OUAT Season 6 Episode 6: Nemo


Episode 6 of this season felt a little slow in my opinion. We saw some conflict but that was pretty much it. Hook and Henry had some drama, Emma and Aladdin had a talk and we seem to have a new alliance in The Evil Queen and Rumple.

After Hook offers to make Henry some breakfast consisting of smoked mackerel, Henry is a bit irritated. The Evil queen uses this as her opportunity to show Henry the ‘truth’ about Hook. She shows him where he’s hiding the sheaths and then asks Henry what he’s going to do about it. Hook eventually comes out to find Henry but then realises his little secret has been found out, so heads back to the docks. The two start to have a little argument but before things can get really heated, they are disrupted by the Nautilus, a submarine. They’re pretty much kidnapped and taken on board. There, Hook tells Henry that the captain of the ship is not one he should want to meet. They continue their conversation and Henry tells Hook that he’s not even a part of the family. That must have stung.

The flashbacks this episode focused on Hook and his time on the Nautilus. Kidnapped, Hook spends most of the time trying to get away from Nemo, the captain of the ship and the man who took him. After a mission to find a box containing a key to the ‘mysterious Island’, Hook flees the submarine. First of all, the ‘mysterious Island’ was so obviously the land of untold stories,  which explains how they found Hook in storybook and secondly what are the chances anyway? The reason Hook left the submarine wasn’t just because they had completed their mission but it was really because he finds out that Nemo’s first mate was really his younger brother Liam. For anyone who doesn’t remember, Hook murdered his father after he found out that he had a new son, whom he had dared to name Liam, and therefore leaving said Liam orphaned. It urns out that that Liam was the one and the same aboard the submarine. Somehow Liam finds out that Hook is the one who killed his father and then tries to stab him, but accidentally stabs Nemo in the process. That and only then was Hook able to flee.


Back in the future Hook quickly helps Henry escape before Liam arrives, and when he does, he means business. It doesn’t take long for Liam to pull out his knife and attack Hook. He explains to him that the key led them to the land of untold stories, and there Nemo could not die, however as soon as they came to Storybrooke that changed. He tackles Hook to the ground and as he’s wrestling him, Henry storms back in which gives Hook a window of opportunity to get out from under Liam and he takes it. Henry and Hook eventually make up after Henry tells him that he didn’t want to see another family ruined. They eventually make up and the two dispose of the sheaths themselves and send them right to the bottom of the sea. Back in Storybrooke, Hook and Liam make peace in the hospital and the found Nemo! It’s a cute little reunion between Liam and Nemo. After the whole kidnapping ordeal Hook comes clean to Emma and she’s actually very understanding about the whole thing. The Evil Queen was right; The Charming’s are awfully forgiving.

After her plan doesn’t work, the Evil Queen, whom I am now going to call ‘Queenie’ as Regina so beautifully said, heads over to Rumple and makes him an offer. The funny thing is that very same day, he approached her asking for the sheaths but she said she didn’t need his help. Look where they are now. She wanted his help getting Snow Whites heart. This again? In addition to asking for his help, Queenie just goes for it and makes a move on Rumple. She full on kisses him. The worst part about it all was that as they were kissing, Belle was outside with a copy of her first sonogram. The whole scene had me super nervous because I thought she was going to walk in on them and this gif was really me that whole scene.

giphy (1).gif

In other news, Aladdin and Jasmine go on a coffee date and she tries to talk to him about what happened in Agrabbah but he’s not having it. Just storms out. Jasmine reaches out to Emma who intercepts Aladdin and tells him that he needs to face his fears and go back and make things right. Their little talk causes him to have a change of heart and he goes back to Jasmine. It turns out that after he left, Agrabbah disappeared. As in one day it was there and the next day it was not. I can’t even guess what’s going on here.

Truth be told this was an okay episode. There seems to be a pattern going on here. It’s almost as if they’re alternating between amazing and sub par episodes. I don’t like it at all and it’s so disappointing because there’s so much potential with this season. Hopefully it’ll be come more consistent soon.


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