OUAT Season 6 Episode 7 : Half A Heart


The Evil Queen is finally coming out to really play and she’s not messing around. She’s planning her perfect day, getting it on with Rumple and generally just enjoying life. If the Evil Queen is having a good time, you know everyone else is suffering.

The episode begins with Queenie teleporting Snow into the woods and having a talk with her. She recounts Snows 15th birthday and describes it perfectly and what exactly made it  a perfect day. She then proceeds to describe her perfect day to Snow, which of course involves having her heart in her palm. Snow informs her that hers and David’s hearts have a protection spell on them, but Queenie has a way around that too. They will willingly  hand their hearts over or else the whole town pretty much dies.

I think Snow and Charming were put in an impossible situation. I knew as soon as she put her plan in place that Queenie was going to get her way but you know the Charming’s. They had to find another way. Luckily for them Blue has an idea of a Spalding that could help. David and Snow along with Regina rush over to find it but as soon as they do, the evil queen comes along and turns it into dust, basically leaving them with nothing. The flashbacks this episode showed David back in his farmer days and Snow in the early stages of her on the run. I didn’t see the correlation but it turns out that the two crossed paths long before they officially met, except they never saw each other. I’ll hand this one to the writers. That was clever writing right there. In the enchanted forest way back when, Snow was captured by the woodcutter but a mysterious man helped save her. Said man was David. The two only realise that they share the memory and that it was the other after they’ve touched the spalding. Okay that was so cute, this show really makes you believe in true love and that you’re destined to find that one person. I mean wow. Can we all experience a love like theirs? They realise that they always make their way back to each other and that they will always have each other, so they do agree to hand over their hearts.


With pleasure the evil queen shoves her hands into their chests and rips out their hearts. Side note. Has anyone ever noticed how after they’ve always had their hearts ripped out, their shirts are always still intact? That’s very weird. Just saying. Anyway after she goes on about how long she’s been waiting for this, Queenie decides that just like how Snow got that little bit extra as a child, she’d like that little bit extra too and she wants Snow to feel her loneliness, and with that she put their hearts back in their chests. See I was just confused at that point. Like why go through all that only to give them their hearts back right? Wrong. They really stressed the evil in evil queen with this move. As soon as her heart goes back into her chest Snow falls into a sleeping curse and her body is transported somewhere. David goes into a panic searching everywhere for her before finally finding her in the woods. He kisses her hoping true loves kiss will save the day. It maybe saved the minute, not really the day. David’s kiss works. Snow wakes up but as soon as she does, he goes back to sleep. After some magical waving of hands over chest research, Regina tells the rest of team saviour that it’s the heart that is enchanted. As long as one is awake, the other will be asleep. Basically until they break the spell they can’t be together. That is what makes her so brilliantly evil I  feel bad for saying this but I absolutely love it. We need this. It’s so exciting. I’m so glad this season seems to be more focused on the Evil Queen and not Aladdin because truth be told, I did not enjoy too much of what I saw with that story line. This one, this is where the potential lies.

In other news, Regina gets Zelena to accidentally walk in on Rumple and Queenie during one of their hot and heavy sessions and that surprisingly turns Zelena green. It’s been a while. Zelena is so hurt that she tells Belle what Rumple has been up to. She doesn’t seem to care too much about whom he chooses to spend his time with but is more concerned that he planned to take his sons love rather than earn it. Can we not leave this whole cowardice thing in the past? I am getting so tired of it now. He really needs to man up and stop cutting corners!

This was a very enjoyable episode. There wasn’t too much going on and everything was liked. This is how it should be all the time. It was  great. To anyone of you reading this who may be worried for the Charming’s, don’t. In Emma’s vision her whole family watches her die, mother and father included. They’re going to break the curse. They always do.


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