Quantico Season 2 Episode 5: Illusions of Transparency


Transparency, that’s a good word to use when you’re trying to have an honest conversation or at least give the illusion of one. That was what this episode was entered on. Illusions.

Back on the farm, Owen  is teaching the recruits how to stage and create a situation that may or may not have happened. While this is all going on, Harry is on Alex and Ryan’s back as he’s almost certain that they are FBI. He just needsproof. He can tell they’re up to something and so he doesn’t leave their side. Alex and Ryan found that Lee was the one bugging them in the last episode so in this episode they go and sweep her room but are caught by Harry. Really guys? Did it really take the two of you to do a room sweep? Why couldn’t one of you stand guard. Forget Harry. What if Lee herself had come back home. Then what? Harry becomes very suspicious of them and partners with them for the exercise so he can keep an eye on them. Their exercise this week is to get themselves out of a pretty damning situation. A dead body in a hotel room under Alex’s alias with all their finger prints in the room and only 13 minutes to remove every trace of themselves. Alex and Ryan very cleverly pin it all on Harry to try and get rid of him and it was pretty funny. It was nice to see them working together again. The thing with these two is as much as they frustrate me, when they’re on good terms and actually doing their job, they make a pretty great team. Even though their plan was basically flawless Harry still comes back. He’s like that cockroach that just won’t die. You try spray, pesticide, everything but it keeps coming back. I know I’ve used a very unappealing simile there but despite this, it’s actually a good thing that he came back. He’s one of the very few characters that make the show interesting. Can you imagine if he wasn’t in it? It would pretty much be a bore fest. Harry comes back and takes them to dinner, tells them that he’s MI6 (I don’t know if I believe him by the way) and that none of them are going back to the farm until they tell him what they’re up to. I’m sorry but who do you think you are Mr Doyle? Do you have nothing better to do with your life? I don’t get it, but I appreciate it for entertainment purposes.


What makes the whole situation with Harry so frustrating is the fact that he’s right. He’s right about them being FBI, right about Shelby being their handler. Pretty much right about everything. Speaking of Shelby, she and Leon bump into  each other twice this episode and uhm.. they’re happening. I don’t want to say dating because it seems like it’s just going to be completely physical but I don’t even care. There was so much chemistry there. Plus I really want to know how that went. We haven’t seen anything in the present day. Did they break up? WHAT HAPPENED? In the present day Shelby is very suspicious of Miranda after receiving Boyers message. Miranda asks Shelby to contact Will Olsen and get him to work on infiltrating the terrorists but Shelby speaks to Will privately before handing him over to Miranda. Will convinces Shelby that Miranda is innocent after doing some research but at the end of the episode we find out that he lied. He knew she was a part of it and apparently also knows what they’re doing and he wants in. WHAT IS GOING ON? I AM SO CONFUSED. This is moving too slow for my liking. I feel like we still have no information whatsoever. Last season we complained about it being slow but this is just ridiculous right now. How are we five episodes in and still have no information?

The whole reason Alex and Ryan are on the farm is to find out if Owen hall is recruiting people into the AIC. This episode he recruits someone; Leon. However it’s for his own personal gain, not the AIC. Owen is still on his mission to find out why his name was published. Personally I don’t really get why he’s so bothered. His name is out there, so it’s not like he can do anything about it really can he? I just don’t get it but I’m assuming there’s a point to that story line so I guess only time will tell.

Back in the crisis zone, Alex is being hunted by the terrorists after making them aware of her location. She eventually gets caught but then is let go by one of the terrorists who talks to her in Hindu. Okay so now who is this and why are they letting her go? So many questions. This episode really just left me with questions and doubt. I am not emotionally invested in this show like that to be thinking this hard about it. They need to start giving us some answers.


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