Queen Sugar Season 1 Episode 9: Out Of The Woods


This episode we see the aftermath of the storm. A lot of things have been blown away from where they are, plants from the garden uprooted and basically everything is just a mess. The Bordelon’s come together to try to put everything back in it’s place.

Ralph Angel, Charley and Remy make their way to the farm to make sure the crop is fine. Charley tells them that Proctor insisted that they pump to remove excess water but Remy is pretty adamant that his crop is fine. Thankfully when they get to the farm everything seems to be okay but that only lasts a brief second. While inspecting the farm they stumble upon the bodies of two of their farm workers. They had been shot and robbed. Remember when Charley asked the workers to go back and finish planting? I knew it was going to come back with consequences. Things on tv shows don’t just happen for the sake of it. They alert the police who questions the two sisters and he uses a pretty accusatory tone when asking why the workers were still on the farm. He then asks their names and neither one of the sisters know. Ralph Angel on the other hand did know their names but keeps quiet because he didn’t want to draw any attention to himself. Vi had to practically drag him out of another room to join his sisters speaking to the police. The poor guy, he’s going to have to overcome his fear of the police because he can’t keep living like this. He’ll make himself constantly look suspicious if he isn’t careful. After the conversation with the police, the Bordelon’s gather all the workers and Ralph Angel gets Blues teacher to translate. They break the news to the workers and ask for information about the men who were murdered, Miguel and Alejandro. Listen, I didn’t need a translation or subtitles to feel the emotion in that scene. The way the workers reacted to the news and the way they handled it, my heart. It hit me right in the feels. I half expected some anger from them, or for them to blame Charley in a way but no. They just spoke about the men and prayed for their souls. The one thing I didn’t like about this scene was that Nova saw ir as an opportunity to write a story. I get that she’s a journalist and this is pretty much her life, but damn did you have to do it right there and then as they found out their friends died? Wow. Nonetheless the show made up for Nova’s little whatever that was with Charley saying that she wants to send the bodies back to their families because it’s the right thing to do. Just then they tie up that storyline with the killer being caught by the police. Justice will be served.


Although the workers didn’t blame her, Charley was pretty hard on herself this episode. Firstly she blamed herself as she was the one who made them go back into the field. Secondly she blamed herself for not coming back earlier to help Ernest out with the farm when he was alive and lastly she blamed herself for ruining Melina’s life. Surprisingly Nova reaches out to her and ends up being the one comforting her. I’m sorry what? Weren’t the two of you about to rip out each others throats last week? Now look. See this is the beautiful thing about family and one of the best things about this show. When it really comes down to it, they put aside their feelings and they’re there for each other.


Nova really lived up to the ‘healer’ part of her character. Not only did she comfort Charley but she checks up on Vi a couple of times to make sure she’s okay. Eventually she has a talk with Vi telling her that she needs to stop worrying about everyone else, especially the men and focus on herself. Since the show started, Vi has always been worried about someone else besides herself. She’s constantly looking after someone. If it wasn’t Ernest, it was Blue. If it wasn’t Blue, it was Ralph Angel, if not him then Hollywood. Vi always puts others first and what Nova tells her this episode is that it’s okay for her to focus on herself. All that energy she uses to worry about others needs to be directed back at her. Personally I think that’s the only way she will heal and move past this heartbreak over Hollywood. She needs to take care of herself. As soon as Vi starts to realise that Nova is making sense, the power comes back. Okay. The brilliance right there…I can’t. Let me repeat. Nova hit Vi with some knowledge, it registered in Vi’s mind and behind her, in the house, the lights came on. As in the lights hanging from the ceiling in the living room behind her. Think about the imagery and now think about how that was a metaphor. THE LIGHTS LITERALLY CAME ON. Are you understanding this mastery or am I just reacting a bit too much to electricity?

Before I start to wrap up I’m going to talk about new romances. The first one isn’t really new but Darla and Ralph Angel. Those two are getting back together. If you think about his reaction to Darla in the very first episode and how he couldn’t stand being around her and compare that to now, as he’s offering to help her with car seats you see that they have come such a long way. I will bet you that they will get back together, or at least try to. You can tell that there’s still so much between them. The chemistry is also still very much alive. It will happen. Secondly Micah seems to have found a potential girlfriend, Kiki. I guess life in St Josephine’s isn’t going to be as boring as he thought. Honestly I’m happy for Micah that they’ve introduced some sort of story for him. I was starting to get worried. No friends. No girlfriend or anything. Fifteen year olds don’t survive like that so this is good. Lastly Charley and Remy. Remy finally comes clean and tells Charley that he doesn’t want to be just friends anymore so when she’s ready, she should come find him. Well… Charley, you better go find that man.

This episode was quite slow, I won’t lie. When you compare it to the rest it was missing drama, but what it lost in drama, it made up for in emotion. If that makes sense. The lack of drama is understandable considering we are only three episodes away from the end of the season. Things have to be set in place now and so I know the pieces are being lined up. Wait until episode eleven and we’ll be wishing they would relax with the drama. Honestly just #GIMMESUGAR


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