Jane The Virgin Season 3 Episode4:The Flamingo Fight


This episode of Jane The Virgin has been much awaited…well kind of. It’s more than meets the eye. Jane and Michael have their first argument as a married couple, Xo gets her first non-singing job, Rogelio is still implementing his 87 point plan to American stardom and Anezska is under pressure. 

The episode begins with Alba and Xo RSVP’ing to Jane and Michael’s housewarming party and talking about how much they miss her being in the house. As the episode goes on, Xo gets a job as a bank teller and initially Alba reacts negatively telling Xo she will hate it but then she pictures a young Jane telling her to support Xo. Okay it’s good to see that this thing of imagining other people in front of you runs in the family and isn’t just a Jane thing. It turns out that Alba was right and Xo hated her job. She quit the very next day but couldn’t bring herself to tell Alba because of how proud she was of her, so she lies. The lying eventually catches up with her and Alba finds out in the most embarrassing way for Xo. As security is about to escort her out of the bank she tells Alba the truth. That evening they talk about why Xo lied and Alba tells her that she likes where they are now because they don’t fight as much as they use to. I found this scene so cute. We don’t see enough scenes like this with Xo and Alba and so when we do, I really enjoy them.

While Xo had her job search Rogelio was doing a job search of his own.This season it looks like he’s trying to break into the American tv industry. He decides that he’s going to take his former lover, and author Amanda Elaine on a lunch date in hopes of securing a part in her movie at the end of the lunch. It doesn’t really work out as expected as she has the hots for Rafael. Do you know what this means? We got to see Rogelio pimping out Rafael. I can’t believe I just typed that sentence. The craziest part is that Rafael actually did it. In the end Rogelio didn’t get the part because Rafael didn’t exactly , whats the word…satisfy Amanda. That was fine though because we got something better out of the whole pimping thing; A POSSIBLE BROMANCE BETWEEN RAFAEL AND ROGELIO. I mean nothing will ever trump the bromance that is Michael and Rogelio but I really like the idea of a friendship between the two. I’m excited to see them hang out for the first time.

The central plot of this episode is that Jane and Michael are about to lose their house because they’re short on rent. If you remember, Petra was subsiding their house and covering half the cost but they did not know tat. However since Petra was now unavailable and Aneszka knew nothing about it, they had fallen behind on rent. After Jane finds out it was Petra she goes to ‘her’ and thanks her, then invites her over for dinner. The dinner doesn’t exactly go well as Jane asks ‘Petra’ if she’s only with Scott because he’s blackmailing her. Can you blame Jane though? I mean it’s Scott.

After the dinner pretty much crashes and burns, Jane and Michael have their first argument and it’s over finances. They realise that they need to budget in order to keep up with the payments but Jane lies to him about the budget. Michael isn’t too happy about this and so they argue over the fact that she lied to him about money. I mean really Jane? I don’t know why she didn’t just disclose the money. It’s Michael we’re talking about here! He is honestly the most understanding partner on our Tv screens right now. Since he’s the most understanding partner ever, of course the two make up and eventually decide to move into a smaller place. I bet you the next thing we’re going to see is how the lack of space is going to be an issue in the new place.


After the little spat at the dinner, Jane goes over to ‘Petra’ at the Marbella’s Flamingo night to talk to her about it but is pushed into the pool. The two end up  having a full on cat fight and Jane tells her that she’s officially cutting her out of her life. Things between them this episode had just been brewing up until that point especially because there is just so much history between the two but this was all cleverly done for a reason. Jane and Petra have had a very complicated history. You can’t really paint Petra as a villain because although in the past she has done some really messed up things and most of the time is not a nice person her character is so well written and you end up rooting for her. You want Petra to be happy, you want her and Jane to get on, you just want them all to be one big happy family. Jane wants the same thing, which is why she has tried so hard with Petra. She knows her. This episode Jane and ‘Petra’ falling out was done so that Jane could realise that the Petra before her was not the real Petra! After Jane walks towards ‘Petra’ and startles her, she has a revelation. Everything that was weird about this Petra could all be linked back to Anezska, and with that, Jane marches into Rafael’s office and tells him that she doesn’t think that is the real Petra. FINALLY! It’s about time someone noticed! Does this mean that we get real Petra back, because I have missed her! Isn’t that weird? I find myself missing Petra but technically Petra is still on the show. It’s amazing how we can miss a character even though her face is still there and the character is being played. I personally think that it’s a huge testament to Yael Grobglas’ acting skills. She’s doing an amazing job this season!

In other news, Jane and Lina have a fight as Lina takes Scotts bribe of $1000 to stop the employees from walking out after giving Jane grief for not supporting the employees for deciding to walk out.They eventually make up after Lina jumps into the pool to help her fight ‘Petra’. Anezska is put under pressure from her mother to sell her shares and get her a lawyer but she needs Rafael’s permission. Anezska blackmailed Rafael, asking him to hand over his shares and give her permission or she goes to the police and tells them about him illegaly covering up his fathers tracks after he died.  Rogelio also babysits Louisa and who knew we had our own Dr Phil on the show! He gets her to open up to him about why she’s feeling the urge to drink again and they eventually agree that she needs to go back to rehab.

This was a good episode of Jane the virgin. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I’m excited for the many new routes the show could be taking now.


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