Queen Sugar Season 1 Episode 10:This Land Has Been Paid For


This episode hit me right in the feels. What I love about this show is how it’s able to draw on your emotions and just make it so personal. The way they make you care about the characters and what’s going on. It almost feels as if you’re a Bordelon too and that was why this episode was so great. 

Last episode Nova gave Vi some words of advice and encouraged her to focus on herself rather than the men in her life. Following a conversation with Charley this episode where Charley tells her that she wants more for Micah and for him not to be like Vi, Vi pushes herself this episode. She finds out from Proctor that the High Yellow Diner isn’t doing so well and so she stops by and her timing is perfect. She happens to walk in just as a health inspection is going on and so she uses this to her advantage. Since she pretty much knows everything there is to know about the diner, she gets Clyde to make her manager and save him from the health inspector. In addition to that she’s also starting to warm up to Hollywood! It’s about time. This makes me so happy because the way she was going I really didn’t know what the future had in store for them but now I can confidently root for a reunion by episode 12.

Vi takes a step in the right direction with another male in her life. This episode we see the change in relationship between Ralph Angel and Darla in regards to Blue. Darla now gets to drive Blue to school twice a week and Vi is not happy about that one bit. This episode, Blue’s class are going on a school trip to the zoo and the boy is so excited. Ralph Angel as his dad signs his permission slip but then is told that since he’s not Blue’s legal guardian and Vi is, she’ll have to be the one to sign it. Okay pause. Let’s just think about this for a second. Ralph Angel, a grown man, needs permission from Vi, his aunt, to allow his son to go on a school trip. To the zoo. The Zoo. Obviously Ralph Angel is very upset and feels pretty much helpless and so goes to Vi to sign the form but on his way out, he changes his mind and talks to her. This was another scene that hit me right in the heart. Not the chest or the feels or whatever, but I promise you I felt it in my heart. With teary eyes, Ralph Angel looks at Vi and says to her

When do I get out? I already did my time.

Somebody hold me because I am about to collapse! It’s true and I didn’t even realise. Ralph Angel is still in the dog house when it comes to Vi. Although he’s been making an effort and everyone can clearly see that he loves Blue with all his heart because of his mistakes in the past and now, Darla’s involvement in their lives, Vi refuses to give back guardianship to Ralph Angel. Drawing on his time in prison made us empathise and yearn for his freedom and in this sense that freedom was freedom to be a parent and I was just praying as that scene went on that Vi would free him. When she walked away my jaw dropped but my heart was still hoping she would be going to get the documents and this was one of the times where faith beat sight. After listening to Ralph Angel’s plea, Vi goes to her room, gets the paperwork and signs guardianship back over to Ralph Angel. He is now fully a parent.

giphy (4).gif

The second Bordelon child is also having problems in her life but they are of the romantic kind. Nova is due to appear on a tv show to discuss her articles and like every supportive partner, Chantal is happy for her and decides to help Nova go over her talking points. However Chantal’s ideas are not necessarily the same as Nova’s. Chantal wants to use the platform as a way to get people woke and make them aware of everything that’s going on. Nova tells Chantal that she will do it her own way and doesn’t need other people’s words in her mouth. The conversation doesn’t go as planned and out of no where leads to a break up. See I don’t get how saying ‘I want to do things my way’ leads to a break up and Nova didn’t get it either. Chantal eventually tells Nova it’s because she’s a hypocrite. Okay so she didn’t say those exact words but that was pretty much what she meant. Basically Chantal finds out that Calvin is a police officer and can’t wrap her head around the fact that Nova was involved with a police officer when they’re talking about racism in the police department. Chantal what if you found out he was married too? I may not have been right about exactly how Calvin came between them but I did say he would.

The end of a relationship brought us the start of a new one.Micah finally gets somewhere with Kiki. After going to watch her dance she comes over later that day and the two talk about his expulsion and the reason and how that has followed him to St Josephine’s before they kiss. I’m happy for Micah. He finally seems to have something good going in his life. It’s really about time. Lets the boy be a boy!

Micah’s expulsion following him is a problem for Charley, not just because of the situation itself but also because the school involved David. You know what this means, David is going to come down. I’m just wondering if we’re going to see some tension between the two and maybe a little fighting? Although we didn’t see Remy at all this episode I just kmow that when Davis returns, so will Remy and boy oh noy will there be tension. I just feel like it will add more drama and this show does thrive on drama. In addition to Micah’s school problems, Charley has a farm with no workers. Following the murders of two of their workers, the rest do not turn up, plus they also have no one to grind their cane, assuming they harvest. Charley meets with Jacob Bordeaux who tells her that to grind their cane at their mill they would have to split the proceeds 60-40. I didn’t like that man from the first time I saw him. After a conversation with Vi, Charley finds out that the Landry’s and Bordeaux are one and the same family. No wonder. If you didn’t think that was shady enough, Jacob offers the Bordelons a cash offer of four million to buy their land. Most people would and considering they’re only supposed to be doing this for one year you would have thought that they would have jumped at the offer but it has the opposite effect. The offer sends alarm bells ringing in Charley’s head and makes her curious.

the farm .png

The family plus  Proctor are gathered to talk about the offer and why the Landry’s want their land so badly but then Vi and Proctor tell the untold story. The land was originally owned by the Landry’s and the Bordelon’s were owned by them too. They were their slaves. Vi’s father eventually went north to make money to send home to the family and over the years that accumulated. When the great depression hit, the Landry’s were badly affected and so sold a portion of the land to the Bordelon’s. However when they got back on their feet, they acted like the sale never happened and the deed had miraculously disappeared. They also tried to take back the land by lynching a lot of the Bordelon family over the years until one day someone turned over the deed. Ernest wasn’t just fighting so hard for the farm just for the sake of it, but because his family had slaved and died over that land. It was in his blood. The truth gets the sibling emotional and as for me, it had me shook. The three make their way to the balcony and stare at all their 800 acres before them and the episode beautifully ends with what will be our QOTE.

Nova: This land’s been paid for.
Ralph Angel: Over and over again.
Charley: No more running. No more taking the easy way out. I don’t have any answers. All I know is, we ain’t going no where.

I truly have no idea what these final two episodes are going to consist of but all I know is my emotions are about to get messed up. That being said, #GIMMESUGAR


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