HTGAWM Season 3 Episode 7: Mother Knows Best


I don’t have words. Okay that’s not exactly true because I have so much to say but this episode just really played with my emotions. Every single step of the way. Before we get into  anything let me just starts with the WOW moment.

The night of, Annalise is taken out of her cell and told her charges; arson and first degree murder. She asks where they got their evidence and they tell her that it was from an anonymous source. That’s the end of that scene and it goes back to the flash backs to two  weeks earlier. We see Wes being questioned by the police and after they ask him if he recognises Charles Mahoney, he lies and says he saw him across the road and he looked upset. Wes why? What good did you think was going to come out of you lying? I just don’t get it. Later that night he tells Annalise that he feels guilty and feels like he’s responsible for ruining everyone’s life. Annalise tells Wes that he shouldn’t and that he owes it to himself and his mother to have a good life.

WHERE DOES THAT EQUAL GOING TO THE POLICE AND SNITCHING ON ANNALISE? Yes folks, Mr Wes Gibbons was the ‘anonymous source’ the police were talking about. We see him in a room with them asking for blanket immunity if they want him to help them take her down. I’m done. I am so done! When she said he owed it to his mother to live a good life, that didn’t mean snitch on her and get away scot-free. After everything she has done to protect him. They’re literally all in the mess they’re in now because he killed Sam. That’s exactly why I refuse to believe that Wes is really doing this. It doesn’t make sense. We know what Annalise is capable of. If the woman can have herself shot to protect them, she sure as hell can get herself arrested. She’s in on it. I can feel it. Also think about it, if Wes was really going to tell them everything, why would the charges be only arson and first degree murder. He asked for blanket  immunity. He could have told them about everything and when I say everything I’m talking about Sam, Rebecca, the ADA Asher killed, everything that happened with Caleb and his sister, Leila and lastly Frank. If the police had access to all that information I bet you arson and first degree murder would not be the only thing they charge her with. I am so sure Annalise, Bonnie and Wes all have a plan. Until proven wrong that’s what I’m going to believe.

Speaking of Frank, he made his return this episode and his first stop is Laurel however he goes to find her and Wes having sex. That sends him crying to Bonnie and she immediately asks him if Laurel was busy. It’s sad how accurate it was and that she knew she was his second choice. She then tells him that she’s not mad, just ‘tired’. The conversation progresses but eventually it becomes obvious that she’s not mad, just furious like I’ve never seen. She screams at him to get out, and you could hear the hatred in her voice. Frank leaves in tears. Frank. It’s just laughable when you compare the man he is now to the man we first met in season 1. He was this cool mysterious sort of badass guy but now, he’s weeping and just constantly looks depressed. I don’t know how I feel about this change in character. We’ll have to see as time goes on. I still don’t really know if Frank actually loves Laurel or not but I’m starting to find that the idea of what ‘love’ is in this show is very strange. Wes and Laurel are still sleeping together and in this episode we see them having pillow talk, and it was a little cute. I won’t lie, but I’m still trying to get used to the idea of them. Later on in the episode, she drunkenly tells Wes that she loves him. What in the world? I swear just three episodes ago she was pining over Frank but now she loves Wes? WHET? It just feels forced to me. We anticipated them getting together eventually but they’re moving them too quickly and I feel like it’s for a reason but I can’t even begin to guess what. That’s the thing with this show, you just can’t predict anything.


The rest of the Keating 5 are pretty much sidelined in this episode. Asher and Michaela seem to be on good terms and surprisingly the drama this week is from Connor and Oliver. Oliver finally tells Thomas, the guy he’s been seeing that he’s positive and unfortunately for him the answer was one he was not hoping for. Thomas tells Oliver that it’s a bit too much for him to handle and more than he signed up for. I saw this coming, I mean honestly this guy barely knows Oliver. I genuinely didn’t think he’d stay. The rejection hits Oliver pretty hard and drives him straight into Connors arms. He tells Connor that it may be selfish but he misses him. ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME? Did Oliver really just come back to Connor because he’s the only one that would have sex with him? You must be kidding me. If your lack of sex is the only thing that made you realise how good Connor was to you then you really don’t deserve him. I am so disappointed in Oliver but even more so in Connor because he allows it to happen. Even though it’s completely selfish on Oliver’s part, he still has sex with him. This is just going to make the break up harder for Connor. I’m just done.

The clients this week were a family. Three siblings that had been accused by their mother of poisoning her but it turned out that she was poisoning herself to teach them a lesson. She felt like they had taken her for granted so she wanted to punish them. Have you ever heard of err writing them out of your will maybe? Why must you poison yourself? This woman knows they don’t care about her like that, she’s just ultimately hurting herself. The case and her AA meeting make Annalise realise that her ‘children’ have something to say to her. They did not hold back. Everything they felt she had done to hurt them and ruin their lives, they told her. It was pretty brutal.

Honestly this was a really good episode. Like I said, I refuse to believe that Wes would betray Annalise like that. There’s a larger plan at play here that they’re not ready to show us but we will eventually find out. The writers are just putting things in place for the big reveal. Just a few more episodes now and we’ll know what happened. I can’t wait.


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