nova have a complicated relationship.Micah and Nova do not. Just because his mum is fighting with her does not mean he is. Charley finds their closeness upsetting and when Nova offers to have Micah stay with her while he goes to school in the city, Charley refuses and calls her out on her ‘lifestyle’ after subtly making comments all night. Eventually Nova has enough and confronts Charley telling her that if she has something to say she had better say it. Charley firstly calls her out on the weed, Nova replies reminding Charley that she smokes the weed too. Charley then brings up the ten thousand Nova took for Too Sweet and her lack of an apology. Nova refuses to apologise for what she believes was done for the greater good. Really Nova? You stole from your sister and you can’t even apologise for that? Eventually Charley is honest and tells Nova that the real problem she has with her is the fact that she was sleeping with a married man and that she clearly did not value marriage and she Charley did. For the first time we see Nova without an answer because she knows she ’s in he wrong with this one. With that, Charley storms off.

Aunt Vi later talks to Nova about the sleeping with a married man issue and reminds her of what her mother went through. Nova says she hasn’t forgotten and hangs her head in shame. Err Ava… can we get more information or? Let me see if I’ve gotten this right. Ernest and Nova’s mother were married, he cheated on her with Charley’s mother and Charley is the product of that affair, but Nova’s mother stayed with Ernest and had Ralph Angel but suffered from the pain of the affair? Is that it?  Vi reminds her of what cheating can do to a woman. Keeping that in mind, it makes perfect sense why Vi feels the way she does about Hollywood having a wife. Hollywood tries to talk to Vi and explain himself. It turns out that the reason why he had a wife was because of a one night stand. She got pregnant and to do the right thing, he married her, but then she lost the baby, got worse and that was the end of the marriage. However Vi still cannot forgive him for lying to her and compares him to her first husband. She said one thing to Hollywood that honestly made me feel pain and gave us our first QOTE:

You never hit me… but you sure knocked the hell out of me. Every word you said was a lie.

As if dealing with Hollywood wasn’t enough, she had to deal with Darla too. Before Ralph Angel and blue left the farm, Darla came over unannounced to give him a present. He let her stay because Blue was exited to see his mother but when he told her they were going to Vi’s she made it clear that she would rather risk the storm than go to Vi’s. She did go in the end and Vi was not happy about it at all and didn’t even hide it. I totally got why she wanted to risk the storm. Vi had a few word with Ralph Angel, making it very clear that she wanted Darla out. That gave us our last QOTE.

She treated motherhood like a revolving door… you better revolve her ass outta here!

Darla overhears the conversation between Vi and Ralph Angel and comes out to apologise. She gives a speech on how she has changed will try everything in her power to try to make it up to them. She also thanks Vi and Hollywood. Hollywood for finding her at her lowest point and not condemning her, but covering her up and asking God to take care of her, and Vi, well for taking care of Blue. That scene was so heart-felt and emotional. You could tell how much everything Darla was saying meant to her. Every single word. The thing is she’s really trying to be better. Ralph Angel can see it, and hopefully the rest of the family will too. Before her talk with the family, Darla is in bed with Blue, reading him bedtime stories and talking to him. That was a cute scene especially when she tells him a story of two friends who shared a magical toy. The story was representative of her relationship with Ralph Angel. The funny thing is that the story is how we learnt a lot about their relationship. 


Queen Sugar never ever disappoints. The emotions, the drama and the love between all of them is shown in every scene. Although the characters haven’t been on our screens for long, you connect to them, you root for them and even though sometimes you can’t understand them and the choices they make, and they make you want to pull out your hair, you wouldn’t have it any other way because it’s just so good to watch. That’s how I feel about this episode.


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