Empire Season 3 Episode 5: The Divide


After being off our screens for three weeks, Empire returned with a bang this week. The episode did start off pretty slow but then as usual manipulation, threats and deceit crept back in and livened it up. By the end of the episode it was pretty intense. 

We pretty much picked up where we left off, the morning after Lucious and Andre beat up Shyne and he wants war. Lucious is no fool and knows that Shyne is most likely going to come after his family and so hires the most security I think I’ve ever seen on this show. Shyne makes his way to Andre’s apartment and almost blows his head off but Nessa runs in just in time and persuades Shyne not to. Andre eventually convinces Nessa to get Shyne to come over and have a sit down with him and Lucious, there they can talk things out. When Shyne gets there, the meeting doesn’t start off too well. Thankfully Anika interrupts and pretty much saves the day by saying that Lucious and her had discussed offering him his own imprint. That gets him to stay and bury the hatchet, or so we thought. In the last few minutes of the episode we see Shyne talking to Tariq, and no it wasn’t just they hey hi kind of conversation. Shyne tells Tariq about Frank Gathers and how suspicious it was that he just happened to die while being locked up with Lucious.

On the topic of snitch bitches, let’s move onto Xavier. It probably took a while for you my dear readers to even realise who Xavier is. He’s that irrelevant. Just in case you still can’t remember who in the world he is, Xavier is the new head of A&R on Tiana’s team. The job Becky was supposed to get. I still don’t understand why they didn’t give her the job. Homegirl has pretty much been running empire! I feel like this was done for a reason. It seems like they keep alienating Becky and a part of me believes this is so that she’ll do something. I don’t want to go as far as saying she’ll work with Tariq but if things keep going like this, her loyalties will definitely be tested. During the meeting, they’re trying to decide on Tiana’s lead song for her album. Xavier is thinking ‘Me’ and Becky is thinking ‘Starlight’. The two argue about it and we get out QOTE here.

Becky: I don’t need you mansplain things to me. In fact i don’t need you to white mansplain things to me.

I. AM. DEAD. I have honestly never heard that in my life. Anyway Cookie decides to go with Xavier and have Tiana record ‘Me’. Does Becky listen though? No she does not. Tiana records ‘Starlight’ and Cookie is not pleased one bit, and so has to push Tiana’s album back. Tiana is pissed at Becky because she lied to her and now her album is delayed and so she asks for Becky to be taken off the team. I can just tell this is a bad idea. They’re focusing so much screen time on Becky that it’s becoming clear to me that something is about to happen with her. I guess we all better start paying attention.


Even though they all have a target on their backs for most of the episode, the show must still go on and well business is business. We know nothing comes between the Lyons and their money. I mean Lucious is walking around with a massive tablet so he can monitor his Empire Xstream numbers. When you see that, it makes sense that they just put the Shyne drama to the side and focus on the music. Jamal and Hakeem agree to perform together. An intimate session in his living room just to give the fans a treat and remind them that Jamal still exists. It’s meant to promote love and peace and be all sunshine and rainbows but Lucious doesn’t see that as money-making and so tries to reignite the feud between Gram and Hakeem. Initially of course Hakeem bites and is ready to come charging at Gram but after cookie gives him a couple of smacks on the head, he changes his mind and agrees to go the way Jamal intended. Upon arrival Lucious realises that his numbers aren’t going up and that his son isn’t going to fight someone over a girl he doesn’t care about. Hakeem tells his father about his feelings for Nessa and like the devil he is, uses it to his advantage. He tells Hakeem about Andre and Nessa and that just sends him off the handle. I have never seen Hakeem this mad and savage. Not over Freda and not even over Lucious. He came for each of his brothers. Andre for stealing his girl, and Jamal for apparently knowing about it. Poor guy, he didn’t know anything, he just got dragged into for no reason. After his verse Nessa tries to talk to Hakeem but Hakeem asks her if they were ‘vibing’ or not. Jamal is petty. I know right now everyone is talking about Biden’s level of pettiness but did you notice Jamal clapping and announcing to the room that all this drama was over vibes? I can’t with this family. As if it all wasn’t dramatic enough, Lucious kept the camera’s rolling and so the whole world had a front seat.


In other news, Cookie and Angelo have an argument but then he reassured her that he will fight for her, even if he has to go against Lucious. Anika and Lucious seem to finally be on good terms and even laugh together.Lastly Hakeems is finally spending more time with his daughter, and Lucious  is going to start producing him again. Season one vibes.

This episode like I said in my introduction was slow at first but it did get better. I’m trying not to get my hopes high for this season but it seems to be heading in a decent direction so far. Let’s see what the rest has to offer.


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