HTGAWM Season 3 Episode 6: Confessions

With only two episodes left to go until finding out who is dead, this episode of How To Get Away with murder picked up right where we left off and got so serious real quick. We take another name off the list of possible victims and we finally find out who the father of Laurels baby is.

Before we get into that, let’s pick up right where we left off. Bonnie tries to explain to Annalise, Laurel and Wes that she was only with Frank because she was trying to get a confession from him. She then plays a recording of him co messing to murdering Wallace Mahoney. Annalise is obviously mad and just generally hurt but they get a call from Meggy informing them that the police are at Wes’ apartment looking to question him. This immediately puts Annalise in mother mode and she get’s very protective of Wes very quickly, instructing him not to leave the house.

The police wanting to question Wes brings up a lot of questions. First of all Annalise has to deal with the university president who is wondering why one of the Keating 5 have to be questioned and all of a sudden is nowhere to be found. Secondly it brings up questions for Meggy who is wondering why Wes never told her about witnessing a man get shot. She then tells him that they don’t keep secrets from each other. LOL. No seriously, that was a laugh out loud moment. There are so many secrets he’s keeping that she may as well be dating a spy. Thirdly it raises questions for the other 4 who finally get filled in. Connor then comes to see Wes later in private and threatens him. He also brings to Wes’ attention that everything that has gone wrong since they started university was because of him, but if he dares go tot he police, he’ll kill him. Connor is crazy. When it comes to being caught, he could very easily commit murder. The talk with Connor makes Wes realise that Meggy really doesn’t deserve any of this and so he ends things with her. It was pretty cold because she told him she loved him, but he still ended it. I feel so bad for the poor girl because right now it’s going to feel like the worst thing ever but little does she know that this really is the best thing for her right now. After all the stress of it all, Wes steals the recording of Frank’s confession from Annalise’s desk, goes over to Laurels and destroys it in front of her. I don’t know how smashing a tape recorder equals turn on but hey, whatever floats their boat. Laurel tells Wes that she’s not in love with Frank and kisses Wes but stops herself when she remembers Meggy. Wes informs her that he ended things with Meggy and the two get piggy with it. Honestly it was about time. There was something between them and I just knew the father of her child was either Wes or Frank but more likely to be Wes. I don’t know how they’re all going to react to the news. I wonder if Laurel herself even knows that she’s pregnant. This will bring a really interesting dynamic into play.


Bonnie tries to fix her relationship with Annalise this episode. Is it just me or is Bonnie ALWAYS trying to make something up to Annalise. What does that say about the both of them and their relationship? This is the very definition of a toxic relationship. In reality someone would have to go. I don’t think Bonnie is going anywhere though, but oh well. She tries to explain to Annalise what happened when she was with Frank and tells her that Frank just wants to come home but is scared. Annalise and Laurel suspect that he’s the one who gave Wes’ name to the police and so Laurel leaves him a very angry message. At the end of the episode, we find out that Mahone’s son had been arrested for the murder. We see Frank put the gun in Mahone’s son’s car. After the framing, he starts heading towards Philly. Frank’s coming home. This should be interesting.

With the rest of the Keating 5, after they find out about Wes’ secret and that Laurel was in on it, they literally turn into the mean girls and shut her out. They get QOTE because well that was pretty cold. Laurel walks into court to join them and they hit her with a simple

You can’t sit with us.

While they are giving her the cold shoulder, Michaela and Asher are still having relationship drama. Michaela refuses to still call Asher her boyfriend and he actually sticks up for himself and ends things. However the whole time things were done between hem, he was trying to make her jealous but it didn’t faze her. Eventually he gives up and has a talk with her. She finally admits that she likes him but i still don’t know where they stand. Are they in a relationship or not?

Meanwhile Annalise is practising again! However she’s being watched like a Hawk and we see that Annalise is not that great of a lawyer when she can’t do the things she usually does. Every question she asked in court led to a sustained objection. I don’t know if the whole DA’s office was against her or her questions just weren’t very good. I’m just lost.

Once again this was a good episode. I know we’re getting closer to the truth and i just want to know what happens. I just want to know.


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