The Flash Season 3 Episode 5: Meta Monster


In this episode breakthroughs were made. Okay that’s a bit of an exaggeration but we did make progress regarding the characters and their relationships. Caitlin reached out to an unlikely character, we got a different kind of meta this week, got to know Harry 3.0 a bit more and other things that I will talk about now.

At the end of episode 4 we saw Caitlin basically almost transform into Killer Frost. It freaked her out. Hell it freaked me out, but I won’t lie, I was excited to see what it might have brought. Caitlin apparently did not share my sentiments and in this episode goes to an unlikely character, her mother, to help her out. From their initial reaction to each other Caitlin and her mother Dr Carla Tannhauser  make it clear that their relationship is a not so good one. Carla at first brushes Caitlin off but after Caitlin freezes her table, she clears her schedule to help out her daughter. They run a couple of tests but then Caitlin confesses that she didn’t come for the science because she can do that part. She came for her mother. The fact that her mother intentionally puts emotions aside shows what kind of a mother she was to her. As they talk about the problems and lack of relationship, it’s revealed that after Caitlin’s father died, her mother shut her out. After Caitlin almost kills a scientist, her mother apologises for everything she may have done to hurt her and that is what gets through to her and ultimately stops her from killing the guy. At the end of the episode her mother video calls her and tells her that the more she uses her power, the harder it’ll be to reverse. Did I not say this about three episodes ago? It’s going to take over her. Just watch.


The meta they deal with isn’t really a meta. Barry finds himself in a situation he has never come across. A monster. As in a dinosaur type looking kind of monster roaming the city. How in the world is one man supposed to bring down a monster? Well he didn’t have to. It turns out that said monster was really just a hologram being controlled by a 15-year-old boy to spread fear. I got why he did it and everything but what happened to Alchemy? What’s  up with this season and troubled teens? Speaking of troubled teens, Barry decides to get closer to Julian this episode after he tattletales to Singh. From spending time with him, Barry realises that Julian doesn’t just dislike him and the bad guys but he dislikes Barry and all meta’s, including The flash. So bsically Barry. After a conversation Julian confesses that if he had power he would be doing good. I think it’s safe to say that he’s just bitter. That’s where all his disdain is coming from. You know what was a massive contradiction though? He says the meta’s waste their powers and aren’t doing good but that’s exactly what The Flash is doing. Shouldn’t he like him then? Apparently The Flash is making the police department useless or whatever. Make up your mind Julian. After Julian figures out where the majority of the power is going, he heads there to try to stop the perpetrator but when he tries to run away, Julian fires a shot. Luckily for him The Flash arrives just in time to save the perp because it turns out that he was just a kid. The ordeal has Julian pretty messed up and for the first time we see him without that sense of arrogance, superiority and entitlement which by the way he goes on to explain. Julian tells Barry that he comes from a wealthy  family back in England but he left all that behind to become a scientist. I wasn’t expecting it but it seems that we have a new potential friendship about to form.

While this is all going on for the most part of the episode, Cisco is trying to suss out Harry 3.0 or HR as he would prefer. P.S what kind of nickname is HR? Does anyone else immediately think ‘human resources’ every time they hear that or is it just me? After not actually helping them out with any scientific ideas and recording very suspicious messages into a pen I myself was very suspicious of Harry 3.0. Eventually they confront him on the matter and he confesses to them that he’s not a scientist but an author who is just trying to redeem himself. What in the world is team flash going to do with an author?

Like I said, I don’t know what happened to the Alchemy storyline and generally I just have no clue what is really going on this season. When you put that small major thing aside, it was a good episode. I just feel like the season is missing excitement. Or is that just me?

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