The Vampire Diaries Season 8 Episode 2: Now Why Haven’t I Seen Her Before


This episode really messed with my emotions, I’m not even going to lie. I was just frustrated. Sybil really is walking evil. Can we please return her and maybe get Kai back because I can’t deal with her anymore and it’s only been one episode.

For those of you that are confused and wondering who the hell Sybil is, she’s the Siren. Or the ‘it’ that has been controlling Damon and Enzo lately. We finally learn her name. When you read it try to read it in a disdainful tone. Sybil. Enzo has been pretty good when it comes to hiding his emotions from her. After she talks to him about it, he informs her that he was able to survive seventy years of torture and so he can survive her. His one mistake was that he told her that the only reason why she could get into his head the first time was because he wasn’t expecting it. That would come back to bite him in the ass later. However to take the heat off his back, he let her in a little and gave her a name. Sarah Nelson.

It took me a while to remember who that was. The last living Salvatore. Remember her? Yeah we never thought we’d see her again. Sybil instructs her boys to kill her but of course Enzo isn’t going to let that happen so he leaves a trail of Sarah Nelson’s and lo and behold, Bonnie finds the trail. When he gets to Sarah’s apartment he finds Stefan and Caroline but Sarah will only leave with Enzo because he’s the only one she trusts. Before she can make it out to him, Damon comes crashing in through the window and is about to rip her neck right open but Stefan stops him just in time. He finally convinces him to let her go after reminding him of what Elena would have wanted, and as soon as Sarah opens the door to run out, she runs right into the sharp end of Sybil’s knife. Stefan of course tries to save her life but a pretty pissed off Sybil paralyses him and makes her way to Damon, enters his subconscious and watched his memory of Elena.  This is the part that really pissed me off for starters. It doesn’t matter if you were never a Delena fan, you have to agree that this was pretty messed up. Sybil changes the memory in Damon’s head and so instead of meeting Elena, he meets Sybil. This is where we get our QOTE

Who’s Elena?


While all of this is going down, Enzo is being kidnapped by Bonnie but it goes wrong, which of course is what happens in this show when you act with your heart and not your head. Bonnie tries to drive Enzo as far away as possible but quickly discovers that if he’s too far away from her, his head will basically explode. Enzo tells her he has to go back which he does. When he returns his caught off guard as Damon shoves his fist into his chest and Sybil gets a peak into his mind, allowing her to see where he was that day. It turns out that after he told Bonnie he had to go she tried to walk away but then he grabs her, spins her towards him and the share this very Delena-esque kiss that’s just fill of passion and longing and GUYS, this is finally when Enzo and Bonnie clicked for me. They were always a bit weird but oddly I didn’t mind it, but now I want them together so badly. You can pretty much feel the chemistry between the two. You can sense how badly they want to be together. You can see the wanting. It just makes you want it too. The thing with Bonnie is she’s insanely with in love with this man who ever since she fell in love with him, she’s never really been with him. They haven’t had a life together. Yet here is one of her best friends who has everything she Bonnie has ever wanted. Can you imagine how painful that must be to see? Why is Bonnie always suffering on this show? I honestly cannot remember the last time she was happy. Since she came back from the dead, it’s been pain after pain after pain. Give the girl a break! I bring this up because after Sybil looks into Enzo’s head and she asks him ‘Now why haven’t I seen her before?’ Just leave Bonnie Bennet alone please!


While Bonnie is pretty much Sybil’s next target and is going backwards in her relationship, Caroline is moving forward. We got a major surprise this episode. Stefan proposed to Caroline. As in he asked her to marry him. Err whet? Did you not just move in together like yesterday? Steroline always felt forced to me. I know this is an unpopular opinion but it’s almost as of they’re just with each other so they don’t get lonely. There’s no real substance in their relationship, but hey, whatever makes them happy right? I wont lie, it was pretty sweet seeing how happy they were that scene.You know who else we can add to the list of people who won’t be completely happy for them? Alaric. It’ll be interesting to see how he reacts to the news. It’s pretty obvious that his intern is craving attention from him, so maybe he can get some tic from her.

Speaking of the intern, as Ric and her are doing their research, they stumble onto a symbol in the archives and she tells him that it was a symbol she saw in hell. She tells him a story of how she died for about a minute, felt eternal loneliness and self-hatred and somehow knew she was in hell. All she could see was that symbol. At the end of the episode, she finds a trident looking object with the symbol on it. Why is this relevant? not sure yet, but everything is always relevant in this show. Also Damon has been talking about a different kind of hell, and the two are clearly linked, if not the same.

So far so good. I know I said the episode was frustrating but that was also why it was so good. It really has left me excited for the season. They really need to make sure this final one is the best one, or at least great. No pressure though.


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