HTGAWM Season 3 Episode 8: Do It


The episode before the mid-season finale did a very good job of setting things in place for the next episode. It was definitely tense, especially towards the end. It had you holding your breath. 

The episode beings with the night of, Bonnie and Annalise are in Annalise’s cell talking. Let me just say now that I was wrong. I was convinced at the end of last episode that Wes did not do that to Annalise without her knowledge and that they had come up with a plan. Yeah no, I was wrong. Annalise tells Bonnie that the police had an anonymous source and she asks Bonnie if it was her, and of course Bonnie says no. This had me thinking, if Annalise immediately thinks of Bonnie, then nothing happened between her and Wes. No fight, no insults, nothing, because if something had happened between them, he would have been the first person she thought of, not Bonnie. The only thing I can think of that would push Wes to go to the police is Annalise taking Frank back (we’ll talk about that later). If that is truly the reason that Wes turns on her then he’s even more ungrateful than I thought. I’ve never really had a reason to dislike Wes but I have a feeling I’m about to loathe him very soon.

In the last episode, Wes lies to the police about seeing Charles Mahoney at the scene of the crime and it sort of blew up in his face when Charles has an alibi. In this episode, Wes receives his first subpoena and it sends them all into a frenzy. Annalise calls the rest of the Keating five asking them to help find a reason to delay Wes’ hearing. Connor and Michaela don’t want a part of it because frankly they’ve had enough and it’s not their mess, I mean who could blame them. Asher decides to stay because his friend needs him. In the end they find a way to delay the testimony while Frank tries to find Charles’ alibi. Yes you read that right. Frank helped. Annalise got so desperate that she reached out to him, via Bonnie.

Okay let’s get into this Frank mess now.  Frank spends the night at Laurels because he apparently has no where else to go. This time bonnie doesn’t make the mistake of not telling Annalise that Frank is back and so wakes her up in the middle of the night to inform her. After Wes gets his subpoena they don’t know anyone else that can handle things better than Frank and since he’s trying to make it up to Annalise anyway he very happily accepts the challenge of finding Charles’ alibi. After some tailing of Charles’ lawyer Frank discovers that Charles’ alibi is the very same woman responsible for Annalise losing her baby.

giphy (5).gif

This brought up some feelings for Frank and so he breaks into her home and I’m pretty sure he went there with every intention to kill her. Annalise comes up with a much better plan that will work in their favour rather than seek vengeance. This part is what I’ve really missed this season. Annalise gets Laurel to ask Nate to help sneak a burner phone into prison to Charles. She then has Frank call Charles’ burner phone from the woman’s house, making it look like she called him in prison. This of course discredits her story and Charles’ alibi. Is it bad that I’ve missed this kind of illegal activity? It feels like this season has lacked a bit in that area. Anyway, back to what I was saying. After the win and contributing to it, Frank finally gathers the courage to return home and face Annalise. He tries to explain himself but it only makes her angrier and finally he resorts to pulling out a gun and threatening to kill himself. Frank, you know this woman hates your guts. As in you know she wants you dead, do you really think threatening to kill yourself is how you get her forgiveness? I think not. To his surprise Annalise urges him to pull the trigger.

Do it! Pull it! Do it for me!


That was the most intense scene this whole episode. I was watching it, my heart beating in my chest as the camera keeps switching from Frank to Annalise to Bonnie who is begging Frank not to and I just did not know what would happen. I’m just going to make another guess and say that he doesn’t kill himself and that Annalise takes him back. The only reason I say this is because Wes turns on her and I genuinely believe that would be the only thing to make him do such a crazy thing.

In this episode we finally get the truth from Oliver as to why he ended things with Connor. It wasn’t because he needed to be alone, it was because Connor was never 100% honest with him. For most of the episode Oliver is asking Connor what’s going on in Annalise’s office but Connor doesn’t tell him. He eventually confesses that Connor was never completely honest with him when they were together which is why they broke up. Oliver, it’s for your own good! You can’t purger yourself if you don’t know the truth! This is how Connor is showing his love for you! Open your eyes! That’s not even the worst part. He goes on to tell Connor that he felt like he was being used as an escape and he was supposed to be this good little perfect thing in his life because he Connor was so damaged, he just loved the idea of Oliver and not actually Oliver. Ouch. That was some pretty heavy stuff. I won’t lie, I do agree with some of the things Oliver said, e.g being an escape for Connor, but Connor loves him. I can’t believe he would even doubt that. ALSO HOW DARE HE CALL CONNOR DAMAGED! Don’t get me wrong, Connor is probably the most messed up and damaged one out of all the Keating five but still.. don’t call him damaged. He’s fragile. This revelation about their breakup finally opens the door to Connor’s whereabouts the night of. While Oliver was freaking out looking for him and Annalise’s house was burning, Connor was doing the nasty with Thomas! As in Thomas who hurt Oliver. How petty. That was cold.

In other news, Meggie finds out about Laurel and Wes and so does Annalise. Annalise agrees to represent President Hargrove for her divorce and custody battle. I told you there was a potential friendship brewing here!  Lastly, The Mahoney case is going to trial.

There’s only one question on my mind right now. How and why did Annalise’s house burn down? I just want answers right now. That plus the blindligly obvious question; Who died?


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