Arrow Season 5 Episode 6: War Declaration

This episode of arrow Prometheus declared war, the team is divided and everything is pretty much in shambles. The episode begins with the green arrow and spartan following a lead in Prometheus which they’re pretty sure is a trap. They end up in an abandoned warehouse and a phone mysteriously starts to ring. The green arrow picks up we just hear sinister breathing. There’s an explosion and on the ground before them, the words “so it begins” lit in flames. Dramatic much Prometheus? 

Prometheus begins his little killing spree and murders 4 people. At first it seems very random but with the help of Curtis, Felicity is able to recognise that the killings aren’t exactly random but the names of the victims spell out some names of his victims back when he was a serial killer. Guyyyssss…. I thought we left all of that in the past? Can we just move on please.

Oliver is clearly trying to be a better man and honestly he’s come so far. We’re already constantly reminded of his past through the flashbacks. Do we really need all this too? Let the man be better please. He’s trying. One person who definitely agreed with me is Diggle. After Oliver is pretty hard on himself when his past is rehashed Diggle talks to him to make him realise that he’s not that man anymore and they know that. Oliver tells John that he feels stuck. Well maybe Oliver it’s because you’re playing two men and you’re trying to be a better man for both men. I appreciate multitaskers I do. But how can you completely focus on being a better Green Arrow when you’re trying to be a better Oliver Queen, and vice versa? That’s why you’re feeling stuck Oliver. That being said, if he decided to completely focus on one version of himself, we wouldn’t really have a show.

The stuck between two worlds idea applies to anyone leading a double life, and that also applies to Felicity. When she was with Oliver it was fine, but now that she’s moving on with Billy Malone, it’s becoming an issue. Felicity hasn’t been able to share her full self with him because one, she’s a criminal and he’s a police officer, and two, well she just wasn’t ready to cue him in. However this episode she decides that she can’t lie to him anymore because lying hurts the people you care about, and so she tells him that she works with the green arrow. This is a big thing for Felicity. Telling Billy Malone what she does in her spare time means that their relationship is serious. She sees a future with this guy. I don’t know how I feel about this. Don’t get me wrong, Billy seems like a nice guy and everything but I don’t care for him. How am I supposed to root for Felicity moving on (not that I will, but keeping an open mind here) if her relationship is forced down my throat rather than me watching it develop and grow. With Ray for example, we saw how they met, how they got together and we could tolerate it. Hell we were spot for her but Billy came out of no freaking where. I can’t support them or root for them simply because I don’t know them. Unsurprisingly Billy takes the news well and seems pretty excited about it, much to Felicity’s surprise.

Speaking of keeping things from people, Oliver never disclosed his past to the recruits. Finding out about Prometheus and Oliver’s past divides them. First of all, it’s pretty obvious that they’re not one team. There’s the OG team and then there’s the recruits. I don’t know how they’re just realising now that they’re not on the same level as the rest. They’re still referred to as the ‘recruits’ for goodness sake. Why was it such a shock that they’re not on the same level as John. Also how do you expect to be treated the same way as John and Felicity who’ve known Oliver forever? Be real here. I swear it’s like every time I’m just beginning to tolerate the recruits something happens to annoy me all over again. I don’t know if any of you feel the same way but I just don’t care for them yet. I don’t know if that’s the way the writers are intending for it to go or if it’s just personal. Finding out the truth about Oliver’s past is a bit too much for Evelyn to take. She sees Oliver as a hypocrite because he convinced her not to avenge her parents death, yet here he is with a kill list. I get that. Honestly her anger was warranted but she exaggerated just a little bit. Purposely putting herself in harm’s way and trying to fight Prometheus by herself? Get over yourself Evelyn. How did she really think that was going to go? After Oliver saves her, they have a talk and the two sort things out. I just want to say that if another recruit finds out something about team arrow and their past that pisses them off and causes them to think about quitting or anything like that, I will officially lose it.

In other news, after some snooping Thea finds out that Quentin is still drinking. He never stopped, and lately he’s been blacking out, not showing up, etc. Back in the past, Oliver is captured by Konstantin Cova and man is he HUGE. Lastly, Felicity steals one of Prometheus’ stars and analyses it, finding out that the metal is from each of Oliver’s arrows back when he was killing people. Basically Prometheus is someone who works in SCPD and has access to evidence lock up. The episode ends with Quentin waking up and finding one of the starts on his desk and some scratches on his forearm.

BACK THE FUCK UP. I don’t know if they’re trying to imply that Quentin is Prometheus but that simply doesn’t make sense. I’m just going to go ahead and guess that Quentin was threatened and Prometheus is the new D.A. I’m not sure why but I just have a feeling.
This episode was much better than Human Target. My faith hasn’t been fully restored in the show but this gives me a little hope.


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