Quantico Season 2 Episode 6: Double-crossing


The most entertaining thing about Quantico is how often everyone lies. This episode we see people lie to try to get their way out of things, lie to manipulate and even lie to protect someone.

On the farm the recruits are tasked with deciding if they should sign off on a drone attack or not. They’re split into teams and before the attack can happen the teams all have to agree. After some discussion they come to a unanimous decision to strike. Pretty easy right? Well obviously the CIA doesn’t give training that easy so that couldn’t be all there was to it. Owen informs them that they’re going to Langley and this time it’s not a drill. They have to make the decision. For real. After they reassess a lot of them come to the conclusion that nothing has changed with the exception of Leigh (I’ve been referring to her as Lee in my previous posts. Ooops), Sebastian and Alex. The three of them refuse to strike unless they have all the facts and tangible proof that he’s guilty. Alex simply did not want to make the decision to kill a man just in case he was innocent. All of this happens to be going on on the one year anniversary of Simons death. That explains why Alex was so emotional about it and the decision was so hard for her. Eventually they run out of time to make a decision and Owen makes it for them. He gives the go ahead and the drone strikes. The point of the whole thing was to teach them that sometimes they will have to make decisions like that and they’ll have to live with it. I’m guessing that this means Alex is on the bottom of the leader board again? Since Ryan and Harry eventually decided to support her and also refuse to strike does that mean they’re also at the bottom?

Speaking of Harry and our favourite undercover couple, he’s still on their backs in this episode. After he basically held them against their will in episode five, he had apparently given them a week to come clean and this just happened to be their deadline.  After Sebastian tells Ryan about Harry’s boyfriend that committed suicide, he tries to use it to his advantage and uses it as a cover story. Harry calls bull on it though and once again asks Ryan for the truth. Somewhere along the line he has a change of heart, supports Alex on her decision not to strike and finally tells Ryan that he’s not going to stand in their way. He also knows that the two are in love and asks Ryan to go to Alex and comfort her. WHET? I am so confused. What caused this change of heart? I really don’t trust this man. Not one bit. Ryan listens to Harry and goes to comfort Alex, apologises to her for not being there for her that day and then finally accompanies her to the unveiling of Simons headstone. There Alex, Ryan, Shelby and Nimah each place a stone on his headstone, and have a small traditional ceremony for themselves. I wont lie, that scene was pretty emotional.


The other recruits still have their own drama going on. Sebastian listens in on Ryan and Harry’s conversation and hears Harry tell Ryan that he only told him the story as a cover to manipulate him. Sebastian is P-I-S-S-E-D and later that night when Harry tries to apologise and convince him that he lied to Ryan about lying, Sebastian just isn’t having it. I mean at this point can we even believe anything that comes out of Harry Doyle’s mouth? The man is a walking bag of lies. Dayana this week comes out of her shell a little bit this episode. She tries to comfort Leigh who is clearly missing her children but is shut down pretty quickly. At the end of the episode we find out that Dayana is adopted as she takes out a photo of her biological parents with her as a baby out of a box. Leon and Shelby are still sleeping together. Nimah finds out and at first she’s pretty annoyed at Shelby but then later realises that they can use it. She wants to ask Miranda about Shelby going undercover. That should be interesting.

Back in the present day in the crisis zone Alex finds Lydia but doesn’t trust her. Who would? It was highly suspicious that she managed to escape. Lydia tells Alex that the Citizens Liberation Front (CLF) are really after drives containing surveillance footage, thousands of emails and texts that the G20 summit were going to agree on destroying. The reason the CLF want a hacker is so that they can decode the drives. Lydia just happens to know where they are being kept and Alex helps her get there. That whole time I felt like Alex was being played. We all know she tends to trust people a bit too easily and this was no exception, plus there’s just too much animosity between the two. From their conversation we find out that Lydia had Alex kicked out of the farm, Ryan is apparently Lydia’s star student, so is she the ‘she’ Alex was referring to back in episode one? And Alex also apparently played a part in Owen ending up in federal prison. Wow that’s a lot. All the more reason why one would think that Alex wouldn’t trust Lydia but no, she does. When they find the drives, the two disagree over what to do with them and Alex finally realises she’s been played. Lydia knocks her out and when she finally comes to, she’s tied up and Lydia makes her way out but not before setting off the alarm.

If you think that’s bad, boy oh boy do I have more for you. In the room where they’re all being held hostage, Raina convinces the familiar faces to all open up and try to figure out what the connection is. We see that there’s a lot of bad blood there. Leon and Dayana are digging into each other and Harry and Sebastian are one wrong move away from ripping each other apart. Eventually they realise that all of them have had some connection to Indonesia at some point in the last year. Leigh is taken away for interrogation and when she returns her collar is activated and she dies a very bloody game of thrones level type of death. This pretty much freaks everyone out and Dayana confesses to Raina that she was in Surabaya too but they get whisked off just as she’s done with her sentence. Dayana is put into a separate room from Raina and as soon as the door is shut, Raina takes off her head scarf and IT WAS NOT RAINA BUT NIMAH. We see the real Raina tied up in a different room. How long has Nimah been pretending to be Raina? All I know right now is that


This was a very good episode in my opinion. I’m so pleased to see that the show is doing better. It has only been one episode so I don’t want to get too excited but seriously, they’ve really picked it up with this one and I hope the next one is just as good.


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