The Vampire Diaries Season 8 Episode 3: That Pitch!


I usually do a whole introduction sort of thing here. I’m not going to do that this time. Sybil is the devil and I hate her. Let’s jump straight into why.

If last week you agreed with me when I said Sybil was pretty ruthless well then my dear friend, that was nothing. Okay so first of all Bonnie is just causally doing best friend duties with Caroline by surprising her and taking her wedding dress shopping. Normal girl things. While that is going on, Sybil is still trying to get into Enzo’s head but she can’t. I admire that man and his fight. Honestly. He really did not even give her a glimpse. Sybil now knows about Bonnie and so she sends Damon to kill her. Enzo of course can’t really do anything to stop this because he’s supposed to be pretending like he doesn’t really care for her remember? So off Damon goes to kill Bonnie but he fails. Let’s just say Sybil isn’t too pleased and so she goes to pay Bonnie and Caroline a visit to see what’s so special about Bonnie.

During Sybil’s attempt at a heart to heart with Bonnie and Caroline, Damon has enlisted Stefan’s help for something he can’t give any details about. All that he manages to say is ‘applesauce penguin’. It turns out that Sybil has instructed Damon and Enzo to fight to the death, and well Damon brought Stefan as back up, but of course he tries to stop the fight and play mediator. The only person with the power to stop the fight is Bonnie. Sybil tells Bonnie that all she has to do is choose. Whomever she picks will win and the other will basically die and go to hell. Not the hell we all know as the fiery hot basement but according to Sybil it’s just an eternity of emotional darkness and pain, or something just as bad as that. This is Bonnie that laid her life down for her friends and literally went to the other side so her friends could live and you’re asking the same Bonnie to condemn one of them to eternal emotional despair? See at that point I’m sitting there all snark telling Sybil ‘good luck with that, Bonnie always finds a way’ until I remembered she has no powers anymore. There was literaly nothing she could do but choose and I mean come on, there’s no way she was going to choose Damon over the love of her life. So to absolutely no one’s surprise (I hope) she said the words “I choose Enzo”. Somehow the devil of a woman manages to convince Enzo to switch off his humanity as it’s the only way to protect Bonnie but as soon as he does she goes back on her word and asks Enzo if he’d mind if Damon tears Bonnie apart and he said no. That b*tch!

giphy (3).gif

You know what else rhymes with b*tch? Pitch and pitchfork. Alaric and his intern with the crush on him discover that the pitchfork has emphasis on the pitch. Once you hit it against something, it makes a loud pitch noise that can affect some supernatural beings. Alaric rushes to the scene to help save his friends and literally gets there just in time. As soon as Damon is about to rip Bonnie’s throat out Ric just rams into him sending him flying into the street and quickly taps the pitch fork against the car. With that they manage to subdue Sybil and capture her. Little did Ric know that his little intern followed him and saw the whole thing go down. It’ll be interesting to see how she confronts him and just how the conversation goes down. It’s only episode three and they’ve captured Sybil. It’s definitely not that easy. Someway somehow she’s going to escape the armoury and when she does all hell will break loose. To make things worse she still somehow has a hold on Damon.

After Damon leaves everyone, he goes back to his old tricks. You know, his signature one. How he just lies in the middle of the road and waits for motorists before having them for dinner? Yeah he went back to that but it wasn’t just any snack he was planning on having, it was a familiar face. Tyler Lockwood. First of all, I completely forgot about him! Where has he been this whole time, and also why in the world did he not grow a beard earlier? Anyway, Damon makes it pretty clear that he’s about to kill him but Tyler tries to talk him out of it. He attempts his best reverse psychology and it works for about five seconds but Sybil, that damn pitch just singing in Damon’s head woke the monster up and he sucked on Tyler like a lollipop.


Okay I have a bone to pick with the writers. ARE YOU SERIOUS RIGHT NOW? Of all the times Tyler Lockwood came close to death this is the time you decide he actually dies? At the hands of Damon  as well. They really don’t care much for him do they? Why did they have to do Tyler like that? He deserved so much better.

This was good episode though. It was annoying because Sybil. She just infuriates me. I really do want to see where we go from here. It should be interesting.


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