Arrow Season 5 Episode 5: Road To Redemption


This episode of Arrow everyone and everything was basically sidelined. I don’t even know why. Oliver and Felicity finally had the talk, Prometheus made an appearance… well two, and the Green Arrow and Church had their one on one.

I was not a fan of this episode at all. I find myself saying that the last two episodes and for a season that is only five episodes in, that’s a lot. I don’t even want to be talking about this for long so let’s just go straight in. I’ll recap it like I usually do, but trust me, I’m not holding back with the criticism and voicing my opinion. If you don’t want to read anymore, fair enough but I feel like a lot of what I’m about to say needs to be said. I will just list the things that bothered me and talk about those

  1. Rene/Wild Dog

I have not been a fan of Rene ever since he was introduced to the show. He has a nasty attitude and honestly, dealing with Oliver is enough. I cannot handle another stubborn character. That being said, I have had to tolerate him and his screw ups just to give the show the benefit of the doubt and trust that he’s there for a purpose. With each episode that goes by, it gets harder for me to hold onto this. First of all he gets captured. I know that wasn’t exactly his fault and it was somewhat heroic in the moment letting the others go and staying behind but Oliver wouldn’t have let himself get captured. I know he’s not Oliver but that’s exactly my point. Why is he here? Not only do you get captured but you also tell Church the Green Arrows identity.


Where are your loyalties? It wouldn’t be fair for me to compare any of this to the original team because none of them were kidnapped and tortured like this to the point where they gave the name, but for someone who claims to be as tough as he does…. I won’t even complete my sentence. Thankfully they rescue him. (Before I continue, how come that whole rescue mission and scene was about two seconds long? It felt so rushed. This is the second time I’m picking up on something like that. Maybe if you don’t want to have to deal with rescue scenes, here’s a suggestion, stop writing people to be kidnapped. But hey, what do I know? I’m not a writer.)  After he has been rescued, he’s unwilling to talk about what happened just in case he remembers something useful. This is what I mean by attitude. You royally screw up and now they tell you that this is how you can make it up to them but no, for reasons which I still don’t understand as I type this post, he refuses. I don’t get it. Eventually he comes to his senses and allows John to help him remember and what do you know, he did have useful information.

For Church to carry on with his plan, he needed Oliver Queen dead, and so Oliver reaches out to a friend of John’s, ‘the human target’ and he gets ‘assassinated’, allowing Oliver to fake his death. Church moves forward with his plan but of course the vigilantes ambush them and eventually Church is taken down. The one thing that made me smile about the ambush was seeing John back as Spartan. That was great, but besides that, I didn’t enjoy anything else.

        2. Olicity

Oliver finds out about Billy Malone this episode and he and Felicity finally have a talk. They hadn’t had closure up until now. Oliver tells Felicity that he wasn’t upset that she was seeing someone but rather he was hurt that she didn’t tell him. I don’t believe that. I get that he wants her to be happy and he cares for her and always will, but it always stings just a little bit to see your ex move on. Especially when you haven’t moved on, and my dear friends, Oliver Queen has not moved on. I feel like I should add a ‘not yet’ to that sentence because knowing the writers, they’re going to give Oliver a love interest. Not a single season goes by where Oliver is single. Even when he was stranded on islands he had love interests. With all the new female characters this season he’s bound to be involved with one and from the looks of things it’s going to be Stella. Also what’s her deal anyway? Can she just die already? All this digging better lead her to the Bratvia and hopefully they’ll handle her because she’s really starting to get on my last nerve. I know a lot of people are not Olicity shippers and much rather prefer their relationship the way it was in the earlier seasons, (so before they got together) but this is not Olicity. This is not okay. The reason they broke up wasn’t because of anything other than the fact that communication was a problem and that was on Oliver, but it seems like the tables have turned. Even regarding their relationship, the only reason why there was a communication problem was because of the baby mama drama. Oliver and felicity used to be able to talk about everything. They were honest with each other and like Oliver said, they’re ‘on the same page’. Why did they have to take that away?


       3. Characters

In my last post, I said that I simply did not know the new characters well enough to care for them. I still feel that way. We haven’t really gotten to know them as people. We’ve only ever seen them about to be in action in action or after action. We don’t really know their stories. How am I supposed to care about a character if I don’t know them? Secondly the characters I do know, I don’t recognise anymore. It’s like I don’t know who they are either. Let’s talk about John. Fair enough he’s been through some pretty traumatic stuff and of course no one will stay the same after that but this whole pity party thing, that needs to stop. Thea, I get why she took a break from the team. I really do, but it just feels like all she cares about is the mayors office right now. She used to really care about people but that doesn’t come across anymore. Felicity seems to have gone back to the Felicity from earlier seasons that just talked and was pretty much a commentator. They’ve all moved backwards, not developed for the better. The only one that hasn’t changed much is of course the main man himself, Oliver, but that’s not really true. He seems to be two extremes. As the Green Arrow he’s a bit much. A lot meaner, harsher, serious and just rude, but as the Mayor, he’s the nicest. The characters all seem to be taking a sideline, even Oliver wasn’t Oliver this episode. I mean what is that? The additon of the human target was good writing and very clever but do you see the point I am trying to make?

To wrap up, I don’t recognise this show anymore. I don’t feel the way I did about it and worst of all I don’t feel connected to the characters anymore. I don’t like anything that’s going on in the show but I’m holding out hope. It’s only episode five, We have a whole season for this to get better. Much better.

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