Humans Season 2 Episode 2: Synth vs Human


The second episode of this new season of Humans develops on the struggle between synths and humans. This battle is not just human beings versus the AI’s themselves but also the inner struggle that goes on within the humans, synths and how they relate and interact with each other.

At the end of the season premiere, Niska goes to the Hawkins’ and asks for their help. Niska wants to tried as a human for murdering a human since she’s conscious. Laura isn’t exactly jumping to help her because the Hawkins’ are trying this whole return to normalcy thing. She agrees to help Niska up to a point which is to do some research for her, but that’s it. Laura meets with a government official and discusses the case with her. They agree that if Niska is to hand herself over, tests will be performed to determine if she truly is conscious or not. If she is, she will get what she wants and be tried as a human would be, if not, she’ll be terminated like any faulty synth would be. Laura passes the information over and Niska agrees to hand herself over. During their conversation she tells Laura that she’s doing this to pave the way for other synths. I think Niska realises that there is a high chance that she will lose her case but she’s doing this for the greater good. Who would have thought? Niska one day becoming a martyr of sorts. Never thought I would see that day. Their conversation inspires something in Laura and in the end she does decide to represent Niska. This is the beautiful thing about this show. The Hawkins’ are a reminder of the relationship that can form between humans and synths and the real connection and care they can have for each other. I mean Laura knows Niska is a machine, but she also knows that she’s conscious and deserves better. She cares.


Another person who lets herself care too much is Mia/Anita. Maybe we should just go with Mia. Mia has been working for Ed for sometime now but in episode one it was pretty obvious she was starting to care a bit too much. Mia’s compassion will always be her downfall and that’s what ruins things for her in this episode. Mia offers to help Ed out with some errands, mainly drop off some things for his mother and file a bank loan request. The scene where Mia visits his mum was beautifully written. The transition from pretence to being herself then back to pretence when talking to Ed’s mum…wow. Gemma Chan needs to be praised for that acting right there. Later on, Ed realises that Mia pretty much committed fraud and confronts her about it. As they argue she burns her hand on the stove and screams out in pain. Synths can’t feel. Mia does. Ed realises. What you need to understand is that at this point he’s super freaked out and has only just realised that he’s been deceived this whole time and so he kicks her out. I really do hope that we haven’t seen the last of Ed though. I truly liked him. He was such a nice guy. Please Sam and Jonathan, don’t let this be the last of him. Mia returns home and has a conversation with Leo who is trying to get her to realise that they need to go and save the conscious synths. Mia refuses saying that the synths need to be taught and raised but they’re children themselves and that they need to figure out who they are. Leo hits her with our QOTE before he walks away.

I just want us all to live, but first you need to be alive

You know who isn’t struggling with compassion? Hester. I’m telling you this girl is the new Niska minus the activism and double the anger. To get some answers Hester tortures their hostage and finds out that the captured conscious synths are being held somewhere. She gets scolded by Leo and Max and is told that what she did is wrong. The funny thing is she doesn’t feel like she did anything wrong, neither did she get any pleasure out of it. She tells them how humans would batter them back in the chemical plant and would throw acid at them but not the other machines. Let’s just talk about it for a minute. The synths in this show are humanoid for a reason. When you think of movies where robots or AI’s take over or tried to be like us there was always fear mostly but never really true hatred. What this show does is it shows that side. Hester asks Max if the humans treated them the way they did just because they looked like them. That was kind of deep.I don’t know what exactly they’re trying to accomplish and what questions they’re trying to raise, but the writers are clearly making a point there. Hester doesn’t have a change of heart. She clearly hates humans and so after Max lets the hostage go in the middle of the night, she follows him into the woods and drowns him face down in the mud. I can’t help but wonder if this was some kind of metaphor.

In other news, Mattie goes to find Odi to see if he can help her figure out the code and where the rest are, Toby has a crush on a girl in his school who is pretending to be a synth, Karen and Pete make an appearance and they’re living together now and lastly Dr Morrow has still made no progress.

This was a good episode. I wouldn’t have expected anything less from Humans. Let’s see what the next episode brings.


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