Humans Season 2 Episode 1: Who Am I?


I am so glad Humans is back. This is one of the most underrated shows on tv in my opinion. If you have been keeping up with my blog and you don’t already watch Humans, you need to go and start it. It’s pretty good.

The season begins focusing on Niska who is pretty much torn. At the end of season one, she stole the code and fled and so this season we initially see her struggling. She basically had the power to give life in her hands. All it came down to was whether she wanted to be responsible for that or not. She still found time for other things though. While in Berlin she meets someone and the two form a relationship, if you can even call it that. Niska asks her “how did you know who you were”. This alone is a very human trait, emphasising how human the synths really are with consciousness. Consciousness being exactly the very description of why she struggles to make the decision, and in the end Niska decides to upload Elster’s code. In the moment you can see the relief on her face but that quickly turns to confusion and disappointment when she doesn’t see an immediate reaction. Nothing changed. Synths were still pretty much just robots. Is it weird that in that moment I was rooting for her. I sort of wanted them all to just wake up. I was convinced that it was just a delayed response. I was wrong and right. For some reason the code only affected about one in a hundred thousand synths. It was pretty rare. After six weeks Niska realises that it’s time for her to go back home and face what she did.

Uploading the code did wake up some synths. The first one we see is a mine worker who we later on find out doesn’t have a name, just the number 10. The second, Hester, a factory worker. After both synths are woken up, they find their way to none other than Max and Leo. Hester meets them at an abandoned building and out walks Max with his hands up and his warm smile. Bless him. He is followed by Leo and Ten who try to explain to her what was happening. They’re interrupted by two people who have come to take Hester back but Max convinces her to come with them. Unfortunately for them, they’re always under attack and that’s exactly what happened this time and they lost Ten in the process. Even though I had really only just been introduced to him I was very upset when he died. He was so full of life. Optimistic and just generally excited for the future. I mean come on! He was attracted to the word radiator for a name! How could you not instantly love someone like that? I’m mad that they killed him off that quickly. The three go back to wherever it is that they’re hiding out now. I know Hester is pretty new but she reminds me a lot of Niska. She has that same seriousness about her. I wonder what else we will be discovering about her.


That is basically all the synths accounted for besides Mia. We see her working in an ice cream parlour pretending to be a normal synth. I must say, she does a very good job of it. The man she works for is struggling to keep the place open as he has to take care of it and pay off his mothers medical bills too. One of the most human and noble characteristics Mia has with her consciousness is her compassion. She takes it upon herself to redo his books and suggest a way for him to buy time. When he thanks her, she mistakenly says that she ‘wanted’ to help. Synth can’t have desire. This slip up could really cost her. She gives him some weird excuse about how she picks up words but I don’t think he bought it. When Mia returns home, we find out that she’s working to get money so that they can fend for themselves. Another reason is also that she wants to be around people. Like Niska she’s trying to figure out who she is, not who she was programmed to be. Regarding Niska’s rogue mission, Mia is not too happy that Leo is taking it upon himself to be the saviour of the synths that are being woken up. This is definitely going to cause some conflict a long the line.

Another familiar face, or should I say faces was the Hawkins family. The first we see of them, they’ve moved into a new home. It’s supposed to be a fresh start as Joe and Laura are trying to repair their relationship. We see that they’ve been going to couples therapy however their counsellor had gone home because of a stomach flu. They’re referred to a ‘Barbara’. The idea of a synth counsellor is a bit weird no? As weird as it may be, it actually works. Barbara gets them to really talk about what happened and why. I just have to say that the scene was magnificently written. You could really see the change of emotions and the progress in the session. Is there anything a synth can’t do? The answer is apparently no. Something Joe himself finds out in this episode. He is made redundant as his role becomes a non-human one. I love that the show is introducing an economic consequence of synths.

Another way it breaks in the new idea of the economic benefits of synths is through the introduction of two new human characters, Dr Morrow and Mr Curry. She is hired by him to figure out the code that is making synths conscious and then reverse engineer that so it can be used for economic gain. Well that’s pretty twisted but realistic. See this is tricky because now that the synths are conscious, they’re no longer just robots. Even  though they’re not human, they still have emotions, thoughts, and so does this mean they’re entitled to rights too? Niska returns to the Hawkins’ home and tells them that she’s ready to face court but only if she’s tried as a human would be. Good luck with that.

I am so glad this is back and I am loving the themes and ideas that are clearly going to be developed this season. The season has so much potential. All these wonderful ideas need to be developed properly. I’m not going to lie, I have expectations. I don’t want to say high, but they’re not low. Please don’t disappoint.


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